Lucky Potato food truck

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The Lucky Potato food truck was a mobile food vendor parked by the town hall in the Spawn of the Season 4 MindCrack Vanilla server. kurtmac built the food truck in a July 8, 2013 episode as an echo of his days as a hand-wheeled cart vendor of fried chicken on the Season 3 SMP server. The food truck was driven by a zombie named Newt that killed Kurt and stole his armor, which he continued to bear while sitting in the food truck.[1] The food truck was complete with a sign to report erratic driving, a sign instructing employees to wash hands before handling food, an exhaust pipe for the furnaces and truck, and OSHA-compliant ventilation on top. The food truck sold only one type of food: baked potatoes on a stick. All of the products were stored and cooked in the back of the truck.[1]

Kurt later left a "key" in the form of a lever so that if BdoubleO100 needed to move the food truck, he could turn the "ignition" and start up the "engine"; however, placing the lever on the truck and flipping it made the truck "backfire" by activating a dispenser loaded with TNT. The food truck exploded, with BdoubleO fully comprehending what had just happened shortly after doing so.[2]


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