Mami's Melons

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Mami's Melons

Mami's Melons was a community Melon shop in Blockhaven, the spawn town before the 1.5 map reset, in the MindCrack Fan Server. The shop was initially a community bakery known as the Creepin' Cake Cafe. It was designed by Alphonia and built by her with help from Jason27.[1] The name "Creepin' Cake" comes after Jason described the planned Cow pen as a place "where creepy stuff happens."[2] The shop had Cakes placed throughout the shop. Underneath the shop was a Cow pen, using a design similar to Nebris' animal pens.

A cake thief had broken into the bakery and left signs behind. DireDwarf took over the shop for use as a front to his "bootlegging operation" and as the main entrance to the underground railway system. Built by PimpingPanda, a furnace there acts as a secret switch that opens up a doorway to the underground passage. The switch can be activated by smelting stuff in the furnace, preferably a single Stick to prevent a complete smelt.[3]

RainbowCrisp took over the bakery and converted it into a Melon shop. The rest of the structure remained unchanged.


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