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The Minecraft avatar of SuperMCGamer
Artistic representation of SuperMCGamer's Minecraft avatar

MC from his vlog
Born (1993-08-03) 3 August 1993 (age 30)
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • MCGamer
  • MC

SuperMCGamer, also known as MC Gamer, or simply MC, is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of Mindcrack, having joined the Mindcrack Server in December 2011 after asking Guude if he could join.[1] His former Minecraft username was mcgamer.


MC wearing his signature orange suit

MC's username originated from a webshow in 2006 centered around gaming that he and a friend, named Cutter, created. "MC" was their initials. MC kept the name following this point.[2][3] When he was registering his Minecraft username, he somehow was not able to place capital letters, twice (first for mcgamer and second for mc_gamer).[4] This problem led some people to say or type his name as "McGamer".[5][6] MC added the "Super" part to his username because the username "mcgamer" was already taken on YouTube, by a group of people he refers to as "the trampoline kids."[3][7] MC changed his Minecraft username to "SuperMCGamer" in February 2015.[8]

MC operates a production company known as "Kinstone" that runs events such as Zeldathon.

Due to false flags in YouTube's spam filters, MC's channel was terminated by YouTube on 23 June 2014,[9] but restored on 26 June 2014.[10]

MC is of Norwegian and Irish descent - Norwegian on his mother's side, while Irish on his father's side.[11] MC is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda series, he even has a large Zelda collection.[12][13]

Computer specs[edit]

MC Gamer has a custom-built computer:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Video: GTX 1080ti
  • Microphone: Shure SM7B

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of SuperMCGamer

MC Gamer had a series titled "MCPlz," in which he played particularly terrible flash games. MC challenged his friend The_Silver to different multiplayer games in one of his earliest series MC vs. Silver. "MC IRL" was a series that highlighted the antics of MC and his roommates in real life. MCFAQ featured frequently asked questions being answered, as the title suggests. MC hosts a gaming podcast entitled "The Temporary Podcast," along with DireDwarf and several of his local friends. In addition, MC hosts the radio show "Hyrule Academy," available at, discussing the lore and history of The Legend of Zelda. In his most recent series, Zelda Weekly, MC discusses news, theories, and fan creations surrounding The Legend of Zelda. MC played the title character in the short series Mr. Ubiquitous. Mr. Ubiquitous was created for a high school vocabulary contest.[14] The show was featured prominently on MC's first YouTube channel, TNMC Productions, alongside "enNemM," a series of short skits performed by MC and his friends. MC posts Weekly Channel Updates and Behind the Scenes videos after reaching a Patreon milestone.

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker "Let's Play Zelda: Wind Waker 100% (Complete)" 5 Feb 2011 100% Run
Super Mario World "Let's Beat Super Mario World Very Very Fast! - Part 1" 14 Feb 2011 Speedrun
Donkey Kong Country "Let's Play Donkey Kong Country (Complete)" 2 Dec 2011
Pokémon Puzzle League "MCvsSilver" 24 Dec 2011 With The_Silver
Super Paper Mario "Let's Play Super Paper Mario (Complete)" 30 Jan 2012
Mario Party 2 "MCvsSilver" 1 Apr 2012 With The_Silver
Super Mario World (again) "Let's Play Super Mario World" 6 Jul 2012 Filler videos during Zeldathon
World of Warcraft "The Adventures of Vegreen: The Cat Killer" 9 Aug 2012
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Let's Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Complete)" 6 Sep 2012 100% Run
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" 6 Oct 2012 See Chivalry
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest "Let's Play Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Complete)" 11 Dec 2012
Mother 3 "Let's Play Mother 3 (Complete)" 11 Jan 2013
New Super Mario Bros. U "MCvsSilver 19 Feb 2013 Co-op with The_Silver
Surgeon Simulator 2013 "The RETURN of MC M.D. - Surgeon Simulator 2013 - 1" 19 Apr 2013
Nintendo Land "MCvsSilver - Metroid Blast (Nintendo Land)" 7 Aug 2013 With The_Silver
Super Mario 3D World "MULTIPLAYER MADNESS! - Super Mario 3D World - World 1" 28 Nov 2013 Featuring Andy, Liz, and DireDwarf
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Zelda: Skyward Sword - Let's Play (Complete)" 3 Feb 2014
Mario Kart 8 "Mario Kart 8 - Collaborations" 1 Jun 2014 See Mario Kart 8
SpeedRunners "SpeedRunners with Orange Wool" 28 Jun 2014 See SpeedRunners
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! "Donkey Kong Country 3 (Complete)" 23 Jul 2014
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons "Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Complete)" 11 Aug 2014
Project M "Smash Bros. with Scott" 31 Aug 2014 Featuring GreatScottLP
Star Fox Adventures "Star Fox Adventures (Complete!)" 2 Sep 2014
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Zelda: Oracle of Ages Linked Game (Complete)" 15 Sep 2014
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS "Smash Bros. 3DS" 4 Oct 2014 Featuring GreatScottLP, Millbee, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, and others
Paper Mario "Paper Mario" 29 Oct 2014
The Sims 4 The Sims 4 9 Dec 2014
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Complete)" 23 Dec 2014
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ""Super Fun Festival!" - Zelda: The Minish Cap - #1" 22 Jan 2015
Pokémon Red "What Is His Name Again? - Pokémon Red Version - #0" 11 Mar 2015 Viewers decided which starter Pokémon MC would pick, as well as the rival character's name. The rival was voiced by Millbee
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Survival single player "MC vs. MC - A Minecraft Let's Play" 7 Jan 2011 Featuring Mhykol, The_Silver, Bertshet, and TasogareKen
"Super Hostile Race for Wool 01 Hostilities Begin" "Vechs' RFTW - Episode 01 - Team 10k Cupcakes vs. Team Meat" 6 Sep 2011 See Race for Wool
"Super Hostile Race for Wool 02 Direct Fire" "Vechs' Race for Wool - Map 2 - Match 2 - Part 1" 15 Nov 2011 See Race for Wool
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Wicked World Mindcrack" 6 Dec 2011 First series on the Mindcrack Server
"Super Hostile 03 Infernal Sky II" "INFERNAL SKY with DEWTROID" 19 Jan 2012 CTM co-op with dewtroid
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Challenge Mindcrack" 8 Apr 2012 Had viewers send in challenges for him to do on the Mindcrack server
Survival multiplayer "The Cobble Haters" 19 May 2012 See CobbleHATERz
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer 25 May 2012 A daily show on the Mindcrack server meant to be watched while eating breakfast before work or school
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Unnamed Question Show" 1 Jul 2012 Answered viewer-submitted questions on the Mindcrack server
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer ""Mindcrack at Dusk" with MC Gamer - Episode 1" 27 Jul 2012 A series of late-night Twitch / YouTube livestreams from the Mindcrack server
"Dungeon Survival" "Dungeon Survival with YoshiToMario" 1 Aug 2012 CTM co-op with HughMurrell (YoshiToMario)
MineZ modded Survival Multiplayer "MineZ (With MC) - Episode 1" 4 Sep 2012 Featuring The_Silver
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Orange Wool on Mindcrack" 24 Sep 2012 See Orange Wool
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Mindcrack LP" 28 Oct 2012 Proper Let's Play series on the Mindcrack server
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Mindcrack AMA Walkabout - Part 1/6" 26 Dec 2012 Filler videos during Zeldathon where he answers question while walking to his base on the Mindcrack server
Mindcrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "MCFTB" 7 Jan 2013 A series on the Mindcrack Feed the Beast server
"Stunzle" "STUNZLE - PUZZLE MAP" 26 Jan 2013
Creative multiplayer "MC Creative - 01 - The Tour" 1 Feb 2013 A creative series on the FunForFreedom server, cancelled after one episode
"The Hunt for the Holy Goblet of Gold" "HUNT FOR HOLY GOBLET OF GOLD - PARKOUR MAP" 5 Feb 2013
"Tomb Raider" "THE TOMB RAIDER - PARKOUR MAP" 15 Feb 2013
"Ackbar and the Sandstone Ruins" "ACKBAR AND THE SANDSTONE RUINS - PARKOUR MAP" 21 Feb 2013
"The 10 Iron Trials" "THE 10 IRON TRIALS - VARIETY MAP SERIES" 27 Feb 2013
"Exiting the Lab" "EXITING THE LAB - PARKOUR AND PUZZLE MAP" 14 Mar 2013
"Desertour" "DESERTOUR - PARKOUR AND PUZZLE MAP" 20 Mar 2013
"The Dropper" "The Dropper with YoshiToMario" 22 Mar 2013 Co-op with HughMurrell (YoshiToMario)
"Tenebrous Tales 01 - Blight Castle" "Cupcake Panic - Blight Castle" 23 Mar 2013 CTM co-op with dewtroid
LapisLand "LAPISLAND - VARIETY MAP" 5 Apr 2013 A parkour / puzzle / adventure map made specifically for MC, not publicly available
"The 10 Iron Trials 2" "THE 10 IRON TRIALS - VARIETY MAP SERIES" 28 Apr 2013
"Never Ever Parkour in The Nether" "NEVER EVER PARKOUR IN THE NETHER - PARKOUR MAP" 3 May 2013 Special mention given to MC at the beginning of the map
"The Dropper 2; Newton VS Darwin" "The Dropper with YoshiToMario" 11 Jun 2013 Co-op with HughMurrell (YoshiToMario)
Mindcrack survival multiplayer "Mindcrack - 1 - Wibbly Wobbly (MC's Orange)" 21 Jul 2013
"The Legend of MC Gamer" "THE LEGEND OF MC - ADVENTURE MAP" 6 Aug 2013 CTM map based purely on previous let's plays and videos from MC Gamer, made as a birthday gift from the members of "The Mustache"
"The 10 Iron Trials 3" "THE 10 IRON TRIALS - VARIETY MAP SERIES" 5 Oct 2013
"Storyless Jumpy Map" "STORYLESS JUMPY MAP - PARKOUR MAP" 31 Oct 2013
PixelLeague Pixelmon server Pixelmon Minecraft - Adventures with Team Rocket 26 Jan 2014 See PixelLeague
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Mindcrack Minecraft - Season 4" 27 Jan 2014
"15 Seconds" "15 Seconds - 1 -Minecraft Parkour Map" 12 Mar 2014 Map created by SethBling
"Operation: Tropical Vacation" "Operation: Tropical Vacation - 1 - Minecraft Parkour Map" 5 Apr 2014 Co-op with thejarren
Creative multiplayer "Your Builds - Minecraft Creative Builds" 20 Apr 2014 A showcase of community builds based on a monthly theme on a private server available to contributors of MC's Patreon page
"Minecraft BINGO" "BINGO - 1 - Minecraft Minigame Map" 8 May 2014 Featuring GreatScottLP, kurtmac, and Lorgon111
"Captive Minecraft II (Complete)" "Captive Minecraft II with GreatScottLP" 13 Jun 2014 Co-op with GreatScottLP

In Minecraft, MC has a running gag where he is obsessed with Lapis Lazuli. This first originated in an early episode of MC vs. MC.[15][16] MC has catchphrases he uses while playing in Minecraft , including saying "bane of arthropods" whenever he attacks regardless of the mob or the weapon, and "bucket of caving" whenever he uses a Water Bucket.


MC was considered the youngest member of the server for some time before Arkas revealed his age.[17] He got involved in Mindcrack when he was looking to have a new Minecraft Let's Play and Mhykol referred him to Guude.[18]

MC had a near-daily series titled "Good Morning Mindcrack." It's purpose was for MC to talk more often to the viewers about what is on his mind and about updates in the time it takes to eat breakfast, and was the main medium through which he played on the server. The intro scene was recorded in his Fun for Freedom Minecraft server. The scene is meant to represent a kitchen and the daily morning routine: putting something in the oven to eat, grabbing a cup of coffee, and throwing a newspaper on the table.[19] At the beginning of each episode since 27 May 2012, pictures of his fans eating breakfast were displayed. A picture could be submitted to MC at but are no longer shown. MC did collaborations with Millbee in a series titled "Orange Wool." They reconstructed a village and named it Woolopolis, No Shoes. Following which, they created a second town named Dooceaipolis 2poo, which is also part of their solo episodes.

MC had a previous series called "Challenge Mindcrack," in which he fulfills challenges submitted by viewers. Every time he failed a challenge, he throws blocks of Lapis Lazuli into Lava. MC had another series titled "Mindcrack at Dusk," it was streamed live simultaneously on YouTube and Twitch. MC also briefly played on the modded Feed The Beast server and had plans to build Emmett Brown's garage from Back to the Future.[citation needed]

Minecraft skin[edit]

MC's skin used through 2020 was based on Giovanni from the Japanese franchise Pokémon. The back of his shirt contains "The Spawn" logo, a gaming community website. The skin was custom-made by his friend The_Silver.[20] Later, the skin was modified to remove shoes from the character. This is a reference to the Orange Wool town named "Woolopolis! NO SHOES!"

SuperMCGamer's Minecraft skin

Previous/alternate skins[edit]


  • MC's main inspiration for making videos was from watching a mini-movie titled "The Legend of Link," it made him realize that "you don't have to be in Hollywood to entertain people."[21] As for Let's Plays, NintendoCapriSun was a big influence on him.[22]
  • MC's first experience with The Legend of Zelda was from stealing his sister's copy of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.[23]
  • MC's favorite Pokémon was Seel.[24] His current favorite Pokémon is Lapris.
  • MC is 6'1" tall.[25]
  • Along with the account "mc_gamer", MC also owns the Minecraft accounts "JeffProbst", and "Mistress_Fi".[26]
  • MC is a fan of the American reality game show Survivor[27] and would one day like to be a contestant on the show.[28]
  • Aside from Zelda games, MC's favorite video games are Mother 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2.[29]
  • On 25 March 2015, MC publicly came out as gay via Twitter.[30]

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