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This is a list of mcgamer's MindCrack FTB videos, recorded sessions by mcgamer on the MindCrack Feed the Beast server.

Pre Map Reset[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
18 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : FTB!? - 11/18/12"
  • Gathers some Sticky Resin on the FTB server and talks about plans of building Doc Brown's garage from Back to the Future to do science in.
  • Stumbles upon Team Nancy Drew's base.
  • Random Opinion: "Pink lemonade is delicious."
16 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Feeding the Me - 12/16/12"
  • Searches for Seeds to make bread on the FTB server.
  • Briefly goes mining.
  • Talks about other speed-runners.
  • Random Opinion: "This 'Pulverizer,' I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, it sucks. It is the most useless thing I have encountered so far in freaking Feed the Beast because this thing over here (Macerator) does the same thing and it's much better."

Post Map Reset[edit]

MC Gamer's playlist for this series is "MCFTB"

Video Notable events Featuring
7 Jan 2013 "MCFTB - Overload - 001"
  • Gets confused by everything around him.
  • Goes mining and retrieves multiple ores that he has no idea what to do with.
PauseUnpause, thejims
9 Jan 2013 "MCFTB - Engineered - 002"
  • Spends the better part of twenty minutes attempting to construct a Redstone Engine.
  • Finds Lapis Lazuli and spends another ten minutes trying to convert it into blocks.
17 Jan 2013 "MCFTB - Pakratt's Power - 003"
  • Makes a Hobbyist's Steam Engine and gets confused.
  • Calls over Pakratt to help him and builds a Biogas Engine.
Mhykol, Pakratt0013
31 Jan 2013 "MCFTB - Baj Does Computers! - 004"
  • Shows off progress from his livestream.
  • Makes a Mining Turtle with Baj.
Avidya, Mhykol, W92Baj
6 Feb 2013 "MCFTB - Factory Building - 005"
  • Shows the progress of his Turtle.
  • Works on the walls of his factory.
  • Investigates a "BOOM" that he heard somewhere.
17 Feb 2013 "MCFTB - Electrical Emergency - 006"
  • Builds an Electrical Engine to convert his Bio Generator and then hooks it up to his Pulverizer.
  • Tries to pulverize some Iron, but then gets really frightened when the Electrical Engine goes into Forced Cooldown mode.
  • Builds a wall in his factory for another room.
  • Makes a Ruby Handsaw and coverts his Lapis Lazuli Blocks into a bunch of Lapis Lazuli Cover Corners and covers his roof with them.
  • Experiments some more with his new Handsaw.
26 Feb 2013 "MCFTB Live - 2/25/13 Part 2"
  • Continues working on the factory roof.
  • Hooks up an Extractor to his factory.
  • Dies trying to retrieve his Mining Turtle. (Twice)
  • Calls Mhykol in for reinforcements.
  • Charges his Turtle at Guude's base.
  • Checks out Mhykol's and Pakratt's houses and wanders around the spawn town.
  • Visits Beef's zoo.
  • Accidentally goes to the Twilight Forest and gets scared by a Spider.
  • Sets off the Mining Turtle and leaves the server to speed run Yoshi's Island.
Mhykol, Pakratt0013, sixelona
26 Feb 2013 "MCFTB Live - 2/25/13 Part 1"
  • Receives an Ender Pouch from Pakratt.
  • Builds a Transport Pipe system from his Turtle mine to his factory.
  • Goes to Baj's base to compare pipes.
  • "Borrows" a half-stack of Diamonds from Pakratt.
  • Makes a Diamond Handsaw and makes a Red-Doped Wafer.
  • Crafts up a Transposer and a Buffer, he then combines them with the Red-Doped Wafer to create a Relay.
  • Finds a use for his Sonic Screwdriver.
  • Finally gets his organization system working.
  • Puts a roof over his factory.
  • Shows his face briefly right before his XSplit dies on him.
Guude, Pakratt0013, W92Baj
19 Apr 2013 "MCFTB - Old McGamer Had a Farm - 007"
  • Works on a design for a Corn farm.
  • Messes around with different lighting techniques.
5 May 2013 "MCFTB - Pro. Mhykol - 008"
  • Finds out where the Biomass comes from with Mhykol.
  • Has Mhykol teach him how to be more efficient in his factory.