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This is a list of all past and present members of Mindcrack. Many members of Mindcrack have been personally invited to join, while others have through competitions ran by Guude.

Current members[edit]

The following list contains all current members of Mindcrack, referred to as Mindcrackers. Included is each member's primary YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and Twitter account, along with an artistic interpretation of their Minecraft avatars by AxlRosie.

adlingtont AnderZEL Arkas Aureylian AvidyaZEN Coestar Docm77 Guude
AxlRosie adlingtont.jpg AxlRosie AnderZEL.jpg AxlRosie Arkas.jpg AxlRosie Aureylian.jpg AxlRosie AvidyaZEN.jpg AxlRosie Coestar.jpg AxlRosie Docm77.jpg AxlRosie Guude.jpg
JSano19 kurtmac Mhykol Millbee Nebris OMGchad Pakratt0013 PauseUnpause
AxlRosie JSano19.jpg AxlRosie kurtmac.jpg AxlRosie Mhykol.jpg AxlRosie Millbee.jpg AxlRosie Nebris.jpg AxlRosie OMGchad.jpg AxlRosie Pakratt0013.jpg AxlRosie PauseUnpause.jpg
Pyrao SethBling Sevadus SuperMCGamer Vechs VintageBeef W92Baj Zisteau
AxlRosie Pyrao.jpg AxlRosie SethBling.jpg AxlRosie Sevadus.jpg AxlRosie SuperMCGamer.jpg AxlRosie Vechs.jpg AxlRosie VintageBeef.jpg AxlRosie W92Baj.jpg AxlRosie Zisteau.jpg

VIP guests[edit]

A "VIP guest" is an informal member of Mindcrack. They do not appear on official Mindcrack sites such as and /r/mindcrack, but are welcome to play on the Mindcrack Server and participate in group event such as Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore. Members departing from Mindcrack on 3 April 2015 (BdoubleO, Etho, generikb, paulsoaresjr, and thejims) were first labelled as VIP guests as they did not adhere to certain legal agreements that would make them an official member.[1] Although many of them continue to collaborate with current Mindcrack members, their ties to the group as a whole have been disconnected.

Shreeyam, who was a member of Mindcrack until resigning on 16 August 2013, resumed his Let's Play on the Mindcrack Server in July 2015 after reconnecting with the group at MineCon 2015. He appeared in Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 22 in August 2015 and continues to be an unofficial member of Mindcrack.

The winner of Surviving Mindcrack Island will join Mindcrack as a VIP guest.[2] /r/mindcrack moderator Lost-Chord speculates that the original prize for winning Surviving Mindcrack Island was to join Mindcrack as a member, but since membership is now established by legal agreements, the winner's prize was changed slightly. He adds that the winner may be given the option of joining officially if they please.[3]

BdoubleO100 Etho generikb paulsoaresjr Shreeyam thejims
AxlRosie BdoubleO100.jpg AxlRosie Etho.jpg AxlRosie generikb.jpg AxlRosie paulsoaresjr.jpg Noflair.png AxlRosie thejims.jpg


The following list contains guests who have been invited to the Mindcrack Server, often for special events.

As of the 2013 Mindcrack Marathon, Guude said that Dinnerbone, Notch, Grumm and jeb_ were all whitelisted on the server,[4] later saying that all Mojang employees were whitelisted.[5]

Minecraft handle YouTube channel
AmethystRaindrop[a] -
Biffa2001[b] Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More
C418 C418
CH33ZY_89[a] Ch33zyEightyNine
Dinnerbone Nathan Adams
Grumm Grum
JL2579[a] JL2579
LyrePat[a] Paradoxical1028
marc Marc IRL
monkeyfarm[b][a] Monkeyfarm
Notch Nizzotch
Pacguin[a] -
WalkingDad[a] Walkingdad LP
WesWilson[b] Wes Wilson

Former members[edit]

The following list contains all former members of the Mindcrack Server.

Minecraft handle YouTube channel
Alcimedes alcboulderfist
BlameTC[c] BlameTheController
Crysix -
davmandave 2creditstoplay
Espie23 Espie23
it3fergie -
just_defy JustDefy
Kennedyzak 2creditstoplay
Kuroro KuroroSama42
LowlanderND -
madcow21[d] Oxus21
stennett stennett10

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