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The Minecraft avatar of Mianthadore
Country Australia
Gender M

Mianthadore was a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on August 2012 after he was invited by RainbowCrisp.


Mianthadore is 21 years old living in Southern Queensland, Australia.[1]

Let's Play[edit]

Mianthadore often plays with darkphan, KingNewbs, Morgwen, and RainbowCrisp, in live streams on TwitchTV.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Mianthadore had a plot in the Alpine Valley neighborhood of Blockhaven before the reset. He had not built anything on the plot, instead choosing to focus on a village at a remote location.

Video Date
Notable events Featuring
"New Series! (A rushed announcement)" 16 Aug 2012
  • Brief entrance to the server
"Mindcrack Fan Server Episode 1- MOBS. MOBS EVERYWHERE!" 20 Aug 2012
  • At a remote village attempting to protect it
  • Gathering resources
  • Venturing into the desert
"Mindcrack Fan Server Episode 2- A place to call home." 3 Sep 2012
  • Builds a house just outside his village
"Mindcrack Fan Server Episode 3- Mianthadora the explorer" 15 Oct 2012
  • Lost footage due to hard drive crash
  • Updates on his village
  • Explores the region with a map
"Mindcrack Fanserver Episode 4- Caving with Tyler is FUUUUU-" 8 Nov 2012
  • Visits Tyler's (uisdead99) swamp base and witch hut
  • Tyler's plans for a giant Sheep farm
  • Caves with Tyler near the witch hut

Minecraft skin[edit]

Mianthadore's skin

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