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The official Mindcrack logo, created by W92Baj[1]

Mindcrack (formerly stylized as MindCrack[a]) is the name given to a community of video game players and YouTube personalities who play together, principally through the multiplayer feature of the game Minecraft. They record their exploits during gameplay sessions and publish them to viewers on YouTube. This is provided alongside various side projects involving either sessions played alone or with varying numbers of other players - both from within and outside the Mindcrack community.


The instigator of the Mindcrack community is Guude - real name known only as Jason. What might be considered the first Mindcrack video was uploaded to his YouTube channel on the 19 October 2010 entitled 'S1E1 - Clausterphobified'.[3] It was a short video featuring him playing an early version of the game Minecraft, with a brief introduction to the game's format and an explanation of why he was creating the series; in his own words, the game had "started to get stale" after playing it for three weeks. He hoped that creating a video series would make the game, "more interesting again."[3] After Minecraft was released for survival multiplayer, Guude established the first Minecraft multiplayer server on which his Mindcrack gameplay videos are recorded,[4] and in the years since managed and maintained both it and the Mindcrack presence online. The server is a private whitelisted server that is not accepting applications, so only those who are currently whitelisted can join the server, unless otherwise invited by Guude. In the intervening months he has introduced an array of friends and acquaintances to the server so that they may also enjoy or record their own adventures together or apart. In October 2011 Guude established the MindCrack Fan Server, a separate, whitelisted Minecraft server.

Today the name Mindcrack has grown outside of Minecraft to include different games. Guude himself said the "Mindcrack brand was created to bring people together to play games, not always Minecraft."[5] "Mindcrack" may be used to refer to the community of core members of Mindcrack's vanilla server and the now-defunct MindCrack Fan Server.

Announced during the live recording of episode 200 of The Shaft, the Mindcrack Network is an official multi-channel network as of 24 September 2014,[6] established in conjunction with BroadbandTV.[7]

Disclosed on 3 April 2015 by WesWilson, Mindcrack is a now a registered trademark. Ultimately, BdoubleO100, Etho, generikb, paulsoaresjr and thejims are no longer considered official members of Mindcrack for a variety of reasons. However, they remain whitelisted as VIPs on the Mindcrack Server.[8]

As of 1 September 2015, the core Mindcrack community has grown to 26 active members and has been the progenitor of two now popular gameplay styles for Minecraft: Race for Wool and Ultra Hardcore. Members of the Mindcrack server have collaborated on a wide variety of games, including Garry's Mod and Mario Kart 8.

MindCrack Network[edit]

A separate YouTube channel, the MindCrack Network, was created as "a place for content from collaborations from the guys on the Mindcrack server."[9]

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  1. Guude initially titled his videos with the spelling "MindCrack" when referring to the multiplayer server. Many members including Nebris, PauseUnpause and Zisteau have always used the "Mindcrack" spelling. Both spellings were generally accepted, with the 'capital C' being considered the official spelling. Over time, the use of the 'lowercase c' spelling became more prominent, and Guude began titling his videos as such. In March 2015, WesWilson confirmed that the 'lowercase c' would be used when referring to the brand in a legal context.[2] Some members such as AvidyaZEN and SethBling still use the previous spelling.


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