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Featured video[edit]

The primary purpose of this section is to get more exposure to good quality videos from lesser-known members. The recommended criteria are: less than 500 views, up for at least a month, and quality worth promoting. The video will be featured for at least a week.


Member Video
PurpleNepenthe "Purple's Nepenthe = Minecraft: MindCrack Fan Server 32 Redux"
lembley3 "LembleyPlays on the Mindcrack Fanserver #3 Adult story time!"
devonsama "Let's Play Minecraft - Mindcrack Fan Server S02E037: "Home Away From Home" #5: ArrowhoodCobra"
darkphan "Life on the Mindcrack Fan Server - EP41 - Back again with Jason27!"
PurpleNepenthe "Purple's Nepenthe = Minecraft: MindCrack Fan Server 49"
TheJordanBrooks "Minecraft Mindcrack Fan Server - Entscrack S01E25: PRANK REVENGE!!!"
Bruschetta12 "Mindcrack Fan Server Episode 27 - Caving with Haru Part 1"
zueljin "Mindcrack Fan Server - Episode 16 - Casing the Joint"