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Try my book!

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My book template looks so cool.

Name Handle
Kurt J Mac kurtmac
MC Gamer mcgamer

Attempting to have multiple avatar's in an infobox for team pages

Active Collaborations test

Experimenting with avatars to help identify participants in group events

Part 1
Reddit post
Part 2
Reddit post
AnderZEL.png AnderZEL: "Mindcrack Trail Etho Vs The B Team Part 1" AnderZEL.png AnderZEL: "Mindcrack Trial Etho Vs The B Team Part 2"
BdoubleO100.png BdoubleO100: "Mindcrack Minecraft Server - Episode 102 - The Trial pt. 1" BdoubleO100.png BdoubleO100: "Mindcrack Minecraft Server - Episode 103 - The Trial pt. 2"

26 June 2013

Member List[edit]

What if we used a format template to dynamically display members? I mainly used this and Help:Template format to write this. I figured I'd start with writing one for the fan server, because it is less complex, and changes more often than the main server. We'd need to add two parameters, YouTube and Twitch, to each member (if applicable). I'm assuming that those include both the URL and name of the channel, which will be displayed as it is now, but it could use the social icons instead or in conjunction the url.

Templates work by assigning the output of a query to a number in the template, so if our query is:

| ?YouTube
| ?Twitch
| link = none
| template = Active member table
| introtemplate= Member header
| outrotemplate=Template footer

Then the members name will be 1, their YouTube channel 2 and their Twitch channel 3.

Active member table Describes what each result (row) of the table will look like

| {{center}} | [[File:{{{1}}}.png|link={{{1}}}]]<br>[[{{{1}}}]] || {{{2}}} || {{{3}}}

Member header Defines how the wiki table starts and is formatted

{| class="wikitable mindcrack_members" style="text-align:center;"
! Minecraft<br>avatar and handle || YouTube channel || TwitchTV channel

Template footer Defines how the wiki table is closed


Inactive members and No longer whitelisted would be split into two tables, and could be done with a traditional query output.

"MindCrack Season 2 Episodes" playlist
Notable eventsFeaturing
"Minecraft MindCrack - S2E62 - Hitting the Ground"
  • Gathering supplies
"Minecraft MindCrack - S2E63 - Hitting the Ground pt2"
  • Creating a shelter
  • Gathering supplies
  • madcow21
    "Minecraft MindCrack - S2E64 - Something strange in the water"
  • Exploring a cave for resources
  • "Minecraft MindCrack - S2E65 - Seeking the source"
  • Exploring a cave for resources
  • "Minecraft MindCrack - S2E66 - Client Lag"
  • Fighting mobs
  • Exploring a cave for resources
  • … further results

    A way to generate the first video in a table cell using a template, since the name could be part of the query result. It would need to be modified to include an "Episode is" parameter for members like adlingtonts to sort correctly, since he had multiple uploads at the same time. "No results found" text would need to be added for individuals like Dinnerbone.

    "Minecraft MindCrack - S1E1 - Clausterphobified"
    "Minecraft Let's Play 01 - Finding a house part 1"

    YouTube Statistics[edit]

    This table allows sorting of members' subscriber counts.

    Name Subscriber count Videos uploaded Total views
    MindCrack Network
    BdoubleO100 (BdoubleOLIVE)
    Coestar (CoeVODs)
    paulsoaresjr (PaulieOnTap)
    OMGchad (OMGcraftShow)


    Name UUID
    adlingtont 4062308fa16d4b79a4cc6ef964e435f5
    AnderZEL def7f1b5ef164e2c8ba6b63c4563d9f2
    Arkas 44a6903b4bef4b34bdf06f78ae267eb8
    Aureylian 90201c8957124f99a1c95d751565560a
    AvidyaZEN ee9c101a5dc84927b1e31d011c48b80f
    BdoubleO100 7163fbce39ac4a02b836a991c45d2dd1
    BlameTC 340d7a99ec25404d94009eb59cb1bd2f
    Coestar 65ef835a34a54a8da857cdd1d9924051
    Docm77 05e88dce714d4218be77fade8b5dfa3c
    Etho 93b459bece4f4700b457c1aa91b3b687
    generikb 966ebb69a63d4bb2ac90ed39d8c64b80
    Guude 9cc9a90c7bd64b7eba0a76c4a53f4438
    jsano19 c221604f90af4af493cd531e190cf7c1
    kurtmac 7d43619f9e07492e89113ca81756d6da
    mcgamer dfaccdb454724aa697147365a0272304
    Mhykol bc395d5fa5634f00ab1ffa9cda46f82d
    Millbee 10cce2fe2a0546c7ad1094ff78566446
    Nebris 5a46759f763648c0924255177b159a5f
    OMGchad 40d8af145174434e86b72a96dd1b116c
    Pakratt0013 424f555bc9a6414d90006ccb8bcc4a29
    paulsoaresjr 06d8a457891e4f999d5cc1e2b33f3321
    PauseUnpause 4b902826479a4f24800f40dad72bf01d
    Pyro_0 b5e04b88cc264d9f8d61fdb78f75df66
    SethBling 55a2e72e01614c85b191a0b227ff758a
    sevadus 4ce6ca9f91574e88a8740bb42c15a593
    Vechs_ ffc7fc293ff14f03833f01698823a14f
    VintageBeef 2f72315024de44ffaeee87c75f7c7a9e
    W92Baj b8c74724da984268ba1d0331c3fad264
    Zisteau 1f234ca14d584525b7217706560071d6
    madcow21 8806144237014f7e8f2185bc40cd27f5
    ShreeyamGFX a9fc378edd0f4fcda2f384754426ae3b
    thejims 5a94e2ab9a9941e6ac357e50e2d6c036
    Alcimedes 3301429b7ec9432c9da9af7364bc60ce
    Crysix d216c1884c704fa2a73d57dd216fd686
    davmandave 9dbc8da419a94b2bbfe22377d2d70008
    Espie23 be87c9a1b9c4428f80f5d22fb44744d0
    it3fergie 4a2f00808efe40aebf41da6bbc38ca8b
    just_defy acfaffd8a0e8412e9d9de4af47d2556c
    Kennedyzak 07de8e3fea6d464da5119c5bfe020993
    Kuroro 4280dab4fdd5425bb41d77278ad63b2c
    LowlanderND eb8baaec87d54d998e600bd7db021546
    stennett 77f22f6ddf474788a2d5f788d6607860
    C418 0b8b22458018456c945d4282121e1b1e
    Dinnerbone 61699b2ed3274a019f1e0ea8c3f06bc6
    Grumm e6b5c088068044df9e1b9bf11792291b
    JL2579 76c47dc440424411909cadf2681850f4
    marc b05881186e75410db2db4d3066b223f7
    Notch 069a79f444e94726a5befca90e38aaf5
    WesWilson 6a98ef987c214ff5884e38cddb4f1f67
    Avidya c4410a576fef4b10a299d79a80052a96
    Baj_Grylls 24a65c0e21644cd9b614c9dbfe33ddf0
    BajCam cde636933bb348ae861901d625a1a8e8
    BigAbbo f95620f8cbb64bc5845e4df842abdf00
    BTCamera e2e180d7da004f59a70961bcb907fd28
    DocCamera 3810c55d006140b4aa25a4461be77d2e
    easycgi 242ab096ec4f425dbe319544eae2e2ea
    ghost_Pause b9a4d33154104fd29c72f9cd061cc188
    mc_gamer 14c7857d9e394fdeb295dc25a7f5d6f4
    NewMindcracker db634b6e4f6241909495da7e6c951499
    Pyrao 1f771bd5ae3347728b691b4626cd1f53
    pihsrehtoM 820e3482d9554396a7423bfbd8976459
    spoooky_ghost f7f5bf4767ea45018e2da25818c9873a
    themrsjims 3bfa3414594b4cb3bd934d9ff57ca051
    Vechs1 1ac2b1d3d6234dab99e508f3cfe1c1a0
    WellsGlazes 6cdc398bfda7412fa22a16a72021d1bf
    Zedcamera 6e46d4b36dea48c3ad030b274ff36eaf

    Troubleshooting video list dispaly[edit]

    Video Notable events Featuring
    28 Jul 2013 * mcgamer: "Orange Wool on Mindcrack - Episode 3 (Season 2)"
    • Discovering GenerikB's prank
    • Lowering the ground level
    • Talking about the Zelda Symphony and plans for Dooceiopolis.
    Video Notable events Featuring
    28 Jul 2013
    • Discovering GenerikB's prank
    • Lowering the ground level
    • Talking about the Zelda Symphony and plans for Dooceiopolis.

    Dynamic skin image names[edit]

    Experimenting with appending member names to queries only in some queries, (so they could show up on activity pages, but not on skin pages) but I think it would require its own template. Ideally caption would look like "VintageBeef: Stone UHC skin" on the UHC page and "Stone UHC skin" on VintageBeef's page.

    Like Member List above, it would need a new template, with gallery opening and closing tags as the intro and outro templates. For this query:

    {{#ask:[[Activity is::UHC 10]][[Id::skin]]
    | ?Page is
    | ?Has Caption
    | format= template
    | template = Custom gallery
    | introtemplate= Gallery intro
    | outrotemplate= Gallery outro

    Main template would be something like


    skin lists on member pages would then avoid the mix of name and caption they have now, see VintageBeef's for an example.

    Avatar Lists[edit]

    We use the avatar lists for a number of pages, including Prank Wars, MindCrack Marathon and for various games, conventions and meetups like Minotaur and MineCon. The lists take awhile to make, and aren't easy to update. Since typically the link structure and order of the images is the same, could we create a template that does it either in the current table format or using a gallery (I think nolines mode would need to be enabled, to get rid of the background). I'd thought of using a query previously, but I think a template similar to the new one for external links would be better. A basic list would be a set width, and show the avatar of and link to the member pages of the specified individuals. Options could give the ability to change the width and set links to prank war pages, etc. To do this a couple images (namely Pyro and Avidya's should be renamed to match the user, and/or the template could utilize a query pulling Id=avatar for the specified usernames.


    Listing participants[edit]

    (2014 Mindcrack Marathon used as an example)




    AntVenom.png AntVenom
    BlueBayou.png BlueBayou
    Brentcopeland.png brentcopeland
    CaptainSparklez.png CaptainSparklez
    Dadbee123.png dadbee123
    DireDwarf.png DireDwarf
    GreatScottLP.png GreatScottLP
    JustVan.png JustVan
    OMGchad.png OMGchad
    Rubysown.png rubysown
    Searge.png Searge
    SuperJohan2000.png SuperJohan2000
    SynHD.png SynHD
    WesWilson.png WesWilson