MindCrack Fan Server Ultra Hardcore/Season 3

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Season 3[edit]

Season 3 is similar to last season but diplomacy is allowed. Players can team up with other members or betray their own teammate. The session was recorded on 5 May 2012. Like the previous season, a player from outside the Fan Server joined: ShreeyamGFX. Shree did not release any videos.


Team Members
AlphaOmega Alphonia OmegaRainbow
Alphonia OmegaRainbow
DarkMorgue darkphan Morgwen
darkphan Morgwen
PimpingMan PimpingPanda rayman86
PimpingPanda rayman86
Shreilla Peilla ShreeyamGFX
Peilla ShreeyamGFX
Stealthy Ninjas devonsama mishterbobo
devonsama mishterbobo

Playlists and videos[edit]