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Season 6[edit]

In season 6 teams spawn together on the map. The "Battle Royale" plugin was not used because the map boundaries were shrinking early and causing health regeneration.[1] breeplaysgames, devonsama, LUNAPOD and oddmast did not release any videos.


Team Members
BreePlaysLuna breeplaysgames LUNAPOD
breeplaysgames LUNAPOD
DarkMorgue darkphan Morgwen
darkphan Morgwen
Haruson harumei Jason27
harumei Jason27
Lorgman86 brianmcn rayman86
brianmcn rayman86
TibMast oddmast TibTuner04
oddmast TibTuner04
uisDevon devonsama uisdead99
devonsama uisdead99

Playlists and videos[edit]


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