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Season 16[edit]

Season 16 is a fight to the death. 24 players were split into eight randomly chosen teams of three to compete on a 2000x2000 block map. This is the first season to use snapshot and was recorded in version 14w20b and uses new world border features. The world border will shrink over three hours to a 200x200 block map. Strength II potions are not allowed. Eternal day is once again featured. This is Aureylian's first MindCrack UHC. This is Etho's last MindCrack UHC appearance. Dinnerbone, oldGanon and brianmcn appear as guests in this season. The seed used was uhc.[1]


TeamMembersChat color
Team Banjo.pngAnderZELEthoW92BajGreen
Team DBMC the OG.pngDinnerbonemcgameroldGanonRed
DBMC the OGDinnerbonemcgameroldGanon
Team Divided Europe.pngDocm77kurtmacPyro_0Gray
Divided Europe Docm77kurtmacPyro_0
Team Justis League.pngjsano19NebrisSethBlingYellow
Justis Leaguejsano19NebrisSethBling
Team Parents.pngAureylianBdoubleO100GuudeGold
Team Pretty In Pink.pngArkasAvidyaZENVechs_Light purple
Pretty in PinkArkasAvidyaZENVechs_
Team PVP.pngPakratt0013PauseUnpauseVintageBeefAqua
Team The Bob Hoskins Experience.pngBlameTCbrianmcnMillbeeBlue
The Bob Hoskins ExperienceBlameTCbrianmcnMillbee

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Movement Maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


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