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This is the complete chat log for MindCrack Ultra Hardcore season 3.

PauseUnpause boners
PauseUnpause are
PauseUnpause awesome
VintageBeef team canada!
Etho go?
Guude yea
VintageBeef go
kurtmac well, i just tabbed to turn off skype and ended up drowning
PauseUnpause kurt...you hurt already?
VintageBeef lol
Guude wow
VintageBeef what now?
VintageBeef restart!
PauseUnpause free apple?
W92Baj Someone give him an apple
Guude yea we should do that
(Guude: Setting kurtmac to game mode 1)
Guude give yourself an apple
Guude or 3
W92Baj No cheaty ;)
kurtmac ok, got em
(Guude: Setting kurtmac to game mode 0)
kurtmac thx
BdoubleO100 doc is hurt...finish him
PauseUnpause haha
Docm77 spider
VintageBeef wow
PauseUnpause oh no
BdoubleO100 lol
Etho creeper?
VintageBeef skeleton, dropped in on me
W92Baj Hubris, my friend
W92Baj You just can't handle it without me next to you
[Server] MARK 30 MINS IN
kurtmac so feminine
VintageBeef lol
BdoubleO100 lol yup
PauseUnpause TAKE THAT BACK!
W92Baj So many sheep
W92Baj how long does wheat take to grow?
PauseUnpause 72 hours
W92Baj this next bit of video will be boring then I guess
W92Baj How you doing Beef?
VintageBeef excellent
W92Baj Good man
Guude man boo down now too
BdoubleO100 i took on a skeleton and won
VintageBeef me too!
W92Baj kinda
BdoubleO100 hes dead im alive you gobbler
W92Baj just :p
W92Baj I can do nothing but wait for my wheat to grow
BdoubleO100 night time?
PauseUnpause lolol
Guude yes
PauseUnpause no way we telling you
BdoubleO100 my team told me
W92Baj Does wheat only grow if you don't look at it?
Guude yes
BdoubleO100 lol have you been stairing at wheat the whole time
W92Baj thats where I have been going wrong
W92Baj yup
W92Baj it worked!
BdoubleO100 remind me not to watch your perspective
PauseUnpause LOL
W92Baj It will be gripping excitement
BdoubleO100 dungeon
W92Baj wheat
kurtmac you only found 1 dungeon so far?
VintageBeef doc is in some trouble
W92Baj Run away from the bad things Doc
Docm77 i play at leaszt...i dont hide in a dirt hole for 20 mins now
Docm77 I see you
W92Baj If I move, I starve
Guude I have a saddle, do I win?
W92Baj Pop in for tea and crumpets
BdoubleO100 me too
W92Baj You would if my idea for pig racing was picked for this series
W92Baj Who looks stupid now?
BdoubleO100 im in trouble
VintageBeef ouch
W92Baj lol
W92Baj How you doing for gold?
BdoubleO100 0
W92Baj :(
[Server] MARK 60 MINS IN
W92Baj A whole episode of waiting for wheat :(
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj More kitten pictures needed
BdoubleO100 blew up
PauseUnpause R.I.P.
Etho gg my friend
VintageBeef oh no
Guude you will be missed
W92Baj Bad luck Bdubs
VintageBeef goodbye bdubs
Docm77 sorry man
kurtmac Farewell, gentle knight
BdoubleO100 re-do
*W92Baj sings Who wants tooo liiive foreverrrrr
BdoubleO100 LOL
Guude see ya in season 4!
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj At least things happened in your episodes :)
BdoubleO100 was slain by Enderman
BdoubleO100 left the game.
W92Baj So who had Bdubs down as first out?
W92Baj ow
VintageBeef the beginning of the end for you
W92Baj not wrong
W92Baj bugger
VintageBeef oh man
Etho hit the ground too hard
W92Baj starvation
W92Baj Ooooo
Guude oh no
VintageBeef haha
PauseUnpause take that etho!
kurtmac Snap son
Etho you jerk
VintageBeef dropping like flies
W92Baj Schoolboy error
Etho gg guys
VintageBeef gg
W92Baj ul
PauseUnpause gg
kurtmac gg
VintageBeef see you in season 4!
W92Baj indeed
Etho cya, take care
W92Baj bye
Etho left the game.
Guude have a good one man
Docm77 what happened?
W92Baj He fell
PauseUnpause me and him pvp
Docm77 oh boy
PauseUnpause i hit him and the fell killed him
Guude oh wow
Docm77 pvp..oh oh
PauseUnpause he burned me for 3 hearts
[Server] MARK 90 MINS IN
PauseUnpause was slain by Wolf
VintageBeef Oh no
PauseUnpause gg
VintageBeef gg bro
kurtmac gg
W92Baj Was it wild?
PauseUnpause good luck everyone
Guude see ya pause
W92Baj later
kurtmac well played
PauseUnpause left the game.
VintageBeef kurt, we cool?
kurtmac like my ice cold heart
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef you vacate the area?
kurtmac Suuuuure
VintageBeef lol
[Server] MARK 120 MINS IN
Docm77 was slain by Spider
VintageBeef oh noes
VintageBeef another one bites the dust
W92Baj bad luck
Docm77 dang it
Docm77 gg guys;-)
kurtmac Farewell, mermaid friend
Docm77 good luck
Docm77 drowned
VintageBeef good bye
W92Baj At least you can go to bed
Docm77 left the game.
VintageBeef i'm coming for you guude!
Guude I have looked for you guys so much
VintageBeef lies
Guude I do have video of it
VintageBeef i found kurt for a split second
Guude How many arrows you have?
kurtmac Perhaps I am still watching...
VintageBeef enough to kill you with
Guude I dunno I have so many of these healing potions
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj I have been waiting so long for apples and now I get 4 from one tree
VintageBeef so when do we stop for the night? my hands are way too sweaty
VintageBeef lol
Guude up to you guys
W92Baj 5 mins til next marker
kurtmac I'm ok. Up to you all.
Guude I can go another 30-60, up to you baj really, it is the latest for you
W92Baj I can do another 30 maybe
VintageBeef ok cool
VintageBeef dammit
[Server] MARK 150 MINS IN
kurtmac anyone getting lag spikes?
W92Baj a bit
VintageBeef not me
Guude not me either
Guude if it is the game freezing you might need to reboot, there is a memory leak in this version
kurtmac I'm going to have to restart my client
Guude k
kurtmac left the game.
W92Baj fuffanoo
VintageBeef ?
W92Baj was slain by Zombie
VintageBeef oh noes!
W92Baj tits
VintageBeef lol
Guude man
Guude there is not going to be anyone left for me to kill
W92Baj drowned
W92Baj I'm gonna blame that on lag
VintageBeef kurt missed that
kurtmac joined the game.
Guude Baj died
VintageBeef baj died
W92Baj lies
W92Baj :D
Guude lol
W92Baj later guys
Guude night
VintageBeef later
VintageBeef gg
W92Baj left the game.
kurtmac lol I thought you were joking
Guude zombie got him
VintageBeef these skeles got aim bot
VintageBeef was shot by Skeleton
Guude man, I gotta find you guys
Guude well you guy
VintageBeef thats it for me guys
kurtmac good job, you almost had me
VintageBeef gg, and good job
Guude see ya beef
VintageBeef later
VintageBeef left the game.
kurtmac and then there were two
Guude how does one find another guy in such a vast area
kurtmac I was thinking the same thing. We could be going in opposite circles.
Guude wanna chat while we look in skype?
kurtmac sure
[Server] MARK 180 MINS IN