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Season 5[edit]

Season 5 was played in Minecraft 1.2.5, with the first episode released on 26 April 2012. It was a free for all, similar to Season 3, and features all eight of the previous participants, along with four new players, just_defy, Nebris, Pakratt0013, and Zisteau. The map was made by VintageBeef from a randomly generated seed and is bounded by a giant glass wall, 2000x2000 in size. Players spawn in one of 16 random spots denoted by a player sign. The map download was previously available on guudelp.com.[1]

The intro art was drawn by Sixelona and used "Clenched Teeth" by Kevin MacLeod as its intro music. Baj's intro music was "Remember the Dreams", while BdoubleO's intro scene was made by himself with the help of Pungence and generikb, featuring the "The Rocky Song Remixed" by Ronald Jenkees.



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Movement maps[edit]

Redditor Captain_Sparky mapped all the surface movements of the players for episode 1.

Redditor ICWiener42 mapped all the surface movements of the players, Google Maps style.


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