MindCrack Ultra Hardcore/Season 5/chat log

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This is the complete chat log for MindCrack Ultra Hardcore season 5.

Docm77 left the game.
(Guude: Set time to 0)
Nebris begin?
Guude no
Guude it will tell you
Etho doc
Nebris kk
kurtmac wait for server message
Guude and make sure doc is online
Etho doc left
Guude if doc isn't online dont go
[Server] Game Starting Now
Guude dont go
Nebris f3 everyone
W92Baj That includes you Neb
Guude dont start
Docm77 joined the game.
Guude you all set doc?
Docm77 go
Guude ok go everyone
(Guude: Set time to 0)
Etho anyone else lagging?
W92Baj yup
Nebris yes
kurtmac horribly
Pakratt0013 mega
BdoubleO100 yes
Etho too many people
VintageBeef yeah bad
Guude let me shut down the mindcrack server
Guude and up the ram here
Guude quick stio
Guude stop
(Guude: Stopping the server...)
(Guude: Set time to 0)
Etho go?
W92Baj go
Pakratt0013 is the timer gonna still go off soon?
Pakratt0013 left the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Guude no
Zisteau what do we do?
Guude go
Guude timer wont go off for 15 mins
PauseUnpause anyone else getting really crappy block lag?
Zisteau yep
W92Baj yep
Guude yes
Pakratt0013 y
kurtmac indeed
Zisteau goddamn skeleton out of no where
W92Baj could be worse
[Server] MARK 30 MINS IN
Nebris that doesnt seem right
Guude was 15 mins from when we resumed
just_defy its not...
Guude it is right
just_defy ok
Docm77 shouldnt it be night by now
Guude yes, lag is causing the sun to set slowly
Guude it is jumping around in the sky
PauseUnpause is it your internet that's causing it?
Guude I still dont host the server at my house
Etho watching you guude ^^
Guude dont look too close
PauseUnpause behind you
W92Baj you can see him too?
Zisteau anyone getting lag? furnace ate my stuff
PauseUnpause yeah, it's bad
Zisteau nevermind, I'm dumb
Guude lag is bad, but mobs seem fine
just_defy can i relog? chunk error?
Guude there isn't much we can do though
Guude yes you can relog
just_defy left the game.
just_defy joined the game.
Guude I guess we just cannot have 12 people next season
Guude block lag seems better
VintageBeef yeah
Etho ya
BdoubleO100 still bad for this simple lil boy
Pakratt0013 was slain by Docm77
VintageBeef oh wow
just_defy oh shi
W92Baj Oooo
Guude shit
Docm77 first blood
BdoubleO100 damn doc!
Etho oh man!
Zisteau oh snap!
PauseUnpause gg
Etho FB!
kurtmac gg
BdoubleO100 sorry pr
Etho gg pak =/
Pakratt0013 hey, you guys owe me 20 bucks.
Guude gg pak
Pakratt0013 beat 'em all, doc!
BdoubleO100 most glitched damage ever
Pakratt0013 left the game.
Guude doc is trying to reduce lag
PauseUnpause left the game.
Docm77 gg
PauseUnpause joined the game.
[Server] MARK 60 MINS IN
VintageBeef left the game.
VintageBeef joined the game.
Etho rage
VintageBeef chunks man
just_defy dammit nebris...
just_defy :'(
Guude left the game.
Docm77 ?
Guude joined the game.
Zisteau was slain by Guude
PauseUnpause gg
BdoubleO100 gg ziatsu
Zisteau gah
W92Baj no Zist got it
Etho gg zis
just_defy gg
Zisteau gg, later guys
Etho cya man
kurtmac have some scotch to cool your nerves
Zisteau I will
Zisteau someone kill guude for me
[Server] MARK 90 MINS IN
Zisteau left the game.
Guude treaty?
W92Baj I gotta stop falling off things
BdoubleO100 just took damage from a broken block re-appearing in my face
BdoubleO100 1 heart
PauseUnpause there are too many fudging jungles
Etho indeed
Guude beef made the map
just_defy thank god for this diamond sword
just_defy wouldnt have died
just_defy would* derp
[Server] MARK 120 MINS IN
Nebris left the game.
Nebris joined the game.
VintageBeef been walking for 3 days and have found no signs of life
PauseUnpause same
Nebris likewise
Nebris saw a workbench on a shore
just_defy was shot by Skeleton
PauseUnpause gg
Guude gg
kurtmac gg
VintageBeef gg
Docm77 GG
W92Baj gg
BdoubleO100 GG JUSTY
just_defy thanks guys
just_defy gg
just_defy left the game.
kurtmac hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef this rain just wont stop
W92Baj oops
BdoubleO100 damn kurt
Docm77 GG
Guude was that pvp or what
VintageBeef oh man, gg kurt
PauseUnpause way to vintagebeef it up!
kurtmac that was
kurtmac BS
kurtmac glitched into a block
kurtmac had full health
PauseUnpause really?
W92Baj yeah, having major issues
VintageBeef that sucks dude
kurtmac yeah, on a boat
W92Baj I got lagbombed by a creeper
kurtmac bye, i guess
Guude that sucks, I dunno what we can do about glitch deaths
Guude like what happened to beef
Guude I am fine with letting him go back to his stuff if he knows where
Guude whatever you guys think
kurtmac up to you guys. no obligation
Guude do you know how to get to your stuff?
W92Baj I guess
kurtmac maybe
VintageBeef I guess so
W92Baj tell us the co-ords. We'll box it up for you
BdoubleO100 give me a gold apple for the same thing happening to me
kurtmac nah, thats ok
Docm77 idk
kurtmac already getting killed at spawn
kurtmac as a word of advice, stay away from the shores near big cliffs in water
PauseUnpause lol, thanks for the tip :D
PauseUnpause no sarcasm intended D:
kurtmac somebody take care of my wolf pack for me
kurtmac left the game.
Docm77 was slain by Etho
Etho gg doc =/
PauseUnpause gg
VintageBeef gg
Docm77 hehe
BdoubleO100 gg doc
Docm77 gg
Guude gg
W92Baj gg
Etho sorry man
Docm77 all good
PauseUnpause tell me your co-ords, I'll avenge you doc
Docm77 was intense
Docm77 keep on going guys;-) goodnight;-)
Docm77 left the game.
Guude was fireballed by Ghast
PauseUnpause gg
Guude fuck
Etho =0
W92Baj High risk
BdoubleO100 gg man
Etho gg man
Guude 1 gold away from a apple
Guude gg guys
Etho bye buddy
VintageBeef gg
W92Baj gg
BdoubleO100 love you
Guude we can kiss later
BdoubleO100 yes
PauseUnpause gross
Guude left the game.
[Server] MARK 150 MINS IN
Nebris season winner, eh?
Etho ?
W92Baj doing OK there Beefy
VintageBeef indeed
BdoubleO100 gunna kill you
BdoubleO100 was shot by PauseUnpause
PauseUnpause gg
Etho gg bdubs =(
BdoubleO100 left the game.
W92Baj thats what I get for going out at night
PauseUnpause :(
Etho aww man
W92Baj blew up
PauseUnpause noooooooooooooooooooooo
Etho aww, gg man =/
PauseUnpause gg
W92Baj Fuckit
PauseUnpause team canada
W92Baj Thats annoying, GG guys
W92Baj later
Etho yeah baby!
Nebris uh oh
W92Baj left the game.
VintageBeef gg
W92Baj joined the game.
W92Baj left the game.
PauseUnpause should we move in closer?
Etho we could set a boundry
PauseUnpause 2k x 2k is quite big for 4 people
Nebris 500x500 then?
Etho 1000x1000 maybe first
Nebris stay within the 500's
PauseUnpause 1k x 1k would be best
Nebris that would be within the 500's
PauseUnpause what happened beef?
Nebris was shot by PauseUnpause
Etho gg nebs :o
Nebris good shot!
Etho ns
PauseUnpause lag
Nebris left the game.
Etho team canada!
PauseUnpause wooo
VintageBeef 1000x1000?
PauseUnpause yeah
VintageBeef k
VintageBeef damn night time
[Server] MARK 180 MINS IN
PauseUnpause 500's meaning the -500 as well?
VintageBeef was shot by Etho
VintageBeef gg
PauseUnpause aww man :(
Etho gg bro =/
PauseUnpause gg
Etho that was scarey
VintageBeef good luck guys!
Etho cya
VintageBeef left the game.
PauseUnpause and then there were 2
Etho yup
Etho ow
Etho skype?