MindCrack Ultra Hardcore/Season 8/chat log

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This is the complete chat log for MindCrack Ultra Hardcore season 8.

Guude 1 min
(Guude: Set time to 0)
(Guude: Set time to 0)
[Server] Game Starting Now
(Guude: Set own game mode toSURVIVAL mode)
Guude lol whoops
Millbee RESTART!
Mhykol cheaty guude :P
adlingtont anybody getting lag?
Pyro_0 yep
Etho lots
mcgamer Not horrible, but some
Millbee A bit
Pyro_0 walk it off boys
kurtmac ok ish
Pyro_0 what the hell guude lol
Pyro_0 how?
Pyro_0 can we dig down lol?
Pyro_0 stairway down
Guude lol yes
W92Baj o/c
Pyro_0 haha ok
Guude werent you in last season?
Nebris thanks for the iron buddy
Pyro_0 lol who?
*generikb was murdered by a honey badger
Nebris idk
Pyro_0 wtf
Pyro_0 haha
Pyro_0 did generik actually die lol
generikb lol no
Pyro_0 or am i stupid
Pyro_0 ok lol
mcgamer Note the asterisk
Millbee Yea to that dangerous honey badger
Nebris hey there guy
W92Baj glad I am not bottom :)
Pyro_0 haha
Nebris left the game.
Pyro_0  ?
Nebris joined the game.
Nebris crashed
Pyro_0 eek lag.
Pyro_0 cant click my diamonds to make armor
generikb LOL
Mhykol rofl
Pyro_0 Can anyone else not move inv items?
adlingtont cant open furnace
Pyro_0 me neither
Docm77 it is lag
generikb im ok
Pyro_0 dam lag
adlingtont still nothing
Pyro_0 same here, cant really do anything until i can open it
Guude I didn't have any trouble
Docm77 relog
Pyro_0 kk
adlingtont left the game.
Pyro_0 left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 nope :(
adlingtont durp
Pyro_0 What about you ad?
adlingtont im good
Pyro_0 damn
adlingtont bit laggy
Pyro_0 ill try again
Pyro_0 left the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 I cant craft anything, my items keep going into my hotbar
W92Baj hit shift a fw times
W92Baj not 5 times :D
Pyro_0 haha
Pyro_0 still dont work
Mhykol damn skeletons and their ninja bow skills
Pyro_0 cant move any of my items
W92Baj amen
W92Baj restart MC
Pyro_0 ok brbrb
mcgamer I don't wanna. ;D
Pyro_0 left the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 works
W92Baj Are there 2 apple receipes?
Guude probably
Mhykol yess
Guude if you get 9 gold blocks more power to you
Mhykol just 1 more block to go
W92Baj POWER UP!!!
Millbee This is way more intense than I realised when watching =P
Mhykol lol
W92Baj talking is the hard part
Millbee I can spout nonsense for Wales man, no prob
BdoubleO100 was slain by Nebris
Pyro_0 gg
Etho aww
mcgamer GG
Mhykol 1 down :(
adlingtont my kill!!!!
VintageBeef gg
Nebris gg
W92Baj BoOOM!
Etho gg
BdoubleO100 good job ass clown
kurtmac  :( gg
Guude  :-(
Mhykol gg
Guude lol
adlingtont gg
Guude gg
Docm77 gg man..;-(
Millbee My savior
W92Baj Ads is happy
[Server] MARK 30 MINS IN
W92Baj good timing
BdoubleO100 1 episode of pure excitement.....nebris i will make you die slow and painfull one day soon
BdoubleO100 left the game.
Nebris drowning sucks
W92Baj What levels you at? XP
Nebris 5
Pyro_0 7
Mhykol 5
adlingtont 5
mcgamer 95
kurtmac B
Pakratt0013 42
Millbee -12
Guude was slain by adlingtont
Pyro_0 gg
Etho aww gg guude
adlingtont omg
mcgamer GG
W92Baj OOoooh
kurtmac gg
Guude gg
Mhykol gg guude
Nebris gg
VintageBeef gg man
Docm77 gg
adlingtont gg
Mhykol 2 down
Millbee gg
Docm77 ,-(
Nebris ban adlington
Guude later guys
Mhykol cya
adlingtont scared the crap out of me
Guude I went for him, I only had 1 heart
Guude left the game.
Pyro_0 fair play
Pyro_0 and then there were 12
W92Baj was shot by Skeleton
Pyro_0 11
Pyro_0 lol
Pyro_0 gg baj
mcgamer Sorry Master Baj,
W92Baj Water glitch into wall and then cheat skelly :(
Millbee That was close, head first into a cave spider nest XD
mcgamer Yeah, been having wall issues too
Etho gg baj
mcgamer All my health is wall damage
W92Baj byee
W92Baj left the game.
Pyro_0 block lag sucks
Pyro_0 where you guys at
Mhykol behind you
generikb 0.0
Pakratt0013 here and there....
Pyro_0 been looking around for ages
Pyro_0 scardy cats
adlingtont was slain by Zombie
Pyro_0 gg
mcgamer gg
kurtmac gg
VintageBeef gg
Nebris gg
Mhykol poor ads :(
Mhykol gg
Docm77 gg
Etho gg ad
adlingtont MAN
adlingtont bye
Millbee A noble death =P
adlingtont left the game.
Etho left the game.
Etho joined the game.
Millbee was shot by Skeleton
Pyro_0 gg
mcgamer gg to you too
VintageBeef gg
Etho gg
Mhykol gg
Millbee He was after me for ages lol
Millbee See ya
kurtmac gg
Millbee left the game.
Pyro_0 have we hit the 60 min mark yet
Mhykol no
Mhykol soon I think
Pyro_0 i need to empty my bowels soon
Pyro_0 too much info
generikb LOL
Mhykol lol tmi
generikb poop sock it soldier!
Pyro_0 portapotty
Pyro_0 who was that
[Server] MARK 60 MINS IN
mcgamer Freak
Pyro_0 who
Pyro_0 1v1
Pyro_0 me
generikb was shot by Skeleton
Pyro_0 gg
VintageBeef gg
Mhykol gg
kurtmac with thunderous applause
Etho gg gb
Mhykol and lightning for it
Docm77 gg
generikb double boned!!!!
generikb gg and gl!
Mhykol was slain by mcgamer
Etho gg
Docm77 gg
VintageBeef gg
generikb left the game.
kurtmac gg
Mhykol  :( good fight mc
mcgamer ggf
Mhykol good luck!
Mhykol left the game.
Docm77 suffocated in a wall
VintageBeef oh no
kurtmac  ??
Pyro_0 wtf
Pyro_0 gg
Nebris lag?
mcgamer Ah man
kurtmac gg
VintageBeef that sucks so bad
Pakratt0013 1.3 glitch w/ water?
Docm77 freaker#
Docm77 no just standing still
Etho gg doc =/
Pyro_0 mc, 1v1 me
Docm77 gg guys
Pyro_0 gg dpc
mcgamer No thanks. :D
Pyro_0 doc
Docm77 lata
Docm77 left the game.
kurtmac so much lightning
Pyro_0 yea
mcgamer Scary
kurtmac what is this MineZ?
Pyro_0 I cant help but feel I'm srsrly undereveloped right now.
Pyro_0 Been searching for peeps for like 30min =[
Nebris very
Pyro_0 dat thunder
Pakratt0013 ikr?
Pyro_0 yay its gone
kurtmac HAve we been getting timers?
Etho yes
mcgamer Should be near 90 any second
kurtmac ok thx
[Server] MARK 90 MINS IN
kurtmac left the game.
mcgamer Kurt restrooming?
Pyro_0 prob
kurtmac joined the game.
mcgamer Wb
kurtmac I lost my internet, needed to restart routers
mcgamer Ah
kurtmac ok for me to continue?
mcgamer I'd say so
Pyro_0 loljk
Pyro_0 What happened kurt?
kurtmac hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef oh noes
mcgamer Well, good game sir
Etho sorry
Pyro_0 GG
VintageBeef gg
Etho gg
kurtmac gah
kurtmac lag got me there
Pyro_0 Has anyone actually killed anyone yet
Nebris gg
mcgamer Yes
kurtmac I was shooting at you from where you were 5 minutes ago
Pyro_0 me?
kurtmac then u teleported
kurtmac etho
Etho ya so bad
Pyro_0 o
kurtmac he killed me
kurtmac last didtch sky escape failed
kurtmac good shot
Etho thanks
kurtmac gg
kurtmac left the game.
Nebris if someone sees me, they just went invisible
Pyro_0 what biome u in
Nebris was shot by Etho
VintageBeef gg
Etho gg
Nebris gg
mcgamer gg
mcgamer Good battle
mcgamer I watched it all
Etho indeed
Nebris gg guys, cya laters
Nebris left the game.
Pyro_0 bathroom break brb lol
Pyro_0 left the game.
Etho lol?
Pakratt0013 hah!
Etho can I do that too?
Etho cuz I need to go
VintageBeef should stay logged in
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 hi
mcgamer Cave spiders
mcgamer Just ruined it all
Pyro_0 lol
[Server] MARK 120 MINS IN
Etho quiet
mcgamer Middle jungle is quiet too
Pakratt0013 ...too quiet.
Pyro_0 was slain by Etho
mcgamer GG
Pyro_0 gg
VintageBeef was shot by Etho
Etho gg guys
Pyro_0 etho running house
mcgamer gg
Pyro_0 lol
Pyro_0 gg guys, good shot etho
VintageBeef gg
Etho almost surprised me pyro
Pyro_0 nearly got ya with the lava lol
Pyro_0 was slain by Wolf
Pyro_0 gg im off to bed
Pyro_0 later
VintageBeef later
Pyro_0 left the game.
VintageBeef good luck guys!
VintageBeef left the game.
Pakratt0013 400, -400?
Etho yup
mcgamer was shot by Etho
mcgamer Get him Pak
Etho wow so close
mcgamer Very
mcgamer Darn water
Pakratt0013 ...wait.
Etho haha
mcgamer Final 2
mcgamer Go get him
Pakratt0013 there is no friggin' way this is right.
mcgamer For Cobble Haters
mcgamer For Man Kind
Etho lol
mcgamer For Recieving the Etho Hate!
mcgamer <3 gg Etho <3
mcgamer left the game.
Pakratt0013 well...this is gonna go swimmingly.
Pakratt0013 so...I don't suppose you'd be willin' to go with fisticuffs?
Etho haha
Etho what you want to do?
Pakratt0013 we can head towards center @ day
Etho I might need a bit more time
Pakratt0013 Etho, you know I'm an honest man, right?
Etho yes
Pakratt0013 I haven't even found a diamond yet.
Etho oh no :(
Pakratt0013 so...let's do th' skypin' thing.
Etho ok
[Server] MARK 150 MINS IN
Pakratt0013 was shot by Etho