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The Mindcrack App was an application for smartphones dedicated to Mindcrack that was developed and designed primarily by /r/mindcrack moderator greenpencl. It was first available for Android in June 2012.

Home page, left, Guude's profile, right (11 June 2012)

The idea was conceived as early as March 2012, when Guude said that the UHC voting would be included in an app some time in the future.[1] On 27 April, greenpencil shared screenshots of the incomplete Android version of the app,[2] revealing that the app would be free to download, and available on iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows Phone 7. The primary function of the app was to provide a list of all the Mindcrackers' YouTube videos and tweets, along with the UHC voting.[3] On 11 June, Guude mentioned that the app had been submitted to the iOS and Android marketplaces and was awaiting approval on both.[4][5][6]

Home page, left, Guude's profile, right (28 May 2013)

On 20 June 2012, Guude released a video showcasing the newly available Android version of the app, which included the UHC voting as previously discussed, and the most recent video and tweet from each Mindcracker. According to Guude, the iOS version was declined because it needed to be "more fun and exciting".[7] On 3 September, greenpencil said that an unreleased upcoming update[8] would see the list of recent videos and tweets from each Mindcracker improved to show more than one item at a time, the Mindcrack Podcast given its own subpage,[9] and the Mindcrack Server chat logs given their own subpage also.[10] Push notifications were planned to be implemented at a later date.[9][11] A paid version of the app was created with additional features, such as built-in IRC.[12]

Some time after June 2013,[13] the app stopped receiving regular updates, before being removed from the app stores.[citation needed]

Responding to fan discussion in January 2015, Mindcrack's project coordinator WesWilson inquired about the possibility of recreating and reviving the Mindcrack app.[14]


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