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Season 12[edit]

UHC12 Banner.png
Season 12
Version 1.6.2
Type Teams of two
Objective Last team standing
Players 16
Map size 2000x2000[citation needed]
World seed guudeboulderfist[1]
Date 13 July 2013[citation needed]

The twelfth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between eight teams of two, similar to season 7. Digging a staircase underground is not allowed; instead players must specifically enter a cave to gather resources.

The first episode was released on 15 July 2013, with the season airing while some Mindcrackers were at PlayOnCon 6. The intro was made by Pyro_0, featuring the song "Koan" by the Queenstons,[2] though kurtmac used the song "Clenched Teeth" by Kevin MacLeod, and BlameTC used music from 'Bassgoat'.

This was the first season played in vanilla Minecraft, utilizing the /spreadplayers command and the naturalRegeneration gamerule, which had been implemented recently. As a result, brewing potions of regeneration was forbidden.


Team members were paired up based on the result of a poll Guude had posted to /r/mindcrack several weeks before the season was recorded. The poll included 23 members of Mindcrack (excluding only Arkas and thejims), as well as season 9 guest SethBling, and Minecraft developer and season 11 guest Dinnerbone.[3] Members that ranked high on the poll were paired with those that ranked lower. SethBling and JL2579 appeared as guests. Etho was not present for the season as expected. mcgamer,[4] Millbee,[5] BdoubleO100,[6] and Dinnerbone[7] all noted that they were unable to participate. Dwarves vs Zombies creator OldManWillakers had reportedly been invited to participate, but was unable to attend.[8]

TeamMembersChat color
Team Brewski.pngPauseUnpausePyro_0Dark purple
Team Germinators.pngDocm77JL2579Gray
Team Lavatrap 2.pngPakratt0013ZisteauGold
Team Mongooses.pngkurtmacW92BajDark gray
Team NoBeef.pngjsano19VintageBeefBlue
Team Red Shirt.pngBlameTCSethBlingRed
Red ShirtBlameTCSethBling
Team White Rush'n.pngAvidyaZENgenerikbWhite
White Rush'nAvidyaZENgenerikb
Team Wolfpack.pngAnderZELGuudeGreen

Playlists and videos[edit]

generikb's footage was accidentally deleted.[9] W92Baj unknowingly didn't record episode 4.[10] PauseUnpause's footage of episode 8 was corrupted.[11] Pakratt0013 released footage of the shenanigans before the intro was recorded, and BlameTC released footage of the teams being organized and given their colors. BlameTC also released footage of post-match discussion, while SethBling included the discussion in his final episode.

Movement maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


Server issues[edit]

Season 12 was marked by the server tick issues that lasted until episode 5. Mobs were extremely fast, the day/night cycle was lasting between 2 and 5 minutes because the sun travelled almost twice as fast. These issues likely contributed to some of the PvE deaths. At the end of episode 5, Guude was made aware of the issues and the server was restarted. Combinations of lag and speed continued into episode 6. Partway through episode 7 the remaining players held a Skype call and decided that the match would be finished out as best it could by going to 0,0, and discussed having a rematch with identical teams. Since the released of season 13, a season 12B is unlikely. The issues were thought to be because of zombie AI tracking.[12]

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