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Season 13[edit]

UHC13 Banner.png
Season 13
Version 1.7.3
Type Teams of four
Objective Last team standing
Players 20
Date 7 December 2013[1]

The thirteenth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between five teams of four.

The first episode was released on 16 December 2013. The intro was made by Pyro_0, featuring the song "Push Every Button" by Mayhem, though W92Baj used a different intro and music.

This was the first time that achievements were displayed in chat. Guude made the map available for download from guudelp.com.[2]


The teams were randomly selected. Minecraft developers Dinnerbone and Grumm appeared as special guests, along with PlayMindcrack administrator OldManWillakers. This was Dinnerbone's second time appearing as a guest, and SethBling's first time as of a member of the Mindcrack Server. This was the first season kurtmac did not appear in since his début in season 3. This was the last UHC to feature paulsoaresjr.

TeamMembersChat color
Team All Business.pngBlameTCDinnerbonejsano19mcgamerWhite
All BusinessBlameTCDinnerbonejsano19mcgamer
Team BAND.pngAvidyaZENDocm77NebrisW92BajGreen
Team NO.pngEthoGrummpaulsoaresjrPyro_0Red
Team Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling.pngBdoubleO100OldManWillakersPakratt0013SethBlingAqua
Team OP.pngAnderZELGuudePauseUnpauseVintageBeefBlue

Playlists and videos[edit]

paulsoaresjr's footage had an "accident".[3] BlameTC uploaded a video of pre-match shenanigans and team selection, while Dinnerbone, jsano19, Nebris, Pakratt0013 and W92Baj included footage of the team selection in their first episode. Pakratt also included pre-match shenanigans in his video. BlameTC also uploaded a video of post-match discussion, while SethBling included the discussion in his final episode.

Movement Maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


Reddit threads[edit]


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