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Season 14[edit]

UHC14 Banner.png
Season 14
Type Teams of two
Objective Last team standing
Players 20

UHC Season 14 is a fight to the death between ten teams of two, similar to Season 12. The season makes use of a Mumble plugin for proximity based voice chat, allowing players to hear nearby opponents, but also creating an inability to communicate with their teammate if they are too far away. The /tell command is not allowed.

The first episode was released on 10 February 2014.


The teams were randomly selected. This was Arkas' and Vechs_' debut season of UHC. It was the first season that VintageBeef was unable to participate in.

TeamMembersChat color
Team 2-3 Sobriety.pngkurtmacMhykolGold
2/3 SobrietykurtmacMhykol
Team Always Never Dies.pngBlameTCPakratt0013Aqua
Always Never DiesBlameTCPakratt0013
Team Boobies.pngAvidyaZENPyro_0Light purple
Team DocSano.pngDocm77jsano19Dark aqua
Team MCheatGamer.pngmcgamerNebrisWhite
Team Cavalry.pngEthoGuudeGray
Ninja TurtlesBEthoGuude
Team Ol Yeller.pnggenerikbW92BajYellow
Ol' YellergenerikbW92Baj
Team ArkasUnpause.pngArkasPauseUnpauseBlue
Team Super-Hostile.pngVechs_ZisteauGreen
Team Swedish Meatballs.pngAnderZELSethBlingRed
Swedish MeatballsEAnderZELSethBling
  • A Also known as Team MCheatGamer.
  • B Also known as Team Cavalry.
  • C Also known as Team ArkasUnpause.
  • D Also known as Team Fate.
  • E Also known as Team Swedish Seth.
UHC 14 spoiler.png

Playlists and videos[edit]

Movement Maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


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