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Season 15[edit]

UHC15 Banner.png
Season 15
Version 1.7.5
Type Teams of three
Objective Last team standing
Players 18
Map size 2000x2000
World seed Mind Crack[1]
Date 22 March 2014[2]

The fifteenth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between six teams of three, held just after the 2 year anniversary of UHC.

The first episode was released on 2 April 2014. Guude provided a map download.[3]


This season featured 18 Mindcrackers in randomly selected teams. This was the first season since Season 4 to not feature any debutantes. This was the first time AvidyaZEN couldn't participate since his debut in Season 9.

TeamMembersChat color
Team Cheaty Hot Beef.pngNebrisPyro_0VintageBeefAqua
Cheaty Hot BeefNebrisPyro_0VintageBeef
Team Dr McBoulderfist.pngDocm77GuudemcgamerGold
Dr McBoulderfistDocm77Guudemcgamer
Team Gecho.pnggenerikbjsano19Vechs_Green
Team PakkerBaj Z.pngPakratt0013W92BajZisteauYellow
PakkerBaj ZPakratt0013W92BajZisteau
Team Passive Aggressive.pngAnderZELBlameTCPauseUnpauseBlue
Passive AggressiveAnderZELBlameTCPauseUnpause
Team Red SEA.pngArkasEthoSethBlingRed
Red SEAArkasEthoSethBling

Playlists and videos[edit]

This season had an abnormality in episode lengths, where episodes 9 and 10 were uploaded together, and episodes 11 and 12 together.

Movement Maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


Reddit threads[edit]


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