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Season 22[edit]

UHC22 Banner.png
Season 22
UHC {{{name}}}
Version 1.2.5
Type Teams of three/two
Objective Last team standing
Players 23
World seed -699091682298471236[1]

The twenty-second season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between seven teams of three and one team of two, played in Minecraft 1.2.5 as a throwback to early UHC seasons.

The first episode was released on 26 August 2015, with the season airing while some Mindcrackers were at PAX Prime 2015. The intro was made by SuperMCGamer, featuring the song "Clenched Teeth" by Kevin MacLeod, though W92Baj used different music.

Some players were rendered as "Steve" due to incompatibilities between their new usernames and the old game version. It was Sevadus' idea to play in an old version of Minecraft.[2]


This season featured 21 Mindcrackers (including Shreeyam), along with Bacon_Donut and wyld as guests. Arkas was supposed to appear on JSano19's and SuperMCGamer's team, forming Team JAM, but could not participate due to Internet issues.[3]

Team Atlas.pngAureylianNebrisSevadus
Team Burnin Miners.pngMhykolPakratt0013Pyro_0
Burnin' MinersMhykolPakratt0013Pyro_0
Team DnA2.pngAnderZELAvidyaZENDocm77
Team Kelley Blue Book.pngBlameTCkurtmacVintageBeef
Kelley Blue BookBlameTCkurtmacVintageBeef
Team N3rdish.pngBacon_DonutPauseUnpausewyld
Team OSHA.pngGuudeShreeyamW92Baj
Team Sechsy Chad.pngOMGchadSethBlingVechs
Sechsy ChadOMGchadSethBlingVechs
Team Survivor.pngJSano19SuperMCGamer

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  1. While hiding underground from Team Atlas, SuperMCGamer mistook JSano19 for Sevadus and killed him before realizing his mistake. Although it was a team kill, SuperMCGamer is credited with the kill.
  2. Shreeyam accidentally hit W92Baj while fighting Vechs, resulting in Shreeyam being killed by W92Baj's wolf. Although it was a team kill, W92Baj is credited with the kill.


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