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The Mindcrack Weekly Recap is an overview of the weeks happenings on the MindCrack server. The show was previously hosted by Pyro_0 at the Mindcrack Broadcasting Station, but became inactive due other commitments.[1] Since April 2014, the show has been filmed live in the set for OMGcraft and hosted by OMGchad.

The topics are presented in the style of news programs, with short segments accompanied by headlines and video clips. The episodes are hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel, the MindCrack Network.

Weekly Recaps[edit]

Original Series[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
5 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 1"
  • The first Death Games
  • The malfunction of Doc's villager system
  • Pause's portal prank on Zisteau
  • New businesses: BdoubleO's Building Co., paulsoaresjr's museum, Arkas' theater and Beef's squid installation
  • A creeper attack on BdoubleO
  • Vechs donating items and finding a double cave spider spawner
  • One minute interview with Baj
7 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 2"
  • Doc and BdoubleO's Wither fight
  • Zisteau and BdoubleO cleaning up the spawn area
  • Pakratt's mass squid encounter
  • The new design for the Pyro Broadcasting Corp. and paulsoares starting his museum
  • Attacks in the Death Games
  • Arkas slain while fighting Arkas
  • Wolf population increasing, Beef trying to steal Anderz horse and generik's chicken farm malfunction
  • Vechs finding a stronghold
  • One minute interview with adlingtont
14 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 3"
  • Two Baj's song and video
  • New Death Game attempts
  • Witch on the loose
  • The beginnings of the UHC monument and Nether Hub
  • Pyro's first death and Anderz starving to death
  • Kurt's new video on the server, interior redecoration of the Broadcasting station, Doc's livestreaming injury and Doc and Etho blowing up mountains
  • One minute interview with mcgamer
22 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 4"
  • Nether Hub domes finished, Doc Shop! added at spawn, Doc's iron golem farm
  • Hermit surveillance on the server
  • Dinnerbone visiting Zisteau's map room
  • The weather with Guude
  • Anderz adding a wishing well at spawn
  • Death Games attempts
  • Advertisement for BlameTC's store, The Royal Chicken
  • Doc and Pyro fighting the blazes near the Nether Hub
  • Etho's invisible zombie and Doc being chased by a horde of them
  • Pause was doomed to fall by PauseUnpause, mini prank on Anderz, Mushroom biome found by zisteu
  • PSJ's mule being held hostage
  • One minute interview with Docm77
29 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 5"
  • Etho dying while collecting quartz in the Nether
  • Jsano designing his Nether tunnel to go through Anderz
  • New developments in the Death Games
  • Advertisement for Doc Shop
  • Pause trolling people while invisible
  • Team Canada's Wither fight
  • NewMindcracker joining the server
  • PSJ's reply to Generik's donkey ransom
  • The B-Team claiming the land in spawn town
  • BdoubleO's build on Anderz sky island
  • Zedcamera thinking about joining the Death games
  • Baj building a meteor above the town hall
  • One minute interview with AnderZEL
5 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 6"
  • Zisteau finishing mapping the continent
  • Etho getting stuck in Beef's fountain
  • One minute interview with AnderZEL
  • Ferris Mueller's release
  • BdoubleO's catacombs underneath the town hall
  • Death Games
  • Etho anviling Pause
  • Halloween Store
  • Dinnerbone pranking BdoubleO's building by upside down
  • Fighting the Whither in Pyro's base
  • Revealing that NewMindcracker is SethBling
  • One Minute interview with SethBling
14 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 7"
  • Fungus at Spawn
  • Anderz prank on paulsoares
  • Death Games
  • A squid tank for Pause at Spawn
  • Multiple lapis exchanges
  • Tension and pranks between members of the B-Team
  • Lil Buddy the baby zombie attacking Etho
  • Zisteau joining the Death Games
  • One Minute interview with Avidya
26 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 8 + 9"
  • Talking about the MindCrack Marathon
  • Death Games recap
  • generik fighting an invisible spider
  • Beatrice the cow dying
  • Millbee's internet returning
  • BdoubleO building Dinnerbone a house
  • generik blowing up his mansion for charity
  • Etho's anvil kill
  • Notch helping Doc finish his perimeter
  • Doc killing Notch
  • Live Orange Wool with multiple Millbees
  • Pyro and Doc fighting
  • The Boston meetup and MineCon
10 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap - Episode 10 + 11"
  • The E Prankster reveal
  • The MineCon Adventure Map
  • Baj's sword shop
  • Doc dying of fall damage
  • VintageBeef revealing his face
  • Seth collecting achievements
  • BdoubleO and Doc playing 1 v 1 basketball in Florida
  • Pause and Etho's battle in the Mesa biome
  • The tunnel to new lands
  • The MindCrack panel at MineCon 2013
  • The Death Games being fixed
  • Interviewing C418 about the new Beta album, making music and the one minute questions

Series Revamp[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Apr 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, April 11th-18th"
  • New host OMGchad
  • PAX East and the Mindcrack panel
  • Guude & Pause build Pause's Mindcrack UHC Monument statue
  • Pyro pranks Pause's UHC Monument statue while he is gone at PAX East
  • Etho dies due to a Ghast fireball and then by suffocating in a wall after his minecart derailed
  • Doc makes progress on his and Etho's nether gold farm
  • Beef rides his horse through the Nether
  • Arkas starts Skyrim based build
  • Avidya finds several dogs buried alive in the Nether Hub
  • Zisteau continues working on the 1.7 nether hub expansion
  • Orange Wool episode 5
  • Etho pranks Team DnA FTB base with a penguin spy and fake chunk error
  • Anders blows up a part of Etho's FTB castle
  • Pause and Beef partner with Disney XD for an upcoming show
  • SethBling's PlayMindcrack Town features BlingBall
  • The Overviewer map is updated
  • Baj uploads his 1000th video
  • PaulSoaresJr hits 900k subscribers
  • Pakratt celebrated his birthday on 10 April
25 Apr 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, April 18th-25th"
  • Guude builds Mhykol, Baj and Shree UHC Monument Statues
  • Pyro rescues his dogs from the Nether after being pranked by Avidya (dog statue in front of Pyro's library)
  • Etho builds a new house in Ethopia
  • Kurt started building a replica of Fermilabs
  • Zisteau works in some lava walls for the Nether Hub extension
  • Pakratt hunts and slays Mhykol during a stream as part of the Death Games
  • CrackPack is announced
  • Docm suffers another chunk error in his CrackPack base and rides a glitching car
  • Etho asks his penguins (Sethwing and Jarool) for advice
  • UHC S15 Finale
  • Pyro and Rob start a new series in PlayMindcrack's new "One Life" gamemode
  • Zisteau starts developing his "Calamity Town" in his PlayMindcrack Town
  • PSJ is mentioned in a Yahoo! article
  • Pause release a late PAX vlog
  • Docm confirms going to E3
  • JSano hits 50k subscribers
  • Mhykol celebrates his birthday on 19 April
  • Beef hits 900k subscribers
  • Pause celebrates his birthday on 24 April
2 May 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, April 25th-May 1st"
  • MCGamer's UHC statue is built
  • The bakery burns down
  • Return of Pause and BdoubleO to the server
  • Zisteau uses TNT, and updates the spawn map
  • Kurt's "AHHHH" intro, receiving enchanted tools, revealing his project
  • Vechs finds a location for his bow shop, Beef has trouble with villagers, Etho's "carrot donut"
  • BTC's first CrackPack episode, Doc and Etho drive cars around, Etho and Nebris fight some withers using guns, Nebris grows wings
  • The underhang on Zisteau's Calamity Town, new Life in the Woods co-op series, Doc hits 500,000 subscribers and uploads Q&A video
  • Celebrating "Apple Rise" on 27 April
9 May 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, May 2nd-8th"
  • BTC attempts to prank Guude, BdoubleO and Zisteau grow glass trees, the almighty arrow, Beef and Pause go ABBA caving
  • MC investigates the burning down of the bakery, interrogates Pyro and Doc
  • New episode of Orange Wool, experiencing glitches, new episode of Pause's Triple Eh Mondays
  • Avidya has a frustrating day, Doc builds a flying machine, and Schmetterling dies
  • Arkas builds a plane on CrackPack, Etho and Nebris have a race, Etho fights 11 withers for a nether star block
  • Jarool's underhang, Kurt interviewed by BBC Radio, MindCrack overview map updated
  • JSano and Arkas play an adventure map, Zisteau plays Captive Minecraft, Kurt plays original COD
  • Two podcasts this week - episode 70 with brianmcn, episode 71 with OMGchad, and podcasts now available on iTunes
  • Mhykol creates a Patreon page, Pakratt hits 60,000 subscribers
16 May 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, May 9th-15th"
  • MC interrogates JSano and Avidya, Aureylian joins the server!
  • Beef and Etho discover Jarool penguin prank by Pyro and Avidya
  • Beef, Etho and Mhykol do PVP at spawn, Arkas shows his piston elevator, Baj talks about his experiences in court, and announces his Patreon video
  • BTC's minigame is complete, JSano finishes his helicopter and talks about Nurse Week
  • Nebris fights seven withers, and makes a friend Carl, Etho tries to make a self building tower
  • Etho kills the UrGhast in a plane, BTC dies 20 times in his livestream
  • The blacksmith moves into Zisteau's Calamity Town, he builds a airship for him
  • Baj celebrates his birthday on 9 May, Etho hits 1.5 million subscribers, Pyro graduates from university
  • Guude, Pause, Baj, Coe, Rob and Millbee plays The Hidden, JSano interviews Max Collins from Eve 6, Doc meets German rapper Kollegah
  • Generikb starts Timber and Stone, JSano and Guude play PayDay2 adventure map in Minecraft, Pause and Beef play GTAV multiplayer
  • Episode 72 of the podcast is uploaded featuring Phedran
23 May 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, May 16th-22nd"
  • Beginning of UHC 16
  • Avidya continues work on Dojo, survives a creeper blast, Vechs returns to the server
  • Pyro, Pause, MC and Millbee play Hide and Seek in spawn and build a firing range
  • Orange Wool build off, Beef works on his tower and finds 3 zombie villagers but kills them
  • Guude and Seth remove the Giant Cactus, Arkas', Millbee's and Etho's UHC statues are built
  • Pause and Avidya prank Guude, JSano does detail work on his helicopter, Zisteau continues construction
  • Doc, Anderz, Arkas, Nebris, BTC, Biffa and Etho have a showdown at Etho's Castle, CrackPack map reset - pvp orientated with 2 teams
  • Rob looking for map builders, changes to PMC lobby, update for Dwarves vs Zombies
  • Arkas hits 100,000 subscribers, Pyro's birthday on 21 May (stated as 20 May), Doc and Anderz invited to Ubisoft's Watch Dogs event
  • Paul resumes his Inferno Mines series, Guude and Pause play the new episode of Walking Dead game, Pyro with new Pokemon Zeta series
  • Guude, Avidya, Coe, Millbee and Pause play Space Engineers, BTC opens a Patreon page, MindCrack podcast episode 73 uploaded with Aureylian
  • JSano accidentally starts streaming during a recording
30 May 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, May 23rd-29th"
  • Zisteau builds more glass trees, ponds, and waterfalls
  • Pakratt's UHC statue is built, Vechs and Aurey tour the server, Aurey shows her floating rainbow build
  • Millbee voted as build-off winner, Orange Wool build printing press, Zisteau builds BlingerMart mimicking SethBling
  • Arkas pranks Guude, adlingtont pranks VintageBeef
  • Generikb sells his Mansion to Aurey, Etho builds a boat glider using slime blocks (in singleplayer world), Seth builds pixelart of Guude and builds "Pin the Phone on the Guude"
  • Guude become active on CrackPack and tours the server with Etho, dies while caving, and recreates Wilson the Turtle
  • Arkas, Biffa and Etho prank the opposite team with Mini-Me's, Arkas shows his hangar, Guude battles Beef and builds a tree harvester
  • New DvZ maps, new server command /report, Zisteau's underhang replaced by upperhang
  • MindCrack Network channel hits 200K subscribers, UHC16 episode 2-5, JSano's prank UHC episode
  • Zisteau plays "SkyGrid", paulsoares and his son play "Captive Minecraft", JSano plays Firefighters 2014, Doc plays Watch Dogs
6 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, May 30th-June 5th"
  • Adlington finishes Clue, Bdubs' inventory empty and works on Etho's Arena
  • Bdubs builds huge class tree for Zisteau, Beef also loses items, JSano works on his casino
  • Zisteau's and Nebris' UHC statue is built, Aurey tours server with BTC, Aurey and Vechs prank each other
  • UHC16 finale, CrackPack updated, Etho attacks Anderz and introduces SethBot, Pyro plays with turtles and has near death experience
  • Biffa clarifies CrackPack rules regarding jetpacks, BTC and Arkas prank their own team, Guude and Doc make a tree farm
  • PlayMindcrack update - Camelot, DvZ update, new lobby, arcade and Pajama Jam time
  • Rob, Coe, Pause, Blue and Baj play DvZ, Guude and Rob play Camelot
  • PSJ celebrates his birthday on 1 June, MindCrack subreddit new moderators, thejims does a livestream
  • Coe, Pause, Guude, MC, Pyro and Millbee start Mario Kart 8, Bdubs starts Tropico 5, Anderz returns with DayZ, Generikb returns to Goat Simulator 2014 and Bdubs returns with Cube World
  • Beef and Generik play The Forest, Pause plays Among the Sleep, Zisteau creates regular streaming schedule
  • Podcast episode 74 released with Squire Pyro
13 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, June 6th-12th"
  • adlington, MC, and Baj play Cluedo, adlingtont creates AdPence
  • JSano works on Hospital roof, Arkas builds a road, Bdubs talks about Mojang's new EULA
  • Aurey shows Bdubs the baby nursery, Aurey learns survival skills with Baj_Grylls
  • Pyro and Arkas go ABBA caving, Zisteau "finishes" Guude's wool farm, Kurt's UHC statue is built
  • thejims joins the CrackPack server on the Better team, BTC fights 3 withers, Arkas makes a missile launcher
  • Pyro works with Thaumcraft, and accidentally makes a black hole
  • Beef has a bad day, Doc gets a witch pet
  • Falnor the Blacksmith is dead but Cookie is here!
  • Kurt celebrates his birthday on 12 June, and a subreddit event is held
  • Kurt is mentioned on redbull.com, PSJ's PaulieOnTap channel hits 75K subscribers
  • rubysown's RubyBot is launched, Doc was in America for E3 with monkeyfarm, Pyro, Baj, Doc and Millbee have confirmed they will be at Insomnia52
  • Adlington, Generikb and Millbee play Captive Minecraft 2, Guude plays Wolfenstein, Kurt plays Lifeless Planet
  • Team Adorabolical is formed, JSano announces his new podcast, BTC deleted over 1000 of his videos
20 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, June 13th-19th"
  • Chad's new haircut
  • Pyro builds a temple for Lord Baj and also Jarool, MC and Millbee search for quartz, Bdubs works on Etho's Arena
  • Beef plays BTC's chicken game, Aurey's UHC statue is built, JSano talks about his college radio station
  • Wes raids the enemy base, BTC works on the armory, Doc plays with magic and kills a bloodmagic demon
  • Pyro also working on magic against Doc, Lord Baj has a bad time on the CrackPack server
  • SethBot is taken hostage, Etho finds a hungry node, Doc and Etho fight some withers, Anderz pranks Etho, but Etho gets revenge
  • Blacksmith Cookie wants revenge - "Cookie's Revenge" is created, Arkas plays Cookie's Revenge
  • The PMC now features various UHC statue, DvZ got an update, Rob talks about Camelot
  • The Mindcrack Podcast turns 2 years old, BTC has a meetup in TX, and releases his map Hockey Havoc
  • Aurey talks about constructive comments, Pakratt talks about why he can't stream anymore, podcast episode 76 released with guest Millbee
  • MC and GreatScottLP play Captive Minecraft 2, Kurt plays SpinTires and CoD United Offensive, Beef plays Destiny
  • Team Dank formed, Pause and Rob do a drunk livestream
4 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, June 27th-July 3rd"
  • No recap or podcast the week before while he was at PlayOnCon
  • Aurey works on the Mansion, JSano is now an online teacher, Beef makes Frankie Flowers, Zisteau makes a music montage
  • Bdubs has joined the CrackPack server, Pyro loses all of his items due to a bug, Doc, Etho and BTC fight a Hydra a transports it to the overworld
  • Biffa is back on the CrackPack server, Etho starts a smelting room, thejims continues creating content
  • Both CrackPack teams do cleanup, UHC17 starts with guests sevadus, Coestar, and CaptainSparklez
  • Pause hits 600K subscribers, Bdubs hits 900K subscribers, Bdubs, GennyB and Kurt feature in a Swedish magazine
  • SethBling releases Suck It Up, Aureylian chats about the internet with her dad, Orange Wool plays Speed Runners
  • BTC and Vechs play Space Engineers, Mhykol talks about he hasn't been making videos lately, Rob uploaded his vine compilation of PlayOnCon
  • Episode 77 of the podcast uploaded featuring guest Docm
11 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, July 4th-10th"
  • Season 5 of the server is announced, will begin 19 July
  • Sevadus joins the MindCrack community, hype about another possible new MindCracker
  • Zisteau has decided to make a single player series for his big builds
  • Guude, Arkas, Pause, Avidya, BTC, Etho and sevadus tours the server, PaulSoaresJr makes a new MindCrack video after a 4 month break
  • adlingtont, Pyro, Anderz, BTC, PSJ, and JSano's UHC statue are built
  • Etho finishes his Arena
  • Beef organises his Steampunk village
  • OMGchad joins the CrackPack server on the Best Team, Guude returns to the CrackPack server
  • Etho, sevadus, Anderz and Arkas have a plane dogfight on the CrackPack server
  • Etho works on his underground deathmatch arena, BdoubleO upgrades his power armor, Docm makes his Bee-Lab and makes a automatic rainstopper, Coestar, sevadus, Etho and OMGChad test out the underground arena
  • UHC episodes 2-5 are uploaded this week (including Millbee's missing videos)
  • SethBling hit a world record as fastest time in Beautiful Katamari, Docm and Aureylian celebrated their birthdays
  • Baj and BlueBayou went to England, BTC went to RTX, Aurey chats with her mom
  • Beef brought back Chivalry with Jason27
  • Zisteau starts Captive Minecraft II, Generikb starts playing Tropico 5, Pyro, Kurt, Coestar, Guude and Beef play Super Toy Racers
  • Arkas, Guude, JustVan, Coestar, Rob, Pause and OMGChad started Season 2 of Revenge of Cookie
  • Guude starts Cube World again, Baj and Blue start playing Rick and Mortys Rushed License Adventure
  • Episode 78 of the podcast is released with special guest Arkas
18 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, July 11th-17th"
  • MindCrack server tour, Coestar joins the server!
  • Zisteau give the UHC statues a sword, Kurt builds Lucky Potato Food Van, Etho tours his builds
  • Sevadus' and Docm77's UHC statue is built, Aurey and Sev do Etho's dirty work
  • BTC builds a wither farm, Etho practices flying, Chad and Guude place landmines around the server
  • Arkas works on his hangar, Pyro fights the final boss
  • themrsjims records a video with thejims, adlingtont joins the CrackPack server, the Ender Dragon is defeated
  • UHC 17 is over - Nebris takes the victory, using a Notch apple and an ender pearl during the season
  • Minor PlayMindcrack updates, Pajamajam Times is released in beta, Bdubs baby is born!
  • Zeldathon raised $100,552 for St Jude, Pyro plays Magicite, Generikb plays Spore, Pause and Guude play Sniper Elite III, Arkas plays Windforge
  • 24 hour livestream for charity hinted at, Vechs updates his skin, Guude joins The Shaft, episode 79 of the podcast released with guest BlueBayou
25 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, July 18th-24th"
  • BTC tours his builds, Guude talks about MindCrack
  • The server is reset, Etho, Seth and Nebris cure zombie villagers, Sev talks about selecting the map seed
  • Pyro starts his base, Anderz derps around on the server, Pak survives the night, PSJ become the dungeon master
  • Aurey and Vechs herd cows, Vechs builds the roads
  • JSano talks about bed bugs, Genny talks about living in Bulgaria, Arkas finds Snuggles
  • Battle fishing competition, Seth makes a mob farm, Nebris talks about UHC17, Orange Wool returns
  • Avidya and Coe starts their series together, Vechs' Jersey Shore parody, Seth begins building BlingTower
  • Arkas and Doc prank Anderz, Anderz pranks Zisteau, Coe and Avidya continue dying
  • Mhykol returns to the server, Anderz and Generikb go "bedrock drag racing", Guude talks about his cat
  • Generikb is struck by lightning, Etho steals crafting tables, JSano does some caving
  • Seth, Nebris, Sev and BTC do experiments with the world border
  • On CrackPack, Arkas and Pyro fly planes, Chad looks for his items, Baj continues his arena, Biffa finishes his mob farm
  • Lords of Minecraft world open on PlayMindcrack - Lords Rob, Arkas, Beef, Guude, HCJustin, DeadBones, Roamin, nisovin, Coe, and Squire Pyro start their series
  • Adlington hits 50,000 subscribers, Aurey hits 200,000 subscribers, Pyro graduates, Sev celebrates his birthday on 22 July
  • Beef plays Destiny (Beta), Beef interviewed, @MindCrackStats Twitter account made by Sev, Baj and JSano plays Captive Minecraft
  • Bdubs posts a video of his baby, episode 80 of the podcast released with guest mcgamer
  • Chad organises recap links in a Google document
1 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, July 25th-31st"
  • Mhykol claims his pond, Avidya and Coe tour the server, BTC works on chicken cooker, Doc sets us villager breeder
  • Seth is buddon'd, Beef builds a bridge, Genny builds a rabbit sanctuary, PSJ builds a record store, Guude finishes his smeltery, Vechs and Aurey make their Dyed and Died shop, Orange Wool trolls Anderz
  • Zedcamera joins the server and Zisteau pranks Anderz, Nebris begins the Death Games, Vechs starts his keep, Seth loses all of his stuff during a stream
  • Genny works on his slime farm, Beef decorates his house, Vechs pranks Seth, Bdubs uses new coarse dirt, Guude talks about The Shaft podcast
  • Anderz keeps digging Lake ZEL, Seth builds a place to get charged creepers and makes a spider farm, Genny builds his slime tree, Etho collects more crafting tables and shows off the new Death Games building
  • Zisteau builds a house out of fence, Adlingtont plans MindCrack's rail system, Pyro makes a banner store, Guude talks about MindCrack as a business
  • Etho collects End and Nether shards, Doc gets new owl companions, thejims gets his items back
  • Bdubs uploaded his 2000th video, PSJ's 4th anniversary of his first video, Baj hits 150,000 subscribers
  • Pyro plays Civ 5, Pause starts his Wii Fit U 30 day challenge, Coe joins Pause and Pyro in their Plants vs Zombies series, Unturned series started, Kurt created a Patreon page, MC does a video with his mom, Guude on The Shaft, episode 81 of the Mindcrack Podcast released
8 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Weekly Recap, August 1st-7th"
  • Doc builds a villager processor, Bdubs works on his roof, Pyro makes a highway using banners, Baj, Doc and Anderz break a hole in the nether roof
  • Seth explores the Nether, Vechs shows his storage system, Vechs and Aurey prank Guude, JSano talks about living in apartments, Zisteau works on the town square, Etho is pranked by Arkas, then pranks his in return
  • Etho continues work on his treehouse, Vechs shows the most fantastic creeper ever, Anderz starts work on Lake ZEL, Vechs and Aurey learn banners, PSJ gets a donkey, Generikb makes a flying fish
  • Bdubs makes the window in his treehouse, Nebris tours the server, JSano makes a deck at BlingTower, Vechs builds an organic tunnel,, Doc and Generik make a ghast farm, Seth, BTC and Nebris shows the charged creeper farm, Nebris celebrated 200,000 subscribers
  • Genny does bedrock drag-racing with Etho and Baj, BTC makes a cactus farm, PSJ searches for charged creepers, Anderz pranks Etho, Beef goes caving, Adlington does Q&A caving, Avidya finds his home damaged by lightning, thejims joins the server to celebrated 30,000 subscribers, Zisteau starts Untorch Thursdays
  • On CrackPack, Pyro goes to the bedrock dimension, thejims makes an ender quarry, MC celebrated his 21st birthday
  • Rob and Guude start Guude Willies, Bdubs and Generikb play GTA in Minecraft, Aurey plays on ForgeCraft's server reset, Arkas plays Space Engineers, podcast episode 82 released, Beef shows us his beard



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