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The 2013 MineCon Adventure Map is a Minecraft adventure map created by BlameTC's map building team, The Broken Buttons, featuring voice acting by the Mindcrack members that was released on 2 November 2013, the first day of MineCon 2013. The map utilizes features added in Minecraft 1.7, particularly the ability add custom sounds with resource packs.

The adventure map places the player as the special guest of the Mindcrackers on their way to MineCon. After the airship crashes you're asked to help them rebuild in order to make it to MineCon on time.

Mindcrack NPCs[edit]

  • Although Doc and Nebris were represented, their characters were not voiced, communicating with the player through chat.


Perspectives Notable events
2 Nov 2013
  • This play through used the first version of the game
  • Includes some investigation of the redstone trying to fix the game


Warning.png Warning: This section may contain spoilers!

After starting the map you find yourself in a house. Leave the house and go meet Guude at the base of the airship, where he tells you to climb on board for a server tour on the way to MineCon. Poking around in chests you'll find a radio. Guude begins to explain the plans for the server tour, but shortly after Dinnerbone briefly joins the game, the airship runs into trouble and you are forced to evacuate.

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