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Missile Wars logo by ColoArtz[1]

Missile Wars is a Minecraft minigame created by Cubehamster and SethBling. Players are split into two teams with the goal of destroying the opposing team's portal using various types of missiles. The missiles are self-propelled redstone contraptions consisting of slime blocks, redstone blocks, pistons, and TNT. The map was released for download on Planet Minecraft on 18 October 2014, which was accompanied by an announcement trailer uploaded to Seth's YouTube channel.

Missile Wars was available to play on CubeKrowd (the official fanserver of Cubehamster and JL2579's ZipKrowd group) on the day of its release,[2] and was added to the collection of minigames included in Minecraft's official Realms service two days later.[3] Games were available to play on PlayMindcrack before the end of the month.[4] Players could otherwise download the map and host their own games.


Players receive a randomly selected item every eleven seconds. Each time an item is selected, that specific item is given to all players. Players can only have one of each item at a time. All players start with GunBlade, a bow enchanted with flame (used for igniting TNT) and sharpness (to be used as a melee weapon if necessary).[5] The items listed are as of release version.[outdated]


Missiles are the primary method of destroying the opponent's portal. There are five unique missiles, all of which were designed by Cubehamster.[6] They are launched by using spawn mob eggs. The missiles and their primary attributes are listed below, with the type of spawn egg in brackets.[7]

  • Lightning, fastest missile (ocelot - yellow/brown)
  • Juggernaut, highest amount of TNT (ghast - white/grey)
  • Tomahawk, all purpose missile (creeper - green/black)
  • ShieldBuster, can move through shields (witch - brown/green)
  • Guardian, TNT blocks are difficult to diffuse (guardian - cyan/orange)

Defensive items[edit]

Vertical barriers can be spawned by throwing snowballs; the barrier will form one second after the snowball is thrown. An explosive fireball, summoned by using a blaze spawn egg (orange/brown), can be aimed and punched through the air. A set of 3 arrows can be fired from the bow to diffuse missiles.[5]

Missile Wars 2[edit]

On 1 November 2015, Cubehamster shared his intention to start working on Missile Wars 2, given that a glitch related to falling through moving blocks had been fixed in snapshot version 15w38a.[8] He has supplied a list of all the upcoming missiles and their attributes.[9]

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