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The Minecraft avatar of MonkeyDK
Country Denmark
Gender M
Other names Monkey, Danny

MonkeyDK, also known by his personal name Danny, is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He has been on the server since the beginning, October 2011, regularly providing Guude the required funds for the Fan Server.[1][2] He had initially donated $1,200 to Guude to start the server for a year.[3] Monkey has been described as "very modest" by Miheyu and had been noted for declining the opportunity to have a custom flair on r/mindcrack.[4]

Let's Play[edit]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Monkey has a plot in the Boulder Springs neighborhood of Blockhaven.

Video Date
Notable events Featuring
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny" 5 Nov 2011
  • Shows spawn village, darkphan's, X_Wing_Ian's, and his own place
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny Rambling" 8 Nov 2011
  • Shows darkphan's enchantment area
  • Updates on his base
  • Constructs his dock
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny Cave Exploring" 13 Nov 2011
  • Caving
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny Cave Exploring Part 2" 15 Nov 2011
  • Continuation of last episode
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny Cave Exploring Part 3" 19 Nov 2011
  • Continuation of last episode
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny ThunderDome" 1 Dec 2011
  • Digging sand for TNT
  • Farming XP at darkphan's/Sicatriz's blaze farm
  • Shows builds from: Dannychopsnz, KataraKrueger, Morgwen, thejims, RC and Six, Alphonia, Grimm3r, Aremok, DualVenge, Sicatriz, Nebris
  • Clearing out his dome with TNT
"Guude's birthday party on the MindCrack Fan Server" 25 Jan 2012
  • Guude's birthday party, though no conversation audio
See Guude's birthday party
"MindCrack Fan Server With Danny Being Signed (Pranked)" 8 Feb 2012
  • A prank from Alphonia and Panda

Minecraft skin[edit]

MonkeyDK's Minecraft skin

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