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This is a list of Morgwen's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Morgwen on the MindCrack Fan Server.

Pre 1.5 World[edit]

Mindcrack Fan Server (Minecraft) - playlist
Notable events Featuring
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep1 - 1UP House" 31 Oct 2011
  • Touring her house on the MindCrack Fan Server
  • Showing the redstone behind her door that Darkphan helped her with
  • Discussing problems with water
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep2 - Experimentation in the Bedroom" 2 Nov 2011
  • Redesigning her bedroom
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep3 - The Barn" 3 Nov 2011
  • Adding hedges around the house and looking for red flowers
  • Working on the roof of the barn
  • Fighting an enderman
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep4 - Taking Over The Nether" 4 Nov 2011
  • Finishing the barn room
  • Working on cobblestone paths in the Nether
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep5 - Lava Death Sad" 5 Nov 2011
  • Fighting Ghasts, Blazes, and exploring a Nether stronghold
  • Making potions
  • Caving and dying from starvation
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep6 - Morgwen's Secret" 6 Nov 2011
  • Caving
  • Decoding enchantments
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep36 - A Whole New World" 6 Mar 2012
  • Map restart
  • Caving
  • Tours around town
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep37 - Mistress Sixelona" 7 Mar 2012
  • Travels with Six, violation officer
Alphonia, armagedon41, darkphan, HiBoy, Jason27, negimalolol, RainbowCrisp, skyzm, sixelona, X_Wing_Ian
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep 38 - Push Arounder Thingy" 9 Mar 2012
  • Enjoys Alphonia's disappearing chests
  • Builds her plot - basement, mushroom wall
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep39 - Retro Basement" 10 Mar 2012
  • Herds Sheep to her plot
  • Builds a retro-colored basement
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep40 - Cheerful Place" 12 Mar 2012
  • Progress on her house - spiral staircase, plot walls
  • Builds the upper floors
  • Monkey's violations
  • Talk on removal of impatient person from server
Alphonia, MonkeyDK
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep41 - NOW OPEN The Nether" 14 Mar 2012
  • Finds ghost mobs
  • Attempts to get music discs
  • Visits Darkphan's skeleton farm
  • Brings a Creeper friend to Darkphan
  • Opening of the Nether
  • Visits Dire's stronghold
Alphonia, badreams, dannychopsnz, darkphan, HiBoy, Jfrancisanimator, RainbowCrisp, sixelona, Versh
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep42 - King of the Ladder" 16 Mar 2012
  • Builds and plays the King of the Ladder
badreams, darkphan, Jason27, PimpingPanda, RainbowCrisp, ZaneyGamer
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep43 - Finishing Touch" 21 Mar 2012
  • Progress on her plot - basement, upper floors
  • Builds the exterior of the house
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep44 - Town Beautification" 30 Mar 2012
  • Shows the duck pond and community storage
  • Darkphanny
Aremok, darkphan, ecarter32, MonkeyDK, Peilla, RainbowCrisp, sixelona
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep45 - Totally Matches" 4 Apr 2012
  • Violations from Sixelona
darkphan, PimpingPanda, RainbowCrsip, sixelona
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep45 - Totally Matches" 4 Apr 2012
  • Plans to build a spaceship crash site
  • Jason's diamond gift
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep46 - Alien Portals" 12 Apr 2012
  • Attempts to relocate her portal, portaled into a cave
  • Gives up on mothership in the sky
  • Scouts around for location of crashed spaceship
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep47 - Equality for Everyone" 25 Apr 2012
  • Tree farm under her plot
  • Starts building her spaceship
  • Enchants at Darkphan's Zombie farm
  • Grinds at the Blaze farm
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep48 - Zoom" 28 Apr 2012
  • Exploration, attempts to find a Mushroom biome
  • Stumbles upon Panda's and MonkeyDK's bases
  • Progress on base
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep49 - The End" 2 May 2012
  • Slaying of the Ender Dragon
  • Caving at her base
Alphonia, darkphan, devonsama, InfctedMushr00m, Jason27, LucasC666, mishterbobo, MonkeyDK, OmegaRainbow, RainbowCrisp, ShreeyamGFX, sixelona, Versh
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep50 - Some Caving" 3 May 2012
  • Caving
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep51 - Moo" 9 May 2012
  • Finds a Mushroom biome
  • Built a rail line in the Nether to the biome
  • Built a small house at her base, shows her animal farm
  • Harvests a pillar of clay blocks
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep52 - Spidies" 23 May 2012
  • At RC's/Six's village
  • Ender pearl addiction
  • Caving
darkphan, Jason27, RainbowCrisp, sixelona
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep53 - Sharing is Caring" 29 May 2012
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Divides loot
darkphan, Jason27, RainbowCrisp, sixelona
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep54 - Canoes and Voidhawks" 30 May 2012
  • Chicken farm
  • Talk on canoe trip
  • Progress on spaceship
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep55 - Thank You Sixelona" 5 Jun 2012
  • Progress on spaceship
  • Gift from Jason
  • Drawing from Sixelona
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep56 - Life is Not a Fairy Tale" 13 Jun 2012
  • Works on the land around her spaceship
  • Talk on personal and family stuff
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep57 - No Contest" 21 Jun 2012
  • Progress on her spaceship
  • Travels to town, checks town storage and her plot for dirt and gravel
  • Shows Mooshrooms brought by Monkey, new plots, arena
  • Brings Sandstone for the arena
  • Talk on monetization, does not want to use her free invite
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep58 - Future Base" 25 Jun 2012
  • Plans for future build site down Purple tunnel, near Bree/Luna's place
  • Creates portals, explores
  • Talk on gaming with friends
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep59 - I Don't Get Reddit" 30 Jun 2012
  • Travels through the Nether tunnels back to her spaceship
  • Progress on her spaceship
  • Talk on monetization problems
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep60 - Dicks in the Face" 5 Jul 2012
  • Exterior of spaceship finished
  • Shows interior of spaceship
  • Talk on Fourth of July fireworks
  • Travels in the Nether for Glowstone
"Mindcrack Fan Server Ep61 - Men in Heels" 13 Jul 2012
  • Decorates her Nether tunnel
  • Talk on wedding
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep62 Scruffies" 20 Jul 2012
  • Town named, more new members
  • Further explores future base
  • Tamed a pack of wolves
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep63 Lost" 26 Jul 2012
  • Explores future base
  • Talk on camping
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep64 Spaceship Texture Packs" 1 Aug 2012
  • Tests out a texture pack
  • Progress on interior of spaceship
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep65 College Advice" 8 Aug 2012
  • Progress on interior of spaceship
  • Talk on college
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep66 Enchanting Spaceship Complete" 15 Aug 2012
  • Died to portal glitch
  • Bloodsport from KingNewbs
  • Enchants at the End
  • Game timer sped up
  • Progress on interior of spaceship
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep67 Jungle Exploration" 20 Aug 2012
  • Exploration
  • Talk on UHC
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep68 So Many Cows" 22 Aug 2012
  • Settles in a jungle
  • Portal of something
  • Stumbles across Monkey's base
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep69 Nether Tunnel" 24 Aug 2012
  • Works on her tunnel to her new base
"Mindcrack Fan Server - Ep70 That Guude Guy" 25 Aug 2012
  • A tour with Guude
darkphan, ecarter32, Guude, Mianthadore, oddmast, RainbowCrisp

Post 1.5 World[edit]

Video Date
Notable events Featuring
"Mindcrack Fan Server - S2E1 Fresh Starts All Around" 17 Mar 2013
  • Showing the farms underground her plot
  • Giving a tour of the the different themed towns
"Mindcrack Fan Server - S2E2 Nether Bits" 24 Mar 2013
  • Discussing the Nether connections
  • Showing her sheep farm design and discussing plans for an apothecary