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The main chamber of Nebris' underground fortress as of 28 May 2012.

Nebris’ base served as the center of his operations on the MindCrack Season 3 server. It consisted of a massive underground base built around a central hub and a large aboveground tower known as the Citadel. The region in which he built was encircled by numerous lakes and was in the midst of a slightly hilly plains biome.[1] The floor of the central hub in the underground fortress was studded with twenty stacks of easy-access glowstone that Nebris found within the vicinity of other players’ Nether portals. This has contributed greatly to his reputation as the server thief and villain.[2]

The central hub served as the primary entryway from the aboveground and was the largest of the chambers in the base. Secondary hubs branching off from the main chamber were devoted to storage, Nebris’s contribution to the Nether rail system, and various farms and livestock, among others. One of the chambers was devoted to redstone experimentation and had a central core structure inspired by the core of the Death Star.[2] This chamber was eventually converted into an arena with sandstone flooring.[3] At the time of a tour given to Guude on Valentine’s Day in 2012, a number of remaining chambers had been excavated but were incomplete or unused at the time.[2] Since then, an underground village and donation shrines were added to the base.[3]

Construction and history[edit]

Nebris announced his intent to create his underground base on the first episode that he released on the post-1.8 MindCrack server, which he released on October 30, 2011 long after finishing the construction of his house at the Spawn village. He embarked with a full inventory of resources that included a variety of flora and eight blocks of diamond. [1] Upon reaching the location he selected for his base, Nebris spent seven episodes spanning nine days exploring various cave systems and mineshafts that would comprise the location in which his base would be located. In an episode released on November 8, 2011, Nebris showed the earliest results of his efforts in digging his base. He also revealed his intent to create four hubs in each of the cardinal directions with designated purposes.[4] During the course of this digging, Nebris also happened upon a zombie dungeon that he converted into an experience farm. [4] He herded farm animals into his base on an episode he released on November 28, 2011.[5]

When the Void was given water-like fog properties, Visibility in the central hub of Nebris’ base became cumbersome and difficult.[2]


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