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The Nether rail system is a transport rail system using Minecarts and Rails in the Nether in the MindCrack server.


Decorated tunnels[edit]

Many of the rail tunnels are simple Netherrack tunnels, but some are decorated.

The central hub[edit]

The rail lines connects to the central hub, which is located at the ceiling of the Nether and has a portal that leads to the spawn village. The central hub in its current form was built by Nebris and thejims.[1] The hub allows players to travel throughout the world and connect with each other's Portals easily. The hub was expanded into the lower floor to accommodate more rail lines. The hub has a hole on the ceiling of the Nether to allow players who have been trapped above the ceiling to enter back into the world without the need of ops. This glitch occurs after logging out of the game within a block and logging back in, similar in function to the Logoutivator. Below the hub contains a Nether Wart farm and an Enchantment Exchange room. The Nether Wart farm has a staircase that leads to the Nether.

BdoubleO, Etho, and Generikb joined together to expand the Nether hub to include recent members, most recently paulsoaresjr. Rather than continue the expansion past the previous one, the new expansion was expanded on the opposite side of it. The new design was different from Nebris' circular design. The linear shape was meant to make it easier to build a rail without hitting existing ones and easier for future expansions. Spaces for shops were built into the new expansion.[2] Their attempt at the first expansion destroyed rail lines along the way, which was not well-received by the owners.[3] BdoubleO, Baj, and Etho redid the expansion to match Nebris' circular design instead. Shops were planned to be built on the upper level of the new expansion.[4]


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