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This is a list of OMGchad's Mindcrack videos, recorded sessions by OMGchad on the Mindcrack Server.

Season 5[edit]

Season 5 took place in a world that started on 18 July 2014, four months prior to when OMGchad joined Mindcrack.

Video Notable events Featuring
31 Oct 2014 "Mindcrack #0: spoooky_ghost revealed!"
  • Logging into the Mindcrack Server for the first time, with Guude and WesWilson in a call
  • Building the ghost at spawn, the headless horseman, the giant pumpkin at Zisteau's castle, moving the barn into the Nether, and messing with Pakratt
  • Logging in while members try to solve the mystery of the ghost, and announcing he has joined the server
AvidyaZEN, BlameTC, Coestar, ghost_Pause, Guude, mcgamer, Pakratt0013, W92Baj
2 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #1: I'M SORRY PAUSE!"
  • Logging into the server with his main account for the first time
  • Racing to collect 10 diamonds against Pause
3 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #2: A place to call home!"
  • Doing good deeds, building his starter home
4 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #3: Apartments at SethBling Towers"
  • Applying for an apartment in BlingTower
  • Building another floor of the building with Seth, talking about Missile Wars
5 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #4: Q&A Caving"
  • Answering questions while caving
  • Talks about Brian Brushwood, favorite movie franchises, favorite video games, and joining MindCrack
  • Notices the Minion statues have been getting skinnier
6 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #5: Duel of builds!"
  • Building competitions with Arkas
  • Boats at Lake ZEL, gardens at Guudeland, tents in the mesa
7 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #6: Barn Blabber with Aureylian"
  • Touring the barn prank he pulled on Aureylian
Aureylian, AvidyaZEN
8 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #7: Inspector casket."
  • Inspecting Mindcrack Rail Network's trespassing of Orange Wool's base
  • Purchasing ectoplasmic goo
mcgamer, Millbee
9 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #8: WORLD BORDER SPAWN WARS!" See Mindcrack Shrinking Border PVP
10 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #9: Let's Decorate!"
  • Decorating the tunnel leading to his house with Vechs
  • Anderz's pronunciation of "diorite"
11 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #10: Workshop Workload"
  • Viewing generikb's slime prank at spawn
  • Building his workshop
  • Talking about stress - stress during school, overcoming stress
12 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #11: Friendly Farmer Chad!!"
  • Showing his miniprank on BdoubleO
  • Adding armor stands and a window to his workshop
  • Talking about his life, removing Arkas' shower
13 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #12: Rabbit Season!"
  • Searching for rabbits with Nebris
  • Leading Yo-Yo back to his house
14 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #13: SECRETS!!!"
  • Showing his makeshift tree farm, naming Yo-Yo with a nametag
  • Visiting the E-Team hideout, making a hidden staircase using item frames
  • Talking about his headless horseman prank, removing the rider
15 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #14: Cleaning the cruft"
  • Showing his hidden staircase based on a design by MrMumbo
  • Landscaping, covering the ravine, filling in a creeper blast
  • Sharing a graphical glitch he encountered, talking about plans for the ravine
  • Enchanting diamond armor at Etho's spider spawner, walking underwater
16 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #15: Crazy Carnies"
  • Exploring new terrain, talking about his time on Scam School
  • Stumbling across VintageBeef, accidentally shooting one of his dogs
  • Talking about sword swallowing at the Magic Castle
17 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #16: GRAVY RAINBOW!"
  • Collecting wool
  • Building a gravy rainbow with Chad
18 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #17: Yo-Yo Runs Away!"
  • Upgrading his tools, showcasing house designs in a creative world
  • Rebuilding his workshop out of cracked stone brick
19 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #18: Wither fail"
  • Unsuccessfully farming wither skulls
  • Building his new storage room
20 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #19: Yo-yo Cage!"
  • Showing additions to his storage garage
  • Building an enclosure for Yo-yo, removing his original house
  • Making changes to the garage
21 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #20: Cleanup job!"
  • Fixing mistakes in his garage, expanding the roof
22 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack #21: Vechs Tunnel Finished!"
  • Designing the Westward tunnel from spawn with Vechs
  • Inspecting the safeness of the roads around spawn

Season 6[edit]

Season 6 takes place in a world that started on 22 October 2016.

Video Notable events Featuring
31 Oct 2016 "Mindcrack #164: Spooky Return"
  • Choosing a place to live
  • Reflecting on his previous two years on Mindcrack, sharing a story about rooming with Millbee at the 2016 Mindcrack Marathon
4 Nov 2016 "Mindcrack #165: Screwed Up the Whole Week"
  • Showing additions to his base made during a livestream, talking about why his week has been unproductive
  • Laying the platform for his house
7 Nov 2016 "Mindcrack #166: Expedition with Pyro & Baj"
  • Finding Baj's cartographer villager
  • Trading for an explorer map
Pyro_0, W92Baj