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Official artwork by sixelona

OOG is a series of Let's Play videos published by Guude and BdoubleO100 in which they work together to complete various Minecraft custom maps and video games through the co-operative and multiplayer features provided. The name OOG comes as an acronym for their Minecraft usernames, taking the implied "OO" from BdoubleO100 and the initial "G" from Guude.[1] The first OOG video was uploaded to YouTube on 25 July 2011, titled "OOG: Legendary Failures - Episode 1".[2] This and the following episodes documented their attempt to finish a custom Minecraft map called "Super Hostile 07 Legendary," created by the designer Vechs.

Super Hostile[edit]

The Super Hostile series of custom Minecraft maps focused on the premise that the player must collect 19 items hidden across the world, in order to complete a "Victory Monument" that is likewise hidden elsewhere. These items include all 16 of the wool blocks available in the game, as well as three solid blocks of specific ores. They are intended to be exceptionally difficult or challenging, with author Vechs stating that he wanted to, "take the normal Minecraft experience and really put pressure on the player."[3]

This form of custom gameplay is known in the Minecraft community as "Complete the Monument," or "CTM." Vechs invented the concept and was the first to implement it in the Super Hostile maps. According to the thread archive on Minecraft Forums, there exists no use of the tag [CTM] prior to the posting of his Super Hostile series under the category of 'Maps'.[4]


OOGE Spellbound Caves title

Seasons 5, 7, and 8 were played with MindCrack member Etho under the title OOGE, a name taken as an extension of the OOG acronym but including Etho's initial. Etho also recorded and published his own perspective of the adventure.[5]

Ultra Hardcore[edit]

In MindCrack Ultra Hardcore Season 7 Guude and BdoubleO worked together as OOG in order to try to be the last pair standing, with the restrictions of the Ultra Hardcore mod and a few other rules alongside it.[6]


Listed below are ten seasons of videos, from both OOG and OOGE.

Season Game Map name Total episodes Date of first episode Team
1 Minecraft Super Hostile 07 Legendary 67 25 July 2011 OOG
2 Minecraft Super Hostile 08 Nightmare Realm 32 10 October 2011 OOG
3 Portal 2 - 27 30 November 2011 OOG
4 Minecraft Super Hostile 01 Sea of Flame II 24 13 December 2011 OOG
5 Minecraft Super Hostile 10 Spellbound Cave 23 25 January 2012 OOGE
6 Saints Row: The Third - 50 29 February 2012 OOG
7 Minecraft Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns 21 13 May 2012 OOGE
8 Minecraft Vinyl Fantasy II 37 21 July 2012 OOGE
9 Minecraft Deathly Trails 54 22 July 2012 OOG
10 Saints Row IV - 21 21 August 2013 OOG


The team frequently "transport" themselves between Minecraft maps at the end of each series (Using editing). Each time, they end and start a new series with their transportation.

At the end of Legendary, the pair enter Nether Portal and begin Nightmare Realms by exiting it.

Nightmare Realms ends by the pair jumping into the Abyss, they fall from the sky onto the beach in Sea of Flame.

After completing the Sea of Flame monument, OOG place "Teleporters" (TNT) and stand atop them to blast themselves to the next map. Spellbound Caves opens with Etho placing redstone and TNT before lighting it. The pair pop into existence after the TNT detonates, and question who "this guy" is.

There is no connection between Spellbound caves and Kaizo Caverns, or any season after.

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