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adlingtont's obsidian farm is one of his first builds on the Season 4 MindCrack server. He released a sped-up episode documenting the process of him building the farm; the episode was released on July 8, 2013. The concept behind the farm is that using a portal in the Nether will generate another portal in the Overworld. Adlingtont's obsidian farm, therefore, is created in a way that two portals are linked at some distance in the Nether. Using one of the portals will generate a new one in a cobblestone-lined "portal-mining zone" in the Overworld; this zone is secluded and well-lit to allow for obsidian to be mined without mob interference. One can then mine this newly-duplicated portal and exit through the side of the portal-mining zone. The exit passageway leads to the entrance to the Overworld equivalent of the second portal. Entering this portal brings one back to the Nether where they can repeat the process.[1]


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