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This is a list of oddmast's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by oddmast on the MindCrack Fan Server. His playlist for the server is "Mindcrack Fan Server".

Season 1 (pre-1.5 world)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
13 Jun 2012 "Minecraft Bath Time Science"
  • First Fan Server video
  • Investigates a curious bug where a player drowns even when not fully submerged under water
  • At his plot, encourages audience to ask him to investigate other mysterious bugs or quirks
22 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server Prank Wars: #1 The Occupation of Odd"
  • Pranks DireDwarf by placing mini-oddmast's around his build
  • Creates a giant oddmast with full detail on top of his house, filled with water and gravel.
23 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server Prank Wars: #2 No Dire Straits here"
  • DireDwarf takes quick revenge by filling his house with glass blocks and panes
  • Odd experiments with timer's and timestamps as he tidy's up
  • Several difficulties as he attempts to use a high efficiency pick in a Sandstone plot.
6 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server Prank Wars: #3 Invasion of the Adipose"
  • Oddmast pranks Pantone2738U's TARDIS
  • Intended to make large scale Dr Who pixel art but decided to fill the TARDIS with adipose
  • Places snow blocks and levers to represent the Human Fat parts.
20 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Science: Logoutivators"
  • Oddmast attempts to create a 1.3 compatible Logoutivator
  • Held back by limited redstone knowledge - Results in failure
27 Oct 2012 "All your internets are belong to Guude."
  • Oddmast has his fanserver tour with Guude
  • Spends the first couple of minutes lagging out due to his poor internet connection.
  • Shows off the Speakeasy, his Spawn home and his WIP Pig Race Track
22 Nov 2012 "A* Gift Delivery with Momo [MCFS]"
  • Gives a Christmas gift to Haru with Momo
  • Builds a giant Nether Star on her plot
22 Nov 2012 "Wither Fight! [MCFS]"
  • A Wither fight with Momo

Season 2 (post-1.5 world)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
9 Apr 2013 "[MCFS] A Request for Feedback"
  • Map reset, on his plot
  • Requests feedback from viewers
27 Apr 2013 "[MCFS] Prank Wars #4: Something Something Millbees"
  • Pranks Starrlett by stuffing Sheep in a glass box above her plot
8 May 2013 "[MCFS] Prank Wars #5: To Kill a Mocking Tib"
  • Pranks TibTuner by filling his plot with beds
28 May 2013 "[MCFS] Rambling Goodbye"
  • Announces that he is leaving the server