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The Minecraft avatar of OmegaRainbow

OmegaRainbow from his first vlog
Country Italy
Gender M

OmegaRainbow is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. Omega joined the server on March 2012 after he was invited by breeplaysgames.[1] After the shutdown of the Fan Server, OmegaRainbow continues to produce Let's Plays as usual.

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Diablo III "Let's Play Diablo 3 - Coop with Zueljin" 24 May 2012 Featuring zueljin
Bunch of Heroes "Bunch of Heroes! Let's play it :D" 27 May 2012 Featuring Alphonia and Jason27
Magicka "Bunch of Wizards! Let's Play Magicka" 21 Jul 2012 Featuring Alphonia and thegardnerd (Spencer)
Torchlight II "Torchlight 2 Hardcore" 3 Oct 2012
Castle Crashers "Bunch of Knights! Let's Play Castle Crashers" 29 Oct 2012 Featuring Alphonia and zueljin
FTL: Faster Than Light "Let's Play FTL - Faster than Light!" 5 Dec 2012
Spate "Let's Play Spate" 7 Jul 2014
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
MindCrack Fan Server SMP server "Mindcrack Fanserver Adventures! [HD Minecraft SMP]" 2 Jun 2012
"Boulefield" "Minecraft - Boulefield Adventure Map [HD Adventure Map]" 6 Nov 2012 Featuring Alphonia

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, OmegaRainbow chose the smallest plot in Blockhaven. It was situated in the Shirtsville neighborhood of the city. The only other build he did on this map was a collaboration with Alphonia and zueljin to build a King of the Ladder next to Alphy's Gladiator Arena.[2]

Minecraft skin[edit]

OmegaRainbow's Minecraft skin

Previous skins[edit]

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