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The Minecraft avatar of Pacguin
Country United States
Gender M

Pacguin, also known by his personal name Michael Dudash, was a guest of the Mindcrack Server during the 2015 Mindcrack Marathon, having donated $2000 to Extra Life during the second Blindfolded LEGO Building segment.[1] Pacguin was accompanied by Arkas (on Guude's account), JSano19 (on OMGchad's account), Nebris, Pakratt0013, Pyro_0, and VintageBeef for a game of King of the Ladder.[2]

Pacguin's 2014 donation

Towards the end of the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon, generikb proposed that a standalone $3000 donation to Extra Life would see the donor given access to the Mindcrack server for 24 hours, along with any other top donors.[3] A $3000.05 donation from Michael Dudash was later highlighted by a user on /r/mindcrack.[4] It is unknown whether Pacguin relinquished the opportunity to join the server at this time.


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