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This is a list of Pakratt0013's Mindcrack builds, structures built by Pakratt0013 on the MindCrack servers.

Mindcrack Season 3[edit]

  • Town plot
  • Valley Trap
  • Guudeland

Mindcrack Season 6[edit]

  • Pakratt's Pondery Mansion: (location: 430, -1130)
  • Pakratt's Pondery Mansion Village: (location: 330, -1100)
  • Villager recycler: The villager recycler is a room built in a hill near the mansion village, it contains a zombie that kills librarians with undesireable trades so that they can be converted again and get new trades (location: 360, -1170).
  • Mob farm: Pakratt's mob farm is located in the sky above the swamp behind his mansion (location: 745, -1240).
  • Nether tunnel: The nether tunnel stretches from the Chunk City nether portal to Pakratt's portal.
  • Ice spikes house: A small house built on the edge of an ice spikes biome discovered by Pakratt (location: 1030, -9870).
  • Turtle farm: A turtle farm built by Pakratt in order to farm scute from baby turtles growing up (location: -130, 5220).