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The Hobbit Hole[edit]

The Hobbit Hole is Paul's base on the MindCrack server, near/in the spawn village built into the side of a hill. It contains a fireplace, a smelting area, and a small storage area. Also a hobbit themed dinner table. This area serves as Pauls' main base of operations.

The Hobbit Hole

Lonely Mountain[edit]

After leaving spawn village to claim new land, Paul found, in his new land, a mountain of considerable size. He turned it into his new home, added an animal farm, and voila! Underneath the mountain is a cave of large extent, containing an abandoned mineshaft. In a prank for destroying his RV, Generikb used redstone, water, and lava to create a much bigger mountain, calling the original mountain the 'Lamely Mountain.' Paulsoaresjr has now hollowed out some of the mountain to create Thror's hall, and an entrance from the front closest to his Nether Portal.

Paul's base of operations under the mountain is near the 'back-door.' It has a small bedroom area along with a snow golem and a table with small chairs for entertaining guests. Courtesy of the B-Team, Paul had a jungle removed from next to his original mountain and thought that it didn't fit in with the theme. Right near his Nether Portal, Paul has found 2 NPC Villages that he has decided to turn into Dale and Esgaroth, cities that were mentioned in the Hobbit (book) that were next to or near the mountain of Erebor.

Tree House[edit]

In Mindcrack Vanilla Season 4, Paul built a house on the top of a tree that he had found overlooking the ocean in an extreme hills biome.

Trader Jr's Trading Post[edit]

A reference to Trader Joe's, Paul has also built a place for the Mindcrack members to trade items that they require or give away.

Mindcrack Museum[edit]

Paul has started to build a museum to display items with historic or sentimental significance e.g. VintageBeef's first block broken on the server or gold horse armour found in a dungeon. He is building it in the style of a Ziggurat or Pyramid.