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The Minecraft avatar of PimpingPanda

PimpingPanda in real life
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Panda

PimpingPanda is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He won a slot by making an intro video for jsano19's Fan Server contest. He has been on the server since the beginning, October 2011. PimpingPanda was also the winner of JSano's prank contest in Season 2 of MindCrack,[1] where he asked his viewers to make a video of a prank and he would use the best one on Guude.[2]

Let's Play[edit]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

PimingPanda has competed in seasons 1-4 of the MindCrack Fan Server Ultra Hardcore. Before the 1.5 map reset, he had a plot in the Cracker Town neighborhood of Blockhaven and has been rebuilt once before. The original building was a wooden and stone design that he tore down[3] and was replaced with glass hemisphere used as a set for his podcast.[4] Panda has an open-air base just east of town. Panda also built the enchantment exchange in the Nether hub.[5]

MonkeyDK pranked Panda by building a giant panda made out of iron blocks and obsidian sitting on top of the glass sphere. Panda kept the bear but removed the poop inside the sphere and the roll of toilet paper beside it.[6] His plot was further pranked by arrowhoodcobra with bling added to the bear and by RainbowCrisp and pantone2738U with girly accessories, which were later removed, added to the bear.[7]

Minecraft skin[edit]

PimpingPanda's skin

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