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PixelLeague is a server by ImTeras that uses the Pixelmon Minecraft modification (mod) that adds Pokémon into Minecraft. Various MindCrack and HermitCraft members play on the server along with other Let's Play commentators. All MindCrack members were invited to play, but some decided not to.[1] The map is available to download at http://www.mediafire.com/download/nhmkznm8qvd1bj8/PixelmonNew.zip.[2] The server is set to Peaceful difficulty so that there are no Minecraft mobs and hunger.[3] The server also has the gamerule "keepInventory" set to true.


The following list contains members of the PixelLeague server who have dedicated pages on this wiki.

Playlist or first video
AnderZEL "Pixelmon"
BlameTC "Minecraft Pixelmon"
DireDwarf "Pixelmon: PixelLeague Server"
iJevinYT "PixelLeague Pixelmon: HILARIOUS INTRO! Ep. 1(Minecraft Pixelmon Mod)"
ImTeras "PixelLeague Pixelmon server | Episode 1 - CHARMANDER, I CHOOSE YOU!"
Jason27 "Pixelmon"
JustVan "Minecraft Pixelmon"
KingDaddyDMAC "Pixelmon"
Marriland_ "Marriland and Bro Pixelmon Part 01: Pokémon?! In Minecraft?! [PixelLeague]"
mcgamer "Pixelmon Minecraft - Adventures with Team Rocket"
OMGchad "Pixelmon"
paulsoaresjr "Minecraft Pixelmon"
PauseUnpause "Minecraft Pixelmon | Part 1 | Mudkip, I choose you!"
Pyrao "Minecraft: Pixelmon Episode 1 - A New Adventure!"
Sigils "PixelLeague - Pixelmon Series"
sl1pg8r "Pixelmon!"
VintageBeef "Minecraft Pixelmon"
zueljin "Minecraft Pixelmon Mod - Ep1 - The Island of Diglett"


Several members use a Pokémon themed skin for their Pixelmon LP's.

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