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The prank wars have extended onto the MindCrack Feed the Beast server. FTB adds much more variations and possibilities to pranks. The general guideline for engagement is to prank for the enjoyment of the victim and the viewers.

Pranks by MindCrack member[edit]

AnderZEL BdoubleO100 BlameTC
AnderZEL BdoubleO100 BlameTC
Etho generikb Guude
Etho generikb Guude

Chronological list of pranks[edit]

DateDescriptionPerpetrator(s) and execution video(s)Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
2013-02-02 Poison bee in an apiary attached to a howler alarm placed behind warded glass at AnderZEL's base
  • AnderZEL: "Mindcrack FTB S02 E29 Dang Etho and Building Time"
  • 2013-02-04 Guude's house filled with turrets
  • AnderZEL: unavailable
  • Guude: "Mindcrack FTB - E30 - PRANK WARS: Call the Bomb Turtles"
  • 2013-02-08 4x4 truck made of logs in reference to BdoubleO saying 4x4 when discussing trees with 2x2 trunks
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 52: Teleport Room" (mentioned)
  • BdoubleO100: "Mindcrack :: Feed The Beast :: E36 :: 4x4 Off Road Prank"
  • 2013-02-14 Hidden Bat Spawners in Etho's Cave
  • AnderZel: "Mindcrack FTB S02 E37 Prank Wars The BatViking Strikes Etho"
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 25: Crazy Bat Viking"
  • 2013-02-26 Guude's house filled with spawned mooshrooms
  • Zisteau: "Seek the Beast No. 22 - "Shard Synthesis" (Z718)"
  • Guude: "Mindcrack FTB - E35 - PRANK WARS: Mooshroom Clouds"
  • 2013-03-20 A giant can of pesticide built outside generik's BFO
  • AnderZEL: "Mindcrack FTB S02 E60 Prank Wars Killing Generikb's Bees!"
  • generikb: "Feed The B-Team! Ep47 - "PRANKED!! DAMN YOU VIKING!!!""
  • 2013-04-20 zombie pigman head shaped island created in Etho's island change
  • Zisteau: "Seek the Beast No. 31 - "Ethocorp Island Expansion" (Z780)"
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 41: GuudeLand Begins!"
  • 2013-04-25 Filling Guudes house with moonworms
  • BlameTC: "Mindcrack Taming the Beast Ep 50: We got werms!!"
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 42: Damsel In Distress" (Observer to Guudes Reaction)
  • Guude: "Mindcrack FTB - E41 - EXTERMINATE!"
  • 2013-04-26 Spawning mooshrooms and sheep at peoples bases
  • Zisteau: "Seek the Beast No. 32 - "Maiden Voyage of the Advanced Jetpack" (Z789)"
  • AnderZEL: unavailable
  • BdoubleO100: unavailable
  • BlameTC: unavailable
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 43: Double Pranked!"
  • generikb: unavailable
  • VintageBeef: unavailable
  • 2013-04-28 Bees that cause blindness and nausea behind warded glass
  • generikb: "Feed The B-Team! Ep59 - "PRANK! Etho Feels The STING Of My Bees! MUAHAHA!!!" Feed The Beast Modpack"
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 43: Double Pranked!"
  • 2013-05-01 Building a large Guude statue, with emeralds, overlooking the B-Team's emerald statues
  • Guude: "Mindcrack FTB - E42 - PRANK: Emerald Statues"
  • BdoubleO100: "Minecraft Feed The Beast - E67 :: Guuuuude Got It"
  • generikb: "Feed The B-Team! Ep60 - "PRANKED! MEGA-GUUDE APPROVES!" Feed The Beast Modpack"
  • 2013-06-05 Putting Bees with the Ectoplasm effect under Guude's Base, allowing it to fill with Ectoplasm.
  • generikb: "Feed The B-Team! Ep70 - "PRANK! Guude Gets Tangled In My Web MUAHAHAHAA!!!" Feed The Beast Modpack"
  • Guude: "Mindcrack FTB - E44 - PRANK WARS: This is just terrible"
  • 2013-06-16 Creating a pool of angry zombies on one of Etho's islands
  • AnderZEL: "Mindcrack FTB S02 E112 TruemanCraft and "Special Mail""
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack FTB - Episode 54: Keeping Score"
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