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VintageBeef states the rules to newcomer AnderZEL during a prank in April 2012

The prank wars are a series of pranks among the members of the Mindcrack Server. The purpose of the prank wars is to generate entertainment for the players and viewers. They are not meant to cause grief or destruction.

The guidelines for engagement are as follows:

  1. No TNT
  2. No Lava
  3. No Fire
  4. No Wither
  5. Always leave a sign (i.e., state yourself as the perpetrator)

The intention of these guidelines is to minimize or eliminate the destructive quality of a prank while still allowing for comical frustration or bewilderment on the part of the victim.[1] The first two guidelines were laid down shortly after jsano19 initiated the prank wars.[2] The last guideline may have risen in importance after Guude stated that, "if you don't leave a note then it doesn't count," as it renders the victim unable to retaliate. This was in response to a prank by Etho and Docm77 in January 2012 whereby they littered his builds with boats but failed to identify themselves as responsible.[3] Since the Minecraft 1.4 update, Mojang introduced a hostile destructive mob called the Wither that can be built anywhere like the Golems. It is agreed that the Wither will not be used in pranks.[4]

Pranks by member[edit]

adlingtont AnderZEL Arkas
adlingtont AnderZEL Arkas
Aureylian AvidyaZEN BdoubleO100
Aureylian AvidyaZEN BdoubleO100
BlameTC Coestar Dinnerbone
BlameTC Coestar Dinnerbone
Docm77 Etho generikb
Docm77 Etho generikb
Guude jsano19 kurtmac
Guude jsano19 kurtmac
mcgamer Mhykol Millbee
mcgamer Mhykol Millbee
Nebris Pakratt0013 paulsoaresjr
Nebris Pakratt0013 paulsoaresjr
PauseUnpause Pyro_0 SethBling
PauseUnpause Pyro_0 SethBling
sevadus thejims Vechs_
sevadus thejims Vechs_
VintageBeef W92Baj Zisteau
VintageBeef W92Baj Zisteau

Chronological list of pranks[edit]

This is a chronological list of pranks on the Mindcrack Server.[5][6]

Season 2[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
9 Jan 2011 Hiding Guude's food and Iron Ingots
11 Jan 2011 Surrounding JSano's chests with obsidian
13 Jan 2011 Water with Obsidian shell
14 Jan 2011 JSano's house filled with water
18 Jan 2011 Hidden randomized Note Blocks in Guude's home
21 Jan 2011 JSano's rail line pitfall trap
4 Feb 2011 Egg dispenser trap in Guude's home
7 Feb 2011 Pig spawners and grass from Guude, soundmakers from Kuroro
7 Feb 2011 Guude's floor covered with cakes
1 Mar 2011 Mob farm under house
21 Mar 2011 Gravel-filled wool box over JSano's house; interior torches removed
2 Jun 2011 Noise machine below VintageBeef's house
  • davmandave: (unavailable)
  • Kennedyzak: (unavailable)
9 Jun 2011 Surrounding Shree's house with curtains of water
30 Jun 2011 Turning Beef's home into a 'Jungle' by adding water and vegetation
1 Jul 2011 Covering Shree's chests in obsidian
12 Jul 2011 Tunnels dug under Beef's floors (foiled)
  • Kuroro: (unavailable)
  • ShreeyamGFX: (unavailable)
25 Jul 2011 A maze for Guude
21 Aug 2011 Setting up VintageBeef's doors to close too fast
22 Aug 2011 Covering davmandave's tree farm with trees
24 Aug 2011 Gravel pyramid trap under Guude's door, chosen from viewer suggestions
31 Aug 2011 Portions of VintageBeef's floor raised randomly (unnoticed)
  • VintageBeef: (unavailable, didn't notice)

Season 3[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
13 Dec 2011 Rerouting Guude's nether path to lead a long distance away
19 Dec 2011 Putting a layer of wool under Guude's "safe" drop
13 Jan 2012 Boats littered across Guude's builds, Guude's sheep - BAA - dyed pink
17 Jan 2012 Covering VintageBeef's castle with vines
19 Jan 2012 Filling Guude's ark with chickens
28 Jan 2012 Pause's teepee capped with Snow blocks to make an igloo
1 Feb 2012 Filling Guude's home with snow golems
3 Feb 2012 Putting chickens and silverfish blocks in Pause's home
6 Feb 2012 Filling Guude's yard with melons
6 Feb 2012 Filling Guude's basement with colored sheep
  • adlingtont: (unavailable)
9 Feb 2012 Mustache built on Baj's Temple
  • Nebris: (unavailable)
10 Feb 2012 Etho's cave flooded
15 Feb 2012 Bringing adlingtont the Netherack he asked for
15 Feb 2012 Obsidian men constructed on BdoubleO100's builds; one constructed in Guude's pool
15 Feb 2012 Pause's death by magic
29 Feb 2012 Gift of Spider Eyes and Music Discs
2 Mar 2012 Mhykol's enchantment house encased in Obsidian and filled with Dirt
  • PauseUnpause: (unavailable)
5 Mar 2012 Mushroom cloud between Guude's and BdoubleO's home
17 Mar 2012 Noise machines above the bedrock ceiling of the Nether
26 Mar 2012 Building giant chicken; so called 'anti-prank'
29 Mar 2012 "Selling" records
30 Mar 2012 Prison made of furnaces (foiled)
1 Apr 2012 Attempt to encase spawn in obsidian and break everyone's beds
3 Apr 2012 Obsidian penises placed around the server as an April Fools prank
9 Apr 2012 Reeds placed at the base of Etho's mob system
9 Apr 2012 Filling the houses in Baj's village with clay
  • W92Baj: (unavailable)
9 Apr 2012 Burying VintageBeef's cats
23 Apr 2012 Building a large Canadian flag over AnderZEL's home
1 May 2012 TNT trap on the "ETHOSUX" writing at MC Gamer's
2 May 2012 Random TNT explosion noises under VintageBeef's castle
3 May 2012 A Swedish makeover on VintageBeef's castle
4 May 2012 Random elements were placed or changed in Zisteau's temporary home
5 May 2012 Light sources knocked out in Pause's home
  • Zisteau: (unavailable)
5 May 2012 Scattered Chests filled with Wooden Pickaxes in Pause's home
8 May 2012 A fez built on PauseUnpause's Deku tree
  • W92Baj: (unavailable)
10 May 2012 A giant wheat farm for Baj
  • just_defy: (unavailable)
17 May 2012 Obsidian trap on Zisteau's Logoutivator
23 May 2012 Constructing a rainbow and Zombie Pigman faces in Pause's Nether rail tunnel
23 May 2012 Leading MC Gamer on a search for his lapis
  • PauseUnpause: (unavailable)
23 May 2012 Filling BdoubleO's house with clay, gravel, iron golems and cats
23 May 2012 VintageBeef's castle basin filled with Mycelium and his Mooshrooms moved to the basin
2 Jun 2012 BdoubleO's record collection hidden under his house
4 Jun 2012 Guude's home surrounded in clay and water
10 Jun 2012 MC Gamer's Lapis Lazuli Blocks replaced with Blue Wool
10 Jun 2012 Random pistons and dispensers with potions placed at Shree's base
11 Jun 2012 Massive amounts of sheep bred at VintageBeef's castle
14 Jun 2012 MC Gamer's underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats
15 Jun 2012 Placing Redstone dust all around the double Blaze spawners
16 Jun 2012 Zombie fortress transformed into a sink
16 Jun 2012 Etho's cave turned into the Nether and filled with random items
20 Jun 2012 Constructed a replica of Candyland at VintageBeef's castle
20 Jun 2012 Looping the music BdoubleO left at VintageBeef's castle
22 Jun 2012 PauseUnpause pushed by Piston to the top of the world
23 Jun 2012 Pause's rail line blocked
  • Arkas: June 23th livestream (unavailable)
24 Jun 2012 The UK flag at Baj's Village replaced with the Netherlands
25 Jun 2012 A shower of obsidian for BdoubleO
25 Jun 2012 Etho's cave smoothed out, lava walls and Nether portal chandelier placed
26 Jun 2012 Death games, a "prank prelude" to repay them for killing Pause
27 Jun 2012 While not described as such, most members of the server thought the T3 Project was a prank
29 Jun 2012 Added a McDonald's theme to MC Gamer's house
1 Jul 2012 Canadian flags built around the server to celebrate Canada Day
4 Jul 2012 Putting a sheep mask on Pause's Deku tree
  • Millbee: (unavailable)
5 Jul 2012 Constructing a giant pair of shears outside Millbee's home
11 Jul 2012 Pixel art of Link from Zelda holding the triforce icon
12 Jul 2012 Landscape built over Guude's village
21 Jul 2012 Guude's house transformed into a spider made of chests filled with spider eyes
25 Jul 2012 Zisteau's base filled with paintings
31 Jul 2012 An image of Joe Hills in front of the zombie apocalypse fortress, and numerous signs stating "Joe Hills was here"
2 Aug 2012 A meteor full of TNT built above the Royal Observatory
7 Aug 2012 Walled and covered BdoubleO's Arena village with sand
16 Aug 2012 Swapped Guude's dog, walled cave entrances, moved Guude's cows into a cave, and placed flowers, grass, and trees around Guude's new mountain home
17 Aug 2012 BdoubleO leaves a dud bomb in adlingtont's home and states that he would remove it for a fee and Adlington's death
22 Aug 2012 Baj built a sign renaming the Record Shop "Baj's Beats" and changed the interior decor and record pricing
30 Aug 2012 AnderZEL's Viking kingdom covered in Buttons and Redstone. Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout the place.
3 Sep 2012 Filled Kurt's place with iconic FLoB items, including pink sheep, floating blocks of ice, hidey holes, and a tamed Wolf
6 Sep 2012 Ice blocks, Snow blocks, snowmen (a few made of wood and ice), and Chickens placed all around Doc's jungle base
7 Sep 2012 Strings placed all around Millbee's place
14 Sep 2012 Choose among killing a Sheep, a Cow, or have Pause's valuables dumped into Lava
15 Sep 2012 Levers placed all over Guude's village and BdoubleO's arena, with the threat of TNT rigged to one
5 Oct 2012 Water dispenser placed above doorway to Guude's bedroom
6 Oct 2012 Building colored wool flags on the walls of Etho's jungle base in the style of Nebris' base
6 Oct 2012 Strings placed throughout Docm's treehouse
13 Oct 2012 Beef's Nether tunnel filled with cows
16 Oct 2012 Beef's castle, Etho's underground jungle base, and Pause's tree, covered with American flags, symbols, and a Nether theme
22 Oct 2012 Chicken dispensers hidden by chicken powered pistons in the walls of Etho's jungle base
30 Oct 2012 Pause's zombie fortress transformed into a monster
6 Nov 2012 A year long series of 8 sequential pranks on BdoubleO and the origin of the E Prankster speculations.
11 Nov 2012 Woodpecker noisemakers added around Doc's treehouse
16 Nov 2012 After BdoubleO talks trash about Etho's trap-making skills, Etho sets up a trapped Nether portal for him in his arena
16 Nov 2012 generikb's RV moved, leaving a trail of clues through the bases of members with less than 50,000 subs to direct him to its new location (partially foiled)
24 Nov 2012 A 3x3 hole to bedrock with a bed at the bottom behind BdoubleO's Arena house
27 Nov 2012 Adlington fills the arena and surrounding village with chickens to call out BdoubleO as being too "chicken" to fight him
14 Dec 2012 MC Gamer hides Avidya's iron in one of forty-five chests underwater
16 Dec 2012 Zisteau modified Etho's Nether rail to drop him into a pit decorated with American flags
18 Dec 2012 A pair of sexy legs at Beef's castle
25 Dec 2012 Making a nametag for Mhykol above his village
4 Jan 2013 Filling Paulsoares home with chickens
17 Jan 2013 Turning Pause's Deku tree into an eagle nest
23 Jan 2013 Constructing "rainmakers" over the arena
31 Jan 2013 A melon cube from Pause and "Melons Rule!" from mcgamer at The Lens
5 Feb 2013 Beef's jungle decorated with giant "floating blocks of ice" filled with water
8 Feb 2013 Millbee's giant sheep given a Matt Damon by Baj
15 Feb 2013 Etho's pet shop covered in webs and guarded by the spider from Charlotte's Web
3 Apr 2013 An underwater village outside Beef's jungle village
13 Apr 2013 Guude's area covered in wooden turtles.
19 Apr 2013 The majority of paulsoaresjr mountain enveloped in a larger cobble mountain.
20 May 2013 Building a beach, complete with sandcastle, beachball, and Pause reclining in a straw hat with a cool drink to poke fun at his frequent "vacations"
28 May 2013 Completing Guude's spawn house with a colorful mix of materials.
3 Jun 2013 Building the logo of Boston Bruins at the spawn village for Pause.
19 Jun 2013 Constructing a giant obsidian kraken attacking VintageBeef's jungle village

Season 4[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
8 Jul 2013 Building a food truck offering baked potatoes on sticks near the Town Hall
10 Jul 2013 Building the 'Shoop da Whoop' face and laser on the façade of BdoubleO's house
26 Jul 2013 Claiming Orange Wool's village as "Hermitopolis
26 Jul 2013 Building a snow bridge connecting Etho's laboratory to spawn
26 Jul 2013 Building a jar of jam with cat records in it at Pyro's library
26 Jul 2013 Building pixel art of minecraft string over BdoubleO's house
2 Aug 2013 Building a booby-trapped "Onionling" from Cube World next to EthoCorp Laboratories
10 Aug 2013 Giving people cats and taking 1 diamond per cat for his Cat Home Delivery Service
10 Aug 2013 Subscribing generikb for the Chicken Home Delivery Service in return for his cat delivery service
13 Aug 2013 The logo of the Ottawa Senators, a hockey team Beef dislikes, above his lily pad
14 Aug 2013 Subscribing generikb for the "Von Sway" home design and decor service in return for his cat delivery service
20 Aug 2013 Building a chickens graveyard with a trapped donkey for killing Pyro's chickens (for his Chicken Home Delivery Service)
20 Aug 2013 Dismantling generikb's RV and igniting fire on randomly placed netherack for fooling around with Vechs
20 Aug 2013 Building a lipstick on top of the witch hut at the Devils Daycare to commemorate generikb's VidCon 2013
26 Aug 2013 Placing portals on and around Zisteau's sphere
27 Aug 2013 Building a basketball court for Doc
30 Sep 2013 Creating a floating platform made of sand above paulsoaresjr's museum
30 Sep 2013 Flipping Bdub's Building Co. upside down
3 Oct 2013 Receiving PSJ's pumpkins with the FedEx of delivery of his weapons payment
7 Oct 2013 Enveloping paulsoaresjr's tree house with a sandstone pyramid
8 Oct 2013 A miniature copy of BdoubleO's house with a flat bridge placed inside the Town Hall
  • Etho: (not available)
11 Oct 2013 Filling up BdoubleO's house with mushroom blocks giving the appearance of a fungal infestation
17 Oct 2013 Building a large pumpkin on a stick on top of PSJ's fishing dock
17 Oct 2013 Building a gigantic squid tank for Pause
18 Oct 2013 Planting trees in and around EthoCorp Laboratories
20 Oct 2013 Replacing all visible pumpkins with gravel and spawning snow golems around Vechs base
1 Nov 2013 Leaving rose bushes scattered around Vechs base
  • Dinnerbone: unavailable
8 Nov 2013 Making a pumpkin terracotta army under PSJ's museum
19 Dec 2013 Adlington's castle grounds decorated with a Canadian theme: Snow, hockey, moose and Tim Hortons
25 Jan 2014 Planting poppies and spruce trees around Etho's base and the PvP Arena
12 Mar 2014 Building a bloody axe monument to commemorate Vechs and Zisteau first UHC together.
12 Mar 2014 Recreating the East Commons of Vechs Super Hostile Legendary
21 May 2014 Building an UFO in the process of abducting Guude's UHC statue
3 Jun 2014 Randomly replacing white carpet in Vechs' base with pink carpet
8 Jun 2014 Transforming Guude's wool tree in a similar fashion as Team Canada +1 -1 finished his Season 3 house

Season 5[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
22 Jul 2014 Building large rabbit over LakeZEL surrounded by the text "#RIPSnuggles"
25 Jul 2014 Covering Seth's house with "buddons" in reference to Seth's pronunciation of the word "button"
26 Jul 2014 Moving Anderz' house up to the build limit of the world giving the appearance of a geyser discharge
29 Jul 2014 Placing lots of workbenches for Etho's Vault at the Death Games construction site.
  • SethBling: (unavailable)
7 Aug 2014 In retaliation of SethBling's joke that getting his Creeper head was luck, Paulsoaresjr placed banners with that design on each of the 196 Creeper plots of the Creeper head experiment.
8 Aug 2014 Transforming Doc's base into a gas station.
22 Aug 2014 Building the severed head of Snuggles and covering his house in vines
  • AnderZEL: (unavailable)
10 Sep 2014 Building the "ZedBlinger Tower" on top of SethBling's "Bling Tower"
10 Sep 2014 Building a hamburger bun over Aureylian's barn
11 Sep 2014 Building a miniature version of Zisteau's base from his play through of Seth's Sky Grid custom map
16 Sep 2014 Building a deck with hair outside Sevadus' apartment
  • Sevadus: (unavailable)
27 Mar 2015 Planting sunflowers all over Oxeye
  • Guude: (unavailable)
  • Mykhol: (unavailable)
  • OMGChad: (unavailable)
3 Apr 2015 Building an ancient Beef statue on Guude's Beef Island

Season 6[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
14 Dec 2016 Building the word "SELLOUT" above Beef's house in response to his advertising on the server
22 Dec 2016 Building a ghast and nether landscape in Pause's hole to advertise Beef's new shop

Season 7[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
22 May 2019 Replacing grass path blocks in the majority of Arkas' roads with cobble
  • Arkas: (unavailable)
29 May 2019 Transporting his and DireDwarf's cats to Dire's island and putting them in cat carriers
  • DireDwarf: (unavailable)
1 Jun 2019 Making a yellow chalice filled with slime blocks and snow, and a speech bubble that says "it ain't p..." at HCJustin's mountain face
  • HCJustin: (unavailable)
25 Jun 2019 Building a large cloud over Guano's lighthouse
  • Arkas: (unavailable)
  • OMGchad: (unavailable)
  • Pyro_0: (unavailable)
27 Jun 2019 Building giant chicken statue on Kelp Korner warehouse as memorial for Disco Stu
  • kurtmac: (unavailable)
10 Jul 2019 Building a garage next to VintageBeef's water village
28 Jul 2019 Making a pentagram with cats along the edges and using a variety of cat puns
  • Arkas: (unavailable)
4 Sep 2019 Making a variety of mushrooms outside of Guano's pyramid
6 Sep 2019 Making a racetrack with F1 cars around the edge of Cone's mountain cut project
18 Sep 2019 Filling Beef's village lake with sharks
18 Oct 2019 Turning Soccer's barn into a soccer field

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