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This is a list of all pranks involving Zisteau on the MindCrack and the MindCrack Feed the Beast servers.

As the victim[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
4 May 2012 Random elements were placed or changed in Zisteau's temporary home
17 May 2012 Obsidian trap on Zisteau's Logoutivator
1 Jul 2012 Canadian flags built around the server to celebrate Canada Day
25 Jul 2012 Zisteau's base filled with paintings
31 Jan 2013 A melon cube from Pause and "Melons Rule!" from mcgamer at The Lens

Season 4[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
10 Aug 2013 Giving people cats and taking 1 diamond per cat for his Cat Home Delivery Service
26 Aug 2013 Placing portals on and around Zisteau's sphere
12 Mar 2014 Building a bloody axe monument to commemorate Vechs and Zisteau first UHC together.

Season 5[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
11 Sep 2014 Building a miniature version of Zisteau's base from his play through of Seth's Sky Grid custom map

As the perpetrator[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
5 May 2012 Light sources knocked out in Pause's home
  • Zisteau: (unavailable)
23 May 2012 Constructing a rainbow and Zombie Pigman faces in Pause's Nether rail tunnel
20 Jun 2012 Constructed a replica of Candyland at VintageBeef's castle
25 Jun 2012 A shower of obsidian for BdoubleO
25 Jun 2012 Etho's cave smoothed out, lava walls and Nether portal chandelier placed
21 Jul 2012 Guude's house transformed into a spider made of chests filled with spider eyes
16 Oct 2012 Beef's castle, Etho's underground jungle base, and Pause's tree, covered with American flags, symbols, and a Nether theme
30 Oct 2012 Pause's zombie fortress transformed into a monster
6 Nov 2012 A year long series of 8 sequential pranks on BdoubleO and the origin of the E Prankster speculations.
16 Dec 2012 Zisteau modified Etho's Nether rail to drop him into a pit decorated with American flags
28 May 2013 Completing Guude's spawn house with a colorful mix of materials.

Season 4[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
12 Mar 2014 Recreating the East Commons of Vechs Super Hostile Legendary
8 Jun 2014 Transforming Guude's wool tree in a similar fashion as Team Canada +1 -1 finished his Season 3 house

Season 5[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
26 Jul 2014 Moving Anderz' house up to the build limit of the world giving the appearance of a geyser discharge
10 Sep 2014 Building the "ZedBlinger Tower" on top of SethBling's "Bling Tower"

Feed the Beast[edit]

Date Description Perpetrator(s) and execution video(s) Victim(s) and reaction video(s)
26 Feb 2013 Guude's house filled with spawned mooshrooms
20 Apr 2013 zombie pigman head shaped island created in Etho's island change
26 Apr 2013 Spawning mooshrooms and sheep at peoples bases


Thumbnails leading up to Zisteau's "Taste the Rainbow" prank on PauseUnpause.

Zisteau is known for foreshadowing his pranks on the server. The nature and target of the prank that is being foreshadowed is rarely evident prior to his release of the prank setup video.

Taste the Rainbow[edit]

Zisteau stated that his first prank was being hinted to in every single video, and would likely be something that viewers wouldn't realize until after the prank had taken place.[1] After he caught Team Canada pranking him Zisteau he said that he would get Team Canada back after he completed his first prank.[2] In his reveal video, "Mindcrack Number 26 - 'Taste the Rainbow-Pranking Pause' (Z410)" Zisteau said that his target had been PauseUnpause all along. His prank on Pause included a rainbow wrapping around his Nether track, which was indicated by the changing text colors on the thumbnails for his first 25 videos.

Thumbnails leading up to Zisteau's "Candy Land" prank on VintagBeef.

Candy Land[edit]

The hints leading up to Zisteau's second prank, on VintageBeef, were explained in "Mindcrack Number 36 - 'Candy Land - Pranking Beef' (Z453)" . The thumbnails of episodes 27-35 had Minecraft items overlaid on multi-colored backgrounds. There was much discussion by viewers as to what part of the thumbnails were relevant and the possible coming prank after Zisteau announced that the thumbnails would continue to provide hints in episode 27.[3] The prank was based on the board from the game Candy Land.

  • Stick and planks: Components of the signs used to announce the prankster
  • Cake and snow: Ice Cream Sea
  • Fence: lollypop sticks in the Lollypop Woods
  • Red mushroom and mycelium: gumdrops in the Gumdrop Pass
  • Pink wool: icing used on the roofs of VintageBeef's castle to turn it into the Candy Castle
  • Wood door: popsicle sticks used on the fudge popsicles in the Molasses Swamp

Mancave Makeover[edit]

This prank on Etho was revealed in "Mindcrack Number 37 - 'Mancave Makeover - Pranking Etho' (Z455)" , directly after the Candy Land prank on VintageBeef, and is the only prank to date that hasn't been foreshadowed in some way. Although the prank rules state "No Lava" Etho had given Zisteau permission to use it in a prank[4]

Thumbnails leading up to Zisteau's "Spidercube" prank on Guude.


During his parody of Kurts "Far Lands or Bust" series, Zisteau said that his next prank would be adding a giant eye to the arena.[5] He explained that this was the reason why there were eyes in in the video thumbnails. After eight videos (Episodes 39-46), Zisteau revealed his prank on Guude, the Spidercube. This ensured that, like the spiders for which the prank was named, the prank had a total of eight eyes.

Team America Strikes Back[edit]

After stating that he was retired from the prank wars,[6] Zisteau was once again provoked by Team Canada. In this video he said that there would be no thumbnails or hints leading up to his next prank repaying their actions [7] Zisteau indicated that he was again planning for a prank against Team Canada, and might hit multiple individuals with one prank, but that it would not occur quickly.[8]

Starting in the 48th episode, directly after the Spidercube prank and prior to Canada's painting prank, the first five words of each episode (after "Welcome back to the MindCrack/Mind-a-Cracker Server") explained what his next prank would be. This continued through his 72nd episode, for a total of 25 videos. This was intentional on several levels. The hints for Zisteau's fifth prank were the first five words for twenty-five episodes and the prank took place in his 75th episode, with 25 sets of clues forming a 5x5 grid in the intro.[9] Further, 25 clues multiplied by three targets (Etho, PauseUnpause and VintageBeef) equals 75.[10]

And so the prank I've already planned out and will do next will be an all out assault on the forces of evil that
Mindcrack Number 48 Mindcrack Number 49 Mindcrack Number 50 Mindcrack Number 51 Mindcrack Number 52
have forced the creation of a team of worthy individuals brought together by extraordinary circumstances and, bound by happenstance, demarcations of geography, and political history
Mindcrack Number 53 Mindcrack Number 54 Mindcrack Number 55 Mindcrack Number 56 Mindcrack Number 57
and we shall bring unto you, you evil scourge of the bitter, frozen, northern wasteland where evil and chaos hold sway. A righteous reckoning of
Mindcrack Number 58 Mindcrack Number 59 Mindcrack Number 60 Mindcrack Number 61 Mindcrack Number 62
likes of which the MindCrack server has never seen: A hell on earth, or Nether if you prefer, fire and brimstone (brimstone) and zombie pigman everywhere
Mindcrack Number 63 Mindcrack Number 64 Mindcrack Number 65 Mindcrack Number 66 Mindcrack Number 67
the eye can see and flags all over the place you will rue the day you provoked this zombie pigman you dastardly Canadians. Message Ends.
Mindcrack Number 68 Mindcrack Number 69 Mindcrack Number 70 Mindcrack Number 71 Mindcrack Number 72

This prank was spearheaded by Zisteau, but was executed with other members of Team America.


The videos preceding Zisteau's sixth prank used a combination of previous methods to foreshadow the prank. The thumbnails were that of a pig (76), iguana lizard (77), explosion (78) and a jack-o-lantern (79). The first six words words of each episode (after "Welcome back to the MindCrack/Mind-a-Cracker Server") also were in reference to the upcoming prank.

This is not going to be a long and extremely drawn out speech describing my next prank so don't look here, but rather here!
Mindcrack Number 76 Mindcrack Number 77 Mindcrack Number 78 Mindcrack Number 79

Combined they indicated the short lead up to the prank and the construction of the pig version of Godzilla. This was another Team America prank, Zisteau was assisted in pigzilla's construction by Avidya.

Drop Box[edit]

In Zisteau's seventh prank against Etho he built a drop of about 100 blocks that opened when triggered by a minecart crossing the pressure plates on Etho's track. At the base of the drop there was a room decorated with American flags. The intent was to kill Etho when he rode the track. This prank was foreshadowed by clips of Zisteau falling through the world in the middle of his preceding episodes. This prank was signed as a Team America prank and, although Zisteau was the only member that participated, all the members of Team America were warned of the trap on Etho's track.

In this prank Zisteau revealed that, because the three Team Canada members had pranked him, he plans to prank each of them three times in return. He stated that with this prank he had already pranked Etho three times (Mancave Makeover, Team America Strikes Back, and Drop Box), Pause three times (Taste the Rainbow, Team America Strikes Back and Pigzilla) and VintageBeef twice (Candyland and Team America Strikes Back).

Eight Mind Games[edit]

Zisteau's eighth prank consisted of a series of eight pranks on BdoubleO. Zisteau did not reveal himself until the final prank, so the perpetrator was called the E Prankster by both members of the server and viewers due to the "E" shaped insignia that was visible at each prank. When the prank started the Team Canada vs. Team America hostilities had just started, so Zisteau chose to frame Etho for the first few pranks. Each prank was intended to change based on BdoubleO's reaction to the previous prank. Due to the number of theories viewers generated later pranks tried to emphasize the possibility that the letter was not an "E" but a "W" or "M". The prank ended up lasting nearly a year due to BdoubleO's suspicions and the map reset.


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