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Prank wars + generikb's RV moved, leaving a trail of clues through the bases of members with less than 50,000 subs to direct him to its new location (''partially foiled'')  +
Prank wars + Creating a floating platform made of sand above paulsoaresjr's museum  +
Prank wars + BdoubleO's record collection hidden under his house  +
Prank wars + Giving people cats and taking 1 diamond per cat for his Cat Home Delivery Service  +
Prank wars + Building colored wool flags on the walls of Etho's jungle base in the style of Nebris' base  +
Prank wars + Making a variety of mushrooms outside of Guano's pyramid  +
Prank wars + A meteor full of TNT built above the [[Royal Observatory]]  +
Prank wars + Filling BdoubleO's house with clay, gravel, iron golems and cats  +
Prank wars + Recreating the [ East Commons] of Vechs Super Hostile [ Legendary]  +
Prank wars + Building a booby-trapped "Onionling" from [[Cube World]] next to [[EthoCorp Laboratories]]  +
Prank wars + Ice blocks, Snow blocks, snowmen (a few made of wood and ice), and Chickens placed all around Doc's jungle base  +
Prank wars + Tunnels dug under Beef's floors ''(foiled)''  +
Prank wars + Obsidian penises placed around the server as an [[April Fools]] prank  +
Prank wars + Placing Redstone dust all around the double Blaze spawners  +
Prank wars + An image of Joe Hills in front of the zombie apocalypse fortress, and numerous signs stating "Joe Hills was here"  +
Prank wars + Filling up BdoubleO's house with mushroom blocks giving the appearance of a fungal infestation  +
Prank wars + Building a large tree and beehive with bees at Guano's Iceland  +
Prank wars + MC Gamer's [[mcwiki:Lapis Lazuli Block|Lapis Lazuli Blocks]] replaced with Blue Wool  +
Prank wars + Etho's cave flooded  +
Prank wars + Random TNT explosion noises under VintageBeef's castle  +
Prank wars + Bringing adlingtont the Netherack he asked for  +
Prank wars + The majority of paulsoaresjr mountain enveloped in a larger cobble mountain.  +
Prank wars + Building the logo of Boston Bruins at the spawn village for Pause.  +
Prank wars + Mushroom cloud between Guude's and BdoubleO's home  +
Prank wars + Pause's zombie fortress transformed into a monster  +
Prank wars + Added a McDonald's theme to MC Gamer's house  +
Prank wars + Rerouting Guude's nether path to lead a long distance away  +
Prank wars + Building a hamburger bun over Aureylian's barn  +
Prank wars + Leading MC Gamer on a search for his lapis  +
Prank wars + Water dispenser placed above doorway to Guude's bedroom  +
Prank wars + Constructed a replica of Candyland at VintageBeef's castle  +
Prank wars + Portions of VintageBeef's floor raised randomly ''(unnoticed)''  +
Prank wars + Beef's Nether tunnel filled with cows  +
Prank wars + Gravel pyramid trap under Guude's door, chosen from viewer suggestions  +
Prank wars + Surrounding Shree's house with curtains of water  +
Prank wars + Building giant chicken statue on Kelp Korner warehouse as memorial for Disco Stu  +
Prank wars + Making a yellow chalice filled with slime blocks and snow, and a speech bubble that says "it ain't p..." at HCJustin's mountain face  +
Prank wars + A miniature copy of BdoubleO's house with a flat bridge placed inside the Town Hall  +
Prank wars + Filling Beef's village lake with sharks  +
Prank wars + Building a deck with hair outside Sevadus' apartment  +
Prank wars + In retaliation of SethBling's joke that getting his Creeper head was luck, Paulsoaresjr placed banners with that design on each of the 196 Creeper plots of the Creeper head experiment.  +
Prank wars + Turning Beef's home into a 'Jungle' by adding water and vegetation  +
Prank wars + Obsidian trap on Zisteau's [[Logoutivator]]  +
Prank wars + Placing lots of workbenches for Etho's Vault at the Death Games construction site.  +
Prank wars + An underwater village outside Beef's jungle village  +
Prank wars + Flipping Bdub's Building Co. upside down  +
Prank wars + Building a lipstick on top of the witch hut at the Devils Daycare to commemorate generikb's [[wikipedia:VidCon|VidCon]] 2013  +
Prank wars + MC Gamer's underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats  +
Prank wars + Etho's cave smoothed out, lava walls and Nether portal chandelier placed  +
Prank wars + Guude's house transformed into a spider made of chests filled with spider eyes  +
Prank wars + Building the severed head of [[Snuggles]] and covering his house in vines  +
Prank wars + PauseUnpause pushed by Piston to the top of the world  +
Prank wars + Building a jar of jam with cat records in it at Pyro's library  +
Prank wars + Leaving rose bushes scattered around Vechs base  +
Prank wars + Constructing "rainmakers" over the arena  +
Prank wars +Building a chickens graveyard with a trapped donkey for killing Pyro's chickens (for his Chicken Home Delivery Service)  +
Prank wars + Death games, a "prank prelude" to repay them for killing Pause  +
Prank wars + Beef's castle, Etho's underground jungle base, and Pause's tree, covered with American flags, symbols, and a Nether theme  +
Prank wars + Gravel-filled wool box over JSano's house; interior torches removed  +
Prank wars + Swapped Guude's dog, walled cave entrances, moved Guude's cows into a cave, and placed flowers, grass, and trees around Guude's new mountain home  +
Prank wars + Building giant chicken; so called 'anti-prank'  +
Prank wars + Massive amounts of sheep bred at VintageBeef's castle  +
Prank wars + "Selling" records  +
Prank wars + A pair of sexy legs at Beef's castle  +
Prank wars + Filling Guude's [[ark]] with chickens  +
Prank wars + Reeds placed at the base of Etho's mob system  +
Prank wars + Building a food truck offering baked potatoes on sticks near the Town Hall  +
Prank wars + Turning Pause's Deku tree into an eagle nest  +
Prank wars + Chicken dispensers hidden by chicken powered pistons in the walls of Etho's jungle base  +
Prank wars + Placing portals on and around Zisteau's sphere  +
Prank wars + AnderZEL's Viking kingdom covered in Buttons and Redstone. Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout the place.  +
Prank wars + Strings placed all around Millbee's place  +
Prank wars + Building a miniature version of Zisteau's base from his play through of Seth's Sky Grid custom map  +
Prank wars + Making a nametag for Mhykol above his village  +
Prank wars + Zisteau modified Etho's Nether rail to drop him into a pit decorated with American flags  +
Prank wars + Covering Seth's house with "buddons" in reference to Seth's pronunciation of the word "button"  +
Prank wars + Etho's cave turned into the Nether and filled with random items  +
Prank wars + Random elements were placed or changed in Zisteau's temporary home  +
Prank wars + Transforming Doc's base into a gas station.  +
Prank wars + Building the word "SELLOUT" above Beef's house in response to his advertising on the server  +
Prank wars + Mustache built on Baj's Temple  +
Prank wars + Pig spawners and grass from Guude, soundmakers from Kuroro  +
Prank wars + Adlington fills the arena and surrounding village with chickens to call out BdoubleO as being too "chicken" to fight him  +
Prank wars + Scattered Chests filled with Wooden Pickaxes in Pause's home  +
Prank wars + Building a large Canadian flag over AnderZEL's home  +
Prank wars + Levers placed all over Guude's village and BdoubleO's arena, with the threat of TNT rigged to one  +
Prank wars +Building an UFO in the process of abducting Guude's UHC statue  +
Prank wars + Dismantling generikb's RV and igniting fire on randomly placed netherack for fooling around with Vechs  +
Prank wars + Beef's jungle decorated with giant "floating blocks of ice" filled with water  +
Prank wars + Guude's area covered in wooden turtles.  +
Prank wars + TNT trap on the "ETHOSUX" writing at MC Gamer's  +
Prank wars + Building large rabbit over LakeZEL surrounded by the text "#RIPSnuggles"  +
Prank wars + Mhykol's enchantment house encased in Obsidian and filled with Dirt  +
Prank wars + A shower of obsidian for BdoubleO  +
Prank wars + Filling Guude's basement with colored sheep  +
Prank wars + Building a garage next to VintageBeef's water village  +
Prank wars + JSano's house filled with water  +
Prank wars + Turning Soccer's barn into a soccer field  +
Prank wars + Planting poppies and spruce trees around Etho's base and the PvP Arena  +
Prank wars + Attempt to encase spawn in obsidian and break everyone's beds  +
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