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The Minecraft avatar of Pungence

Pungence in real life
Born (1986-02-06) 6 February 1986 (age 34)[1]
Country United States
Gender M
Other names AssyrianAssass1n, Joe

Pungence, also known by his YouTube name AssyrianAssass1n, or his personal name Joe, is a former inactive member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server in December 2011 after winning a video contest held by his brother, BdoubleO100.[2][3] Pungence left the server in January 2013 for the HermitCraft server, where he remains active.

Pungence attended PAX East 2013, and the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013 with the MindCrackers.


Like his brother BdoubleO, Pungence has musical talent. His music video, a tribute to kurtmac's Wolf in his series "Far Lands or Bust," was the most viewed video on his channel for a long time.[4] BdoubleO was blown away by the video. He considers Pungence to be more talented than him and very meticulous, which he thinks may the reason why Pungence does not produce as much content as BdoubleO.[5] When Pungence and Bdubs were young, basketball was a large part of their life. They even had their own personal trainer so that they can become good at it. The trainer would read the newspapers to get updates on the school basketball games and kept talking about someone named "Pungence." Pungence ended up using that name as his screen name in AIM. The name "Assyrian Assassin" comes from his Assyrian ethnicity. Apparently it is a difficult name for people to use so he just stuck with Pungence as his primary name.[6]

Every week Pungence uploads a video for his series "Tuesday Evening Drive" where he gets involved with his fans and answers their questions.[7]

Since May 2014, Pungence does YouTube fulltime.[8]

Let's Play[edit]


Pungence was invited along with Juicetra and skyzm at the same time on January 2013 in response to Biffa2001's and Xisuma's prank on generikb. Their first action was to litter Biffa's and Xisuma's bases with giant letter B's.[9] Pungence had a base in a desert temple and had set up shop in the Nether called "King Midas' Beautiful Accidents" where he sold renamed golden items.[10] An Assyrian Palace was built on top of the desert temple, with help from Keralis1.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Pungence often hangs out with skyzm. Before the 1.5 map reset, Pungence had a plot in the Cracker Town neighborhood of Blockhaven. He calls the main structure the Assyrian Palace. The massive entrance that extended over the public road was built by BdoubleO. It included Chiseled Stone Bricks, which were unobtainable at the time it was built.[11] Pungence built a base in the extreme hills biome near darkphan's old base, which was given Pungence and contained a Skeleton farm. Pungence invited his friend q1882 to join the server on August 2012. The intro scene and music used for the Fan Server series was created all by Pungence himself.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Pungence's current skin was worn for Halloween; it is based on Goku.[12] Pungence kept the skin as his primary skin.

Pungence's skin

Previous skins[edit]

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