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This is a list of Pyro_0's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Pyro_0 on the MindCrack server.

Post Beta 1.8[edit]

The playlist for this season is "Lets Play Minecraft-Mindcrack Server"

Video Notable events Featuring
14 Apr 2012 "Streaming some games!"
  • Livestream
  • Caving
15 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack E001 - Architecture!"
  • First video
  • Enchanting tools and stating to build a base
  • Playing king of the ladder at the opening of the public server
Etho, Guude, Nebris, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef
18 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack E002 - Aesthetics"
  • Working on his modern retreat home
  • Building bridges and an underground base
23 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack E003 - Messing Around"
  • Working on clearing out his base
  • Touring the spawn village
6 May 2012 "Mindcrack E004 - Relocation"
  • First video using new account
  • At thejims quad spider spawner
  • Working on a path through the nether
  • Establishing a new base
8 May 2012 "Mindcrack E005 - Caving and Rambling"
  • Exploring caves
  • Working on his underground base
  • Talking about programming games
15 May 2012 "Mindcrack E006 - Caving and Rambling"
  • Exploring caves
  • Adding rails to his nether track
28 May 2012 "Mindcrack E007 - Matter of Time"
19 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack E008 - Return"
  • Working on enlarging his base
  • Visiting Millbee's sheep cave
25 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack E009 - Open Space"
  • Working on his base
  • Exploring a mineshaft
  • Visiting Mhykol's village
27 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack E010 - Chicken Run"
  • Building a tree farm
  • Making a chicken farm
2 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack E011 - Fraud"
  • Putting flooring in his base
  • Talking about credit card fraud
8 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack E012 - Organisation"
  • Working on his rail track
  • Collecting farm animals
  • Organizing his chests
14 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack E013 - The Roof"
  • Using Zisteau's nether paths to gather Netherack and glowstone
  • Decorating his main room with a Netherack ceiling
15 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack E014 - Wheat"
  • Clearing out a and making a wheat farm
  • Talking about going to the gym, the military and games
  • Increasing the population of his chicken farm and starting to breed cows
20 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack E015 - Tidy Up Time"
  • Working on remodeling the interior of his house
  • Talking about playing for enjoyment
21 Jul 2012 "Playing vidya gaems!"
  • Livestream
  • Working on interior of house
  • Chatting with viewers
3 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack E016 - Santos"
  • Remodeling the wheat farm and adding natural lava lighting
  • Talking about older games
8 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack E017 - Cake Time"
  • Expanding the wheat farm to include sugarcane
  • Working on collecting ingredients for cake
26 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack E018 - Birthday Surprise"
  • Making cakes for Beef's birthday
  • Traveling to VintageBeef's castle
  • Placing cakes in front of his nether portal
31 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack E019 - Populate"
  • Trading with villagers, fighting mobs at night
  • Adding stairs and making other cosmetic touches to his base
  • Building an apartment complex for villagers
1 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E020 - Mine Time"
  • Speed video of working on a villager apartment
  • Working on resource farms to trade to villagers
  • Branch mining and enchanting at the Ender Ender
2 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E021 - Village Gates"
  • Enchanting at the Ender Ender
  • Jumping after a dropped sword and falling into the void with an inventory of enchanted diamond tools
  • Flattening out the area around the apartments and beginning to work on the village walls
3 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E022 - Iron Bars"
  • Working on the village walls
  • Enchanting at the Ender Ender
9 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E023 - New Homes"
  • Adding more iron bars to the village walls
  • Working on a new apartment in the village
10 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E024 - Water Feature"
  • Tearing down the existing wood apartments
  • Building a water feature in the center of the village
  • Building another sand stone apartment and covering the roofs in half slabs
  • Talking about his bearded dragon
  • Separating villagers with good trades
13 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E025 - I Like Dirt"
  • Gathering dirt and grass and putting inside the village
  • Enchanting at the Ender Ender
  • Discussing sleeping patterns
21 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E026 - Hieroglyphics"
  • Speed carving out a storage room under his village
  • Talking about aliens, Minecraft mods, movies and university
21 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E028 - Magic"
  • Talking about plans for his base
  • Building an enchanting room
  • Battling zombies
24 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E027 - The Market"
  • Making a market in the middle of his village
29 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack E030 - Sick"
  • Expanding Avidya's island
  • Working on his potato and carrot farms
  • Talking about philosophy and his life
9 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack E29 - Astronomy and History"
  • Talking about astronomy, space exploration, aliens, obesity and university life
  • Working on potato and carrot farms
  • Visiting the arena
16 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack E031 - Glowstone Hunt"
  • Talking about going to the doctor
  • Working on his farms
  • Gathering glowstone
22 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack E032 - Cleaning Up Pranks"
  • Cleaning up the ladders and buttons left by mcgamer
  • Talking about pranks, his internet, and shopping
  • Giving an Irish history lesson and talking about his family
  • Touring the Nether hub, spawn town and Guudeland
29 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack E033 - Looking Around"
9 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack E034 - Underground Tunnel"
  • Enchanting at the Ender Ender
  • Working on a tunnel to his old base
  • Talking about university, games he's playing and laptops
12 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack E035: Time Travel"
  • Working on his tunnel, harvesting wood and preparing for a prank
  • Talking about anime, MineCon, time travel and cleaning
  • Working on his sheep farm
16 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack E036: Sheep Sort"
  • Working on his sheep farm
  • Talking about astronomy and his "Pyrao" account
20 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack E037: Minecon"
  • Working on his sheep farm
  • Talking about MineCon, movies and non-traditional jobs
2 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E038: Search of Cocoa"
  • Talking about what he expected, what he got out of, and what he did at MineCon
  • Working on the sheep farm
  • Talking about the new Call of Duty
  • Going to a jungle to find coco beans
  • Touring mcgamers base
  • Looking for coco beans at the arena and borrowing one from Guude
11 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E039: Loose Ends"
  • Working on the sheep farm
  • Talking about Feed the Beast, philosophy and the holidays
13 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E040: Dojo"
  • Working on the lowest level of the sheep farm
  • Talking about his families fish, TV and celebrities
  • Building the dojo from his let's play
19 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E041 - Struggles"
  • Touring the changes in the Nether Hub
  • Talking about sleep and habits
  • Working on the dojo
  • Collecting glowstone in the Nether
22 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E042 - The Long Road Home"
  • Working on his above-ground rail track
  • Talking about the holidays
26 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack E043 - Presents"
  • Talking about his Christmas
  • Opening his Christmas presents
  • Visiting Zisteau's village
  • Making Christmas cards for everyone
  • Setting off the "Pyro Rocket" from Anderz
21 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack E048 - I Make It Rain"
  • Making rainmakers over the arena
  • Working on his shrine

Post 1.6[edit]

The playlist for this season is "Minecraft: Mindcrack SMP Season 2".

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E01 - A Whole New World"
  • Trying to survive and gathering resources
  • Caving
BdoubleO100, BlameTC, Etho, Guude, jsano19, Nebris, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause
6 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E02 - Dragon Fight" See Killing the Enderdragon
9 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E03 - Book Worm"
  • Making books, enchanting them and improving gear in the quest for sharpness V
  • Working on his house
  • Discussing the brain and his habits,
9 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E04 - Wither Fight" See Slaying the Wither
14 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E05 - Pyro's Palace"
  • Enchanting at the skeleton spawner Avidya built
  • Working on his house
18 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E06 - Rebuild"
  • Enchanting
  • Talking about JL2579 and Docm77, who he considers some of the smartest Minecrafters he has met, and the irony of their UHC 12 1x1x2 hole experience
  • Building a porch for his house
  • Noticing that half of his house is missing as a result of his brother hacking his account; complaining about how his brother repossesses much of his stuff and has no sense of privacy
  • Speed build of the roof of the Library
22 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E07: Book Trade Station"
  • Enchanting to get a Fortune II iron pickaxe, then enchanting his first diamond pickaxe on the new map
  • Talking about future plans on the server to make more entertaining content, including the possibilities of creating a pub, bakery, and a new base after the library
  • Replenishing cows in the community cow farm
  • Adding the first bookshelves to his library and setting up a trade station
  • Trying to figure out way set up his library that will allow him to sell enchanted books in an organized fashion
Docm77, VintageBeef, BdoubleO100
24 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E08: Giant Book"
  • Joking about how AnderZEL accidentally signed VintageBeef's silk touch pickaxe request, resolving it with the title "Hello Beef My"
  • Showing a tunnel he dug to connect the Bookstore to a skeleton grinder by AvidyaZEN
  • Building a sheep pen and trapping sheep
  • Building a large pixel art piece of a Minecraft book atop his bookstore
26 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E09: My Jam"
  • Showing the decorative changes he made to the tunnel between the Bookstore and Avidya's skeleton grinder
  • Discovering a jam jar microprank by generikb in the second floor of the bookstore, complete with five "cat" records
  • Setting up an interim way to trade diamonds or iron for enchanted books
  • Talking about a prank he effected upon BdoubleO100
  • Adding a second giant book pixel art piece to the back of the bookstore roof
28 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E10 - Railway"
  • Showcasing the completely redecorated tunnel between the Bookstore and Avidya's skeleton grinder
  • Finishing the tunnel and redecorating Avidya's grinder
31 Jul 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E11 - 50 Shades of Anders"
  • Working with BdoubleO100 to redecorate the first floor of the bookstore
  • Signing a contract with AnderZEL so that he would write 50 Shades of Anders
  • Throwing eggs at the face of an AFK BdoubleO
  • Continuing to fill out the first floor walls with bookcases and paintings
BdoubleO100, AnderZEL, Zisteau
2 Aug 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E12 - Secret Area"
  • Working on a secret passage in the bookstore to a room that would house its erotic novels
  • Having Millbee read 50 Chades of A aloud
  • Signing a contract with Millbee for him to write an erotic novel
  • Adding a jingle that activates whenever someone attempts to enter or exit the 18+ section of the store
4 Aug 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E13 - Jukebox Lock"
  • Using a jukebox to create a lock to the 18+ books section
  • Searching paulsoaresjr's trading post and EthoCorp Laboratories for a music disc different from 13 and cat
  • Building a community breadmaker
6 Aug 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E14 - Fixing Stuff"
  • Fixing the redstone on his jukebox lock so that cat is the only disc capable of opening the 18+ section
  • Adding bookshelves to the second floor of the bookstore
  • Fixing the breadmaker
  • Scooting somebody's lost cat to in front of the town hall
8 Aug 2013 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S2E15 - Relocation"
  • Enchanting "George Foreman's Sword" for the purposes of animal slaughter
  • Setting up temporarily off of AnderZEL's highway before starting the main base
  • Getting a blaze rod from Etho
BlameTC, Etho

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Minecraft: Mindcrack S5E1 - A New World"
  • Explaining the premise of the new server
  • Gathering basics and getting a tour from Arkas
  • Building a cobblestone hut
Arkas, SethBling