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The Minecraft avatar of RainbowCrisp

Artwork of RainbowCrisp
Born (1983-01-24) 24 January 1983 (age 37)
Country United States
Gender F
Other names RC, Kelli

RainbowCrisp, also known as simply as RC or Kelli as her personal name, is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. She joined the server around November 2011 after she was invited by Guude.[1] She has another Minecraft account named Cyllarus.[2]


RainbowCrisp is (1983-01-24) 24 January 1983 (age 37) years old living in Covina, California, USA.[3] RainbowCrisp is often in call with Sixelona during her live streams. She is in a relationship with Six for six years so far.[4]

Let's Play[edit]

RainbowCrisp had a multiplayer Minecraft series titled "CiM: Random Exploration" in which she, Ashley (Cindre), and Six (Ringletts) explore the Minecraft world. RainbowCrisp had another multiplayer Minecraft series titled "The NI(c)KEL Tour - Guude's 404" in which she and Six tackle Guude's 404 CTM map.

RainbowCrisp currently has a single-player Minecraft series titled "Rainbow Rambles." It is intended to be a weekly video series and a mix between Let's Play and vlogging.[5] She has another series titled "Waibu Swap." In this series, she and Six play in one world and pass their world save between each other. This was how RC and Six played Minecraft when they first played the game. RC handles odd-numbered episodes and Six handles even-numbered ones.[6] RC had Let's Play series on Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet titled "RC Plays... ITSP"[7] and FTL: Faster Than Light titled "RC Plays... FTL."

RainbowCrisp loves villages and the villagers, calling them "the best thing ever in Minecraft."[8] She dislikes the Squids in Minecraft because of the design of the model and calls them Cthulhus.[9]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

RainbowCrisp joined the Fan Server through Six. Six was offered a spot on the server by Guude and BdoubleO100 but, due to her work schedule at the time, Six asked if RainbowCrisp can fill in the spot. Guude invited both of them to the server instead.[1] RainbowCrisp, along with darkphan, is in charge of assigning plots to people in the server. MonkeyDK had chosen RainbowCrisp to be mayor of the spawn town.[10] RainbowCrisp shares a plot at town with Six in the Boulder Springs neighborhood of Blockhaven and has made it into a village.

Video Date
Notable events Featuring
"Good Boy, Clarence." 28 Jan 2012
  • RC's dog at Guude's birthday party
Members of the MindCrack Fan Server, Guude, just_defy, W92Baj
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 1 - Know the Ropes]" 14 Mar 2012
  • A tour of her plot and town
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 2 - Level Playing Field]" 19 Mar 2012 darkphan, Jason27, sixelona, Tidzwiggle
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 3 - Dry Run]" 12 Apr 2012
  • Showing updates on her plot and around the server
  • A tour and plans for the village in the desert
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 4 - Your Guess Is As Good As Mine]" 21 Apr 2012
  • Talk on public speaking, sleep schedule, public server, 100 subscribers
  • Updates on the village in the desert
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 5 - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day]" 28 May 2012
  • Updates and tour on the village in the desert, the Nether, and cave
  • Fern the Pig
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 5 - Bonus Footage]" 8 Jun 2012
  • Caving
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 6 - A Picture Paints a Thousand Words]" 18 Aug 2012
  • Touring Guude through their builds and spawn town entrance
Guude, sixelona
"MindCrack Fan Server [Episode 7 - Field Day]" 5 Sep 2012
  • Caving
darkphan, sixelona
"MindCrack Fan Server - Abridged [01]" 14 Sep 2012
  • Caving
darkphan, sixelona

Minecraft skin[edit]

RainbowCrisp's skin is custom made by Six.[11]

RainbowCrisp's skin

Previous skin[edit]

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