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This is a list of rayman86's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by rayman86 on the MindCrack Fan Server and its Feed the Beast server.


Old channel[edit]

Rayman's playlist for the server on his old YouTube channel is "Rayman86 on the Mindcrack Fan Server", which includes the Fan Server UHC.

Video Notable events Featuring
14 Mar 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - E001 - Welcome to the 'hood"
  • First episode
  • Tours his finished plot
  • Explores the entire town
3 May 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - E002 - Mountain plans"
  • Settled on a snow mountain biome
  • Random talk and discusses build while caving
7 May 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - E003 - Mountain plans (part 2)"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Talk on plans for a cow farm and playing futures games
5 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - E007 - Breaking ground?"
  • Dug Nether tunnel to his base
  • Got Tib onto the server
  • Shows Nether fortress below his portal, branch mines at his base
  • Builds a piston door behind his portal in the Nether

New channel[edit]

Rayman's playlist for the server on his new YouTube channel is "[MCFS] - Let's Play with raymanLPs".

Video Notable events Featuring
30 Sep 2012 "[MCFS] Tour with the big G-man (a.k.a. Guude)"
  • A tour with Guude
Bruschetta12, darkphan, Guude
29 Oct 2012 "[MCFS] Halloween party!" See Halloween
8 Nov 2012 "[MCFS] E001 - All around the Netherfort - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Attempts to search for Wither skulls for a beacon
  • Talk on his video series and plans for a big new build
14 Nov 2012 "[MCFS] E002 - Checkin' out the build area - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Travels down the long Blue tunnel to Pantone's place
  • Gets a tour of her place and new build site
pantone2738U, RainbowCrisp
21 Nov 2012 "[MCFS] E003 - Oops! - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Mines obsidian beneath his remote area
  • Connects to the Nether
  • Answers viewer questions - texture packs, mods, discovering Guude, potatoes
  • Breaks first rule of Minecraft and swims in lava
  • Starts traveling from his old base back to his current one
4 Dec 2012 "[MCFS] E004 - Silent episode - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Lost commentary audio, video is accelerated with music in background
  • Builds portal connections
13 Dec 2012 "[MCFS] E005 - Stupid internet - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Discovers cobble box present with ore blocks on his plot at spawn
  • Shows connected portals
  • Talk on crafting nether bricks and slabs
  • Starts building Nether path between portals
  • Answers viewer questions - Tootsie rolls, epic builds
  • Episode ends early due to loss of Internet connection
17 Dec 2012 "[MCFS] E006 - Netherrack = Scaffolding - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Continues work on his path, finishes the path between portals
  • Talk on UHC Season 8, possible video series, starting YouTube
  • Finds a good use for a useless block
19 Dec 2012 "[MCFS] E007 - Ghasts ruin the Nether - Let's Play with raymanLPs [HD]"
  • Continuation of last episode, pretties up path
  • Expresses dislike for Ghasts

Feed the Beast[edit]

Rayman's playlist for this server is "[MCFS] Feed the Beast with raymanLPs".

Video Notable events Featuring
7 Jan 2013 "FTB E001 - They sucked me in"
  • Talks about finally playing FTB
  • Gets very excited about the abundance of new ores
Miheyu, 1101base2
8 Jan 2013 "FTB E002 - Don't play with the spiders"
  • Continuation of episode 1
  • Miheyu has some issues with the baby spiders
  • Ray gets disappointed when he realizes marble is fairly common
9 Jan 2013 "FTB E003 - Your outputs are inputs"
  • Continuation of episode 2
  • Miheyu shows him his base
  • Ray spots a bit of an issue with the power setup
10 Jan 2013 "FTB E004 - Seeking a home"
  • Looks for a place to make his base
  • darkphan goes with him, shows him his stronghold volcano
  • They end up exploring a ravine and mineshaft
  • RC in call
11 Jan 2013 "FTB E005 - Digging in"
  • Continuation of episode 4
  • Ray decides on a base location
  • RC in call
12 Jan 2013 "FTB E006 - Machines!"
  • Continuation of episode 5
  • With the help of darkphan, Ray sets up his first machines
  • RC in call
13 Jan 2013 "FTB E007 - Waste not, want not"
  • Continuation of episode 6
  • Completes the machine setup
  • Maximizes use of ores - 2 for 1 special
17 Jan 2013 "FTB E008 - Arrival in Twilight Forest"
  • Group adventure!
  • Ray sees the Twilight Forest for the first time
  • The group finds a Hydra
darkphan, sixelona, RainbowCrisp, Miheyu, Morgwen
18 Jan 2013 "FTB E009 - Meet Mr. Hydra"
  • Continuation of episode 8
  • Group decides to punch a hydra to death
darkphan, sixelona, RainbowCrisp, Miheyu, Morgwen
19 Jan 2013 "FTB E010 - Fire blood, wisps"
  • Continuation of episode 9
  • Ray sees a wisp dungeon for the first time
darkphan, sixelona, RainbowCrisp, Miheyu, Morgwen
20 Jan 2013 "FTB E011 - Twilight Lich"
  • Continuation of episode 10
  • The group finds a more dangerous foe: a Twilight Lich
darkphan, sixelona, RainbowCrisp, Miheyu, Morgwen
22 Jan 2013 "FTB E012 - New workshop"
  • Ray shows off his new lab and moves into it
  • Sets up an automated system for his ore doubling
  • Makes ender chests for the system
24 Jan 2013 "FTB E013 - Pipes"
  • Continuation of episode 12
  • Ray tests out different types of Buildcraft pipes
  • Makes a basic sorting system for his ore doubler
25 Jan 2013 "FTB E014 - Overheating"
  • Continuation of episode 13
  • Ray discovers that chaining engines can lead to overheating
  • Makes a basic sorting system for his ore doubler
31 Jan 2013 "FTB E015 - Turtle diamonds"
  • Ray shows the spoils of his turtle branch mining script
  • Begins work on expanding the sorting system
5 Feb 2013 "FTB E016 - Expanded sorting"
  • Continuation of episode 15
  • Ray finishes expanding his sorting
  • Sets up sorting system for easier expansion in the future
13 Feb 2013 "FTB E017 - The Farm"
  • Discusses his plans to use biomass fueled MJ power
  • Starts building the area for the wheat farm
15 Feb 2013 "FTB E018 - Go Go Gadget"
  • Continuation of episode 17
  • Finishes the farm, and watches it work for a bit
  • Builds some of the other machines required for the power setup
17 Feb 2013 "FTB E019 - Liquid redstone"
  • Continuation of episode 18
  • Builds machines to make liquid redstone and a redstone battery
19 Feb 2013 "FTB E020 - Redstone energy cell"
  • Continuation of episode 19
  • Finishes building the redstone battery
  • Uses the remaining liquid redstone for conduits
25 Feb 2013 "FTB E021 - 80% Efficient Sugar Canes"
  • Builds the base for an 80% efficient sugar cane farm
27 Feb 2013 "FTB E022 - Herp derp, Ray"
  • Continuation of episode 21
  • Talks more while filling the cane farm in
1 Mar 2013 "FTB E023 - Connectivity"
  • Continuation of episode 22
  • Finishes filling in the cane farm
  • Connects the machines up with some conduit
7 Mar 2013 "FTB E024 - Moistener"
  • Shows off his conduit "covers"
  • Starts setting and hooking up the moistener for his power plant
11 Mar 2013 "FTB E025 - Fermentation"
  • Continuation of episode 24
  • Finishes hooking up moistener
  • Adds the fermenter and all its connections to the power plant
16 Mar 2013 "FTB E026 - Giant Iron Tank!"
  • Adds the biggest iron tank possible to hold all the biomass
  • Starts making the engines to produce the power
20 Mar 2013 "FTB E027 - Bio engines, activate!"
  • Adds the engines to his power setup
  • His power plant is complete
25 Mar 2013 "FTB E028 - To get a witch shard"
  • Discusses possible plans, server may use Ultimate pack soon
  • Shows how to easily obtain a witch shard in FTB
4 Apr 2013 "FTB E029 - Starting Mystcraft"
  • Server changed to Ultimate pack
  • Getting started with Mystcraft - making first tables and books
6 Apr 2013 "FTB E030 - Unstable lands"
  • Gets more pages for Mystcraft books
  • Sees what a library looks like
8 Apr 2013 "FTB E031 - Copy for each person"
  • Shows how to copy pages from one book to another
  • Makes ages with modifiers