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Record Shop interior

The Record Shop was a music disc store built by Guude and BdoubleO100 on season 3 of the Mindcrack Server. Neighboring BdoubleO's house (Casa BdoubleO) and Guude's house on the extreme hills (location: 1580, -20), the shop was first opened for business in a video published on 27 January 2012. The shop sold all ten of the then-available music discs, each for the price of three diamonds, one gold block, and one iron block. A testificate named Fred was brought from the nearby village to server as shopkeeper of the store,[1][2] but at some point in time had wandered away from the shop. Nebris was the first and only person to make a purchase. BdoubleO managed to find a way to boost profit dramatically afterwards,[3] although it was not accepted kindly by the receivers.[4][5]

As BdoubleO was busy working on the Arena, Baj took over the shop and renamed it Baj's Beats in August 2012. A giant sign was constructed on top of the shop advertising the name, along with a giant music disc. The price of each music disc was changed to one emerald. BdoubleO reacted by tearing down parts of the roof and removing the lighting from the roof.[6] Baj mentioned that this is not technically a prank but he was happy to see that the fans considered this one.[7]

In October 2012, BdoubleO returned to the shop with generikb (as the B-Team) and removed the 'b's from the sign, leaving it to read AJ's Eats. The duo converted the store into an Italian restaurant, changing the giant music disc into a pizza.[8] Nearing Halloween, Baj retook the shop and renamed it Baj's Treats. A giant pumpkin was built at the entrance with three buttons on it, which dispensed random loot when pressed.[9]


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