Revenge of Cookie

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Revenge of Cookie, also known as Cookie's Revenge, was a PlayMindcrack minigame played in Ultra Hardcore mode in which players had to sacrifice minerals in order to gain points. The game was first released in June 2014,[1] and was retired in June 2015.[2]


Ore Point value
Coal 1
Redstone Dust 1
Iron Ingot 6
Lapis Lazuli 6
Gold Ingot 50
Emerald 50
Diamond 100

Each world lasts for 30 real life days, which is shortened by 30 minutes each time a player dies. In order to earn points, players must throw valuable ores into lava. Items sacrificed when the timer is under 3 days earn a 2x multiplier; under 1 day earns 3x multiplier; under 2 hours earns 5x multiplier. Sacrificing items at the giant pillar of lava located at 0,0 earns a 5x multiplier, which stacks with the time-based multipliers.[1]

When players first join the world, they are invisible, invulnerable, and are able to fly for three minutes, allowing them to safely travel away from their spawnpoint. The Nether and the End dimensions are disabled, as is enchanting, world structures such as villages, and redstone. Golden apples heal twice as much health, and all wolves are angry by default. Breaking stone while underground gives the player mining fatigue. Upon death, the player is banned from the server and must wait through a time delay before spending gold to buy a respawn.


Session 1[edit]

Perspectives Notable events
26 Jun 2014
  • Organizing their meetup location
  • Gathering starting supplies, joined by Treesin
27 Jun 2014
  • Starting to sacrifice items
  • Arkas is shot by a skeleton, Arkas' funeral
28 Jun 2014
  • Treesin defends the team from multiple attackers
29 Jun 2014
  • JustVan dies to a creeper
  • Holdfast leaves the session
  • Guude resurrects JustVan
  • Arkas returns and is resurrected
30 Jun 2014
  • JustVan gets a kill
  • Treesin tops the leaderboard
  • Joined by cmc1010
1 Jul 2014
  • cmc1010 dies in lava
2 Jul 2014
  • Wes starves to death
  • Making a rush towards 0,0, joined by labtec901
  • Dying at 0,0

Session 2[edit]

Perspectives Notable events
6 Jul 2014
  • Gathering starting supplies
  • Guude dies to a creeper and is resurrected
8 Jul 2014
  • OldMan gets a kill
10 Jul 2014
  • Starting to sacrifice items
12 Jul 2014
  • Designing their fishing competition
  • OldMan gets a kill
  • Attacked in a raid and dying


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