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The Spawn logo, created by Coestar[1]

The Spawn is a gaming community website created by AvidyaZEN with help from Coestar and Mhykol.

From Avidya:

" started as an idea to bridge the gap between several existing communities (,, etc). Having friends in several communities Avidya wanted to create a centralized IRC chat & Mumble to accomodate all of the existing communities and its members. A brainstorming session between Coestar and Avidya decided the idea was worth pursuing and the search for a name began. During the discussion about names Mhykol suggested #spawn and the IRC channel was registered on Mar 21 13:18:16 2011 the website soon after.

From day 1 the site has been simple, free, and without ads. The goal is providing a friendly meeting place for gamers with free access to the IRC, Mumble, and the Steam group without any delay or BS. is about gaming with friends. Everyone is welcome, just be kind and respectful to others.

We attempted to remain a hub for communities but instead became a tight knit fun loving community ourselves.

Currently the Mumble server is hosted by which is provided by Coestar."[2]


An 8-bit version of The Spawn logo, commonly referred to as "the shopping cart", was created by SatoriLove in an attempt to resemble the full size logo.[1] This 8-bit version is present on the Minecraft skins of some members of Mindcrack, HermitCraft, and the defunct MindCrack Fan Server.[3]

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